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Yes, I know what you're thinking.  What's Iran got to do with two young ethnic Chechens blowing people up at the Boston marathon and forcing Americans to endure a week long Cable Newsgasm.  Silly rabbit, isn't it obvious?  Iran is Nation Number 2 in the Axis of Evil, and it may be developing nuclear weapons, Besides, unlike Nation number 3, North Korea, which has exploded nuclear devices, tested ballistic missiles and can;t stop itself from threatening the Apocalypse, Iran is MUSLIM!!!! (Plus, as a side note it's got oil - lot's of it).

Now you might be thinking, that this very same situation sounds vaguely familiar to what we did in Iraq after 911, when we invaded a country none of whose citizens had anything to do with that act of Terror! Terror! Terror!, but you would be wrong.  Because we know with certainty that the Tsarnaev brothers have deep and abiding connections with Iran.  Indeed, they are followers of Iran;s Ayatollah (whatever his name is, I forget) and were undoubtedly trained and supported in their sophisticated attack on Patriot's Day by Iranian Intelligence agents and their scumbag proxies on Lebanon, Hezbullah.  Trust me, I have it on a very reliable source: World Net Daily!

As reported exclusively April 16, a source within the Iranian intelligence services told WND that the Islamic regime had links to Monday’s bombings and that Hezbollah terrorists and Quds Forces were involved in the shadows. The information was shared with U.S. officials. [...]

WND’s source said the Chechen brothers were likely recruited and trained by other assets connected with Hezbollah operators with centers in South Asia to carry out their terror attack and then abandoned so there would be no link to Iran. [...]

The regime’s Quds Forces, along with Hezbollah, have long been recruiting and training terrorists with a focus in Herzegovina, Chechnya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other parts of the world, extending into Latin America. A new focus in the recruiting is on Sunni Muslims and non-Arabs to avoid any trace back to Iran and Hezbollah and to either present an apparent link to al-Qaida or individuals acting on their own, the source said.

You see, the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, posted a video on You Tube that referred to a prophecy about the coming of a army of jihadists out of Khorosan, which is a province of Iran!  And that army will destroy the infidels in an apocalyptic battle!  And Iran's leaders believe in the same prophecy!  See how it all fits together?  But wait there's more!

Did you know that the bombing were likely planned by the BIg Three of Most Wanted terrorist on the planet?  Well, WND does, and it names them, too (just in case you have no effing idea who they are):

  1. Mustafa Badr Al Din, the "military leader of Hezbollah" and "deputy of Qasem Soliemani, the head of the Islamic regime’s Quds Forces."
  2. Mohammad Ali Hamadei, the Hezbullah operative in charge of infiltrating terrorists into America.
  3. Talal Hamieh, the Hezbullah official in charge of operations outside of Lebanon, who has been working with the Mexican Drug Cartels to fund support for terror cells in the U.S.

It just makes so much sense.  The two Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing were obviously a sleeper cell that Iran and Hezbullah put in place years ago.   Now, sure the Black Banners prophecy is false, and it usually refers to the "Mahdi" who will lead this army, will be descended from the Abbassid Dynasty and thus will be a Sunni, as opposed to a member of the Shi'a sect of Islam that is the state religion in Iran.  

Now it is true that this prophecy is part of Al Qaeda's belief system and has been used by Al Qaeda to recruit members to its organization in the past.  It is also true that Iran and Al Qaeda hare each other and that Iran even cooperated with the United States in Afghanistan shortly after 911 because it wanted the US to weaken or destroy Al Qaeda, which it saw as a potential threat to the Iranian regime.  However, that's no reason to reject the Iranian connection to the Tsarnaevs out of hand.  Quite the contrary.  Because Iran is so diabolically devious, this is exactly what they would do to throw western intelligence agencies off their scent.  Thus, the use of a false Sunni prophecy about the Islamic end times to recruit the Tsarnev brothers only strengthens the near certainty that Iran is behind the Boston attack.  It's all so obvious!  

Of course, I'll bet President (Not!) Obama is involved in this up to his eyeballs, being a Kenyan born American hating Muslim.  It all makes perfect sense, when you stop to consider the evidence.  Sure Obama talks tough about Iran, but has he done anything about them other than continuing the weak tea sanctions that that RINO George Bush put in place, just like Clinton did with Iraq?  

Well, he can't escape his fate this time, now that we have proof that Iran is the mastermind behind the massive number of Islamofascist terrorists hiding in America right under the Federal Government's noses (if not with its active cooperation).  We, as Americans cannot allow him to stop us from taking out Iran with extreme prejudice.  If he denies the truth, we must impeach him and his little dog Biden, too! Then John Boehner, as the legitimate President can order the words that Dick Cheney has been waiting to hear for so long:  Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!

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