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Of course, I have to begin this diary with the obligatory statement that I'm not happy with all of Obama's policies, particularly his using the chained CPI as a bargaining chip.
If I don't at least start there, I'm going to have to suffer through all kinds of thread jacking, and probably will have to any way.

But imo, I can't think of a thing the president could have done better since New Town on this issue. He has spent ENORMOUS political capital on the issue, and his emotions have been on the surface on this issue---"no drama Obama" is not the guy who's been stumping like crazy for some kind of sensible, reasonable answer to our violent culture, often wiping a tear from his eye as he put it all out there.

And today, after the senate failed to pass what 90% of Americans are behind, his words were razor sharp and left no room for equivocation. He put the blame squarely where it belongs with NO need to be bi-partisan---on the NRA and the GOP.

Although I would add that I think much of the blame here lays on Harry Reid's shoulders---he who imo, made one of the most disastrous decisions for Democrats when he refused to reform filibuster laws in any meaningful way. To this gal, this is the WORST Democratic decision in years, even worse than bargaining with the chained CPI---because the lack of reasonable filibuster rules are exactly WHY the chained CPI is on the table. We now have a government where the minority is allowed to be the majority, and this affects EVERYTHING including the chained CPI. It is imo, the BIGGEST self inflicted wound on the Democratic party.

Lord knows, the president is grilled as roughly here as he is on Fox, albeit for different reasons. But I'll be damned if I'm going to be afraid to say what I think he has done ever so well.

My hat is tipped to the president tonight, even as he lost this battle. God knows he put his heart and soul into it.

I'm sure there'll be many who want to argue, or distract with what he's done wrong. Can't stop that, so have at it. But it feels good to write this, no matter what happens in the comments.


I knew when I wrote this diary it would be controversial, because I have not met up with many here who would give the president 5 stars for anything. But in my heart, I believe he deserves 5 stars for this---which doesn't mean perfect to me, just to define the terms, but means he gave it his all. It was scary for me to write this, as I knew I was in danger with this high rating, but it is what I felt he deserved, and I have no regrets.

Some here have said I was trying to be inflammatory. I was not, although I don't expect this update to convince anyone who believes that. I expected the blow back, I'm a grown up, and I realize the price of voice is the dissent from those who disagree. No whining about that, no problem, and I'm fully capable of boxing back.

But I do wish to make clear, that this was NOT a criticism of this community, simply a statement of the obvious. Which is that giving a five star rating to anything is difficult to defend, let alone trying to give it to the POTUS. Which I did and do on this issue, with no regrets.

And, I wish to put on record, that I love this community, even when it's hard going for me. I accept that my views may or may not be popular here. But I do write from my heart, as most of us do---not from any need to inflame, even if that's what ends up happening. I can't control that.

Still, thanks for the conversation DKos. I felt so helpless tonight after the vote failed. It was and is good to keep the conversation alive, no matter how much we all disagree. Felt my fight come back to me in this thread.

Originally posted to StellaRay on Wed Apr 17, 2013 at 05:16 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Federation.

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