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I'm short on time, so I'll try to keep my rambling short and get right to the puzzles.

On tap tonight:

   * a new 63-clue JulieCrostic

Plus from last week's potluck there's still:

   * sny's logic puzzle;
   * of pucklady's movie quote Bad Translations; and
   * Naomi's window puzzle!

First up, here are the Bad Translations which went unsolved last week.

(For those of you who aren't familiar with this kind of puzzle, each of these is a familiar phrase -- in this case, well-known movie quotes -- which was run through language translators several times. Your challenge is to figure out the original quotes and their sources. As an aid in solving, pucklady has provided for each quote the year in which its movie was released.)

We solved 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, and 19. (You can see what they were in last week's diary.) So here are the ones which haven't been solved yet.

3 This will help you to stay organized - 1933

5 My friend, but more hate - 1974

6 TSP does not exist - 1999

7 I was fine, but bathroom is better - 1933

8 Relationship with you on a regular basis as the people who know how - 1939

11 I was surprised. Fortunately, there is - 1942

12 Lovely there. And I have a few pictures - 1950

13 Life and more powerful suckers, poor and hungry - 1958

14 A young mother, a good friend of mine - 1960

15 Mr President, the requirement - 1968

20 It is also the fan - 1990

Plus here's one Susan sent but which I accidentally left out of the diary:
21 Screen of death - 1999
Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

Next, here's the logic puzzle sny contributed to the potluck last week:

We are in a land where everybody is 100% honest (obviously, no right wingers here). Sane people are always correct in their beliefs, while insane people are always wrong. You are visiting a sanitarium in which there are a number of shrinks and patients (both of which may be either sane or insane), and there is no way to identify who is who. A person tells you something that convinces you that they are a sane patient. What is that statement?
I've submitted two possible solutions over in the comments section of last week's diary, which I'll repost into tonight's comments to see if my reasoning stands up to scrutiny.

Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

Third, here's Naomi's window puzzle.

In the tv series Supernatural this season, the windows on the wall in the room where head-of-heaven Naomi holds her conversations with Castiel form a pattern which is likely a secret message.

Here's a screenshot:

And here's a cleaned-up version, showing only the window pattern:

Some of the fans working on cracking the message think this is Morse Code. I think they're right.

If you look at the windows (the white rectangles) you see groups of 3, 2, 1, and 4 -- but if you look instead at the dark rectangles in between the white ones, you see only groups of 1 and 3. In Morse Code, one tap is a dot and 3 taps is a dash. The presence of only groups of 1 and 3 in the sequence seems to me a good indicator this is a Morse Code message...

But if so it's a run-on message. We don't know where one letter stops and the next one begins. That means there's a very large number of possible letter sequences which the rectangles could translate to.

I'd intended to work on this puzzle during the week, but didn't have time. So I may look at it tonight while y'all are working on the JulieCrostic...

Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

Finally, here's tonight's JulieCrostic!

(If you're not familiar with JulieCrostics you can find an explanation of how they work, along with introductory puzzles and examples of solved puzzles, in our companion series Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up.)

As usual for a Sunday night you should beware of mischief from the gremlins, who are fond of:

(a) bundling the clues into tidy little groups of three, regardless of how many answers are actually in the rows;

(b) converting the clues to all lower-case letters ; and

(c) occasionally fiddling with the punctuation and word spacing of the clues.

No Rush Limbaugh clues tonight, and pretty lacking in comic book references too. But there is a Harry Potter clue for pucklady. (Plus the first two clues are god and mary!) Have fun, and I'll see you in comments!

1. god
2. mary
3. tumor
4. special force member
5. rock
6. dispute
7. contact
8. single penny
9. open
10. creationist
11. aim
12. living real
13. old school
14. stall
15. baneful
16. abolitionist
17. "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one can only remember to turn on the light."
18. black pear
19. start up
20. treasure
21. cougar's companion
22. sharpton and lovejoy
23. valerie and karl
24. establishes
25. colleen
26. slash and bellow
27. suspects gang of idiots
28. god
29. wire propeller
30. artificial
31. target of attack
32. fidgety
33. gentle breeze
34. ginger adams
35. roger
36. joins up with
37. entrust
38. lets off steam
39. animal rights best
40. vulgar
41. scorches
42. kind of case
43. seen alongside the road in england
44. not a single penny!
45. change travel tickets
46. minds
47. of fury, legend, and the north star
48. dead bodies
49. boundary
50. aa
51. species of falcon
52. person in charge of the military
53. funnel-shaped
54. well-known, and thought to be representative
55. platform
56. angela
57. lawrence brooks
58. chap
59. just a hint
60. kind of disorder
61. not a rocker
62. matt
63. second day
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