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Did your parents approve in your choice of boy/girlfriends?
Did you ever get grounded? What for?
Did you hang out with the geeks or the jocks in school?
Who were you named after?
Do you/did you have any imaginary friends?

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On This Day

In 1607, the first expedition of English colonists to establish a permanent settlement made at Cape Henry, VA.

In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte signed a general amnesty allowing most of the more notorious émigrés of the French Revolution to return to France,

In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, planes from the German Luftwaffe attacked the Basque town of Guernica.

In 1964, the African countries of Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania.

In 1986, the world's worst nuclear accident occurred at the Chernobyl plant in the Soviet Union. An explosion and fire in the No. 4 reactor sent radioactivity into the atmosphere; at least 31 Soviets died immediately. A massive area surrounding the plant is now uninhabitable by humans.

In 1998, leading Guatemalan human rights activist Auxiliary Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera, was bludgeoned to death two days after a report he'd compiled on atrocities during Guatemala's 36-year civil war was made public.

In 2000, Vermont Governor Howard Dean signed the nation's first bill allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions.

In 2008, Austria police arrested a man who had been holding his own daughter captive in a windowless cellar for 24 years, fathering seven children and killing one of them. (Josef Fritzl is serving life in a psychiatric ward.)

Born on This Day

570 - Muhammad, Muslim prophet, founder of Islam (d. 632)

1538 - Gian Paolo Lomazzo, Italian painter (d. 1600)

 photo GianPaoloLomazzo.jpg

1756 - Johann Friedrich Dryander, German painter (d. 1812)

 photo JohannFriedrichDryander.jpg

1785 - John James Audubon, French-American naturalist and illustrator (d. 1851)

 photo JohnJamesAudubon.jpg

1798 - Eugène Delacroix, French painter (d. 1863)

 photo EugegraveneDelacroix.jpg

1804 - Charles Goodyear, American politician (d. 1876)

1822 - Frederick Law Olmsted, American journalist, social critic, public administrator, and landscape designer (d. 1903)

1831 - Timoléon-Marie Lobrichon, French painter (d. 1914)

1862 - Edmund C. Tarbell, American artist (d. 1938)

 photo EdmundCTarbell.jpg

1865 - Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Finnish painter (d. 1931)

 photo AkseliGallen-Kallela.jpg

1882 - Édouard Léon Cortès, French painter (d. 1969)

 photo EacutedouardLeacuteonCortegraves.jpg

1886 - Ma Rainey, American singer (d. 1939)

1886 - Mela Muter, Polish painter (d. 1967)

 photo MelaMuter.jpg

1889 - Anita Loos, American writer (d. 1981)

1914 - Bernard Malamud, American author (d. 1986)

1917 - I.M. Pei, Chinese architect

1925 - Jørgen Ingmann, Danish jazz musician

1933 - Carol Burnett, American comedian

1938 - Duane Eddy, American guitarist and actor

1942 - Bobby Rydell, American singer, drummer, and actor

1943 - Gary Wright, American singer, musician, and producer (Spooky Tooth)

1960 - Roger Taylor, English musician (Duran Duran and Arcadia)

1961 - Joan Chen, Chinese actress (Twin Peaks)

1970 - Tionne Watkins, American singer (TLC)

1980 - Channing Tatum, American actor

1983 - Jessica Lynch, American army private

Died on This Day

1444 - Robert Campin, Flemish painter (b. 1378)

 photo RobertCampin.jpg

1476 - Simonetta Vespucci, Italian Renaissance noblewoman (b. 1453)

1478 - Giuliano de' Medici, ruler of Florence (b. 1453)

1684 - Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Dutch still life painter (b. 1606)

1808 - Jean~Baptiste Pillement, French Rococo painter and draftsman (b. 1728)

 photo JeanBaptistePillement-1.jpg

1865 - John Wilkes Booth, American actor, assassin of Abraham Lincoln (b. 1838)

1927 - Eduard Zetsche, Austrian painter (b. 1844)

 photo EduardZetsche.jpg

1946 - James Larkin White, American miner, explorer, and park ranger, discoverer of Carlsbad Caverns (b. 1882)

1956 - Edward Arnold, American actor (b. 1890)

1968 - John Heartfield, German artist (b. 1891)

1970 - Gypsy Rose Lee, American actress (b. 1911)

1980 - Cicely Courtneidge, English actress and comedian (b. 1893)

1984 - Count Basie, American jazz musician, bandleader, and composer (b. 1904)

1986 - Broderick Crawford, American actor (b. 1911)

1986 - Dechko Uzunov, Bulgarian painter (b. 1899)

 photo DechkoUzunov.jpg

1986 - Bessie Love, American actress (b. 1898)

 photo BessieLove.jpg

1989 - Lucille Ball, American actress and comedian (b. 1911)

2011 - Phoebe Snow, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sisters of Glory) (b. 1950)

Today is

Confederate Memorial Day (States of Florida and Georgia)
Day of Remembrance of the Chernobyl tragedy (Belarus)
World Intellectual Property Day
Hug an Australian Day
Audubon Day
National Kids and Pets Day
Richter Scale Day
Hug a Friend Day
National Pretzel Day

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