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Today is the day.  Votes were taken, and it is done. GAY MARRIAGE IS LEGAL IN DELAWARE!
Delaware is split demographically as is the US, almost exactly.  Whatever the classification one looks at, we come very close to matching the national average.  (Side point is that we should be the first primary state, so  the nation on its first contest, can see how each candidate stacks up against the national average; not against the rural far right, then veer back to center.  As seen below, we have our share of conservatives too who are just whacky. Just that we have them in balance and under our control)... Keep us in mind.

What to expect when the debate comes up in your states?

Expect arguments against it from nuts.  Not mainstream religions who are generally all supportive of gay rights, but the nuts, who at least in Delaware appeared to be pulled out of hollow trees by one or two senators who have difficulty with other men making out, and for that reason have trouble with women doing the same.

Here are some of the statements that seriously had spectators shaking their heads... all of which were told by conservatives who paraphrasing The Who and Outcast, are not alright, mind you. These quotes were lifted from Delaware Liberals Live Blog... and are in random order.  The top part are those quotes against Gay Marriage, and below the Squiggle are those quotes pro Gay Marriage.... This was live so apologize for the roughness.  I was going to go back and clean it up, but obviously will have to wait to calm down a lot before I do...   Today is just so awesome...  Ok, here's the nuts...

Pastor is appalled that his exercise of free speech comes with consequences & that people used their own speech to criticize him
Now tying marriage equality to Sandy Hook, saying allowing gay marriage will cause the mentally ill to kill children
just put in a plug for Vouchers so that bigoted parents can flee public schools
Deny equality because we need more babies
Society will collapse if this passes
Gay men CHOOSE to be gay (twitter response lol:Okay, Pastor, but you CHOOSE your religion, so that creates a problem for your argument)
Witness claims it’s offensive to relate this to the historic civil rights movement.
Sad to hear Dr. King invoked to justify anti-gay discrimination
Privileged gay people talking about civil rights is an “atrocity”. Delaware Pastor
Republican Sen. Hocker says that if we pass this God will bring upon Revelations upon the General Assembly.
Acknowledging people’s love is not the purpose of a marriage bill. Emotional state has no part of marriage.
“These people?????”
Gay is a menu option.
Senator Lopez is voting no because of the Liberty Fund?
Sen. Venables is showing us the “Queen James Bible,” a translation edited to prevent homophobic misinterpretation of God’s Word.
So if DE allows same-sex marriage, Venables is afraid a man will be encouraged to leave his wife to marry another man…..(because he would if it was legal) nut-case!
Senator Lawson is also saying that being gay is a decision. (What an ignorant fool. Why would anyone choose to be gay and thus be subjected to such hate and discrimination by the likes of him.)
Democratic Senator Ennis is up. He is voting no.  The U.S. Senators who filibustered the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act said the exact same thing that Ennis is saying right now.
Sen Hocker moves to table the bill. A yes vote is a vote to table the bill..Only 9 votes to table. (11 needed to win)... Motion fails. Sokola is finishing up now. Roll Call is called on the vote.

And on the good side.....  Pro Single Sex Marriage....

The arguments for it are amazing, lofty, inspiring, and reminiscent of the great debates we read about in high school history class...  Some quotes and observations from the same source. Delaware Liberal.Net

The great thing about HB75: it protects the right of all faith institutions to define marriage according to their own beliefs.
This bill will never force a church or clergy member to act against their conscience. HB75 only defines civil marriage.
Sen. Venables, it’s better to keep quiet and have people think you’re an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt
Senator, we’re looking for everyone to be treated equally under Delaware law.” Excellent answer.
Sen. Townsend quotes arguments used to justify bans on interracial marriage — strikingly similar to arguments against HB75.  Says that he would not have been able to marry his beautiful fiance if he met her in Delaware 40 years ago. Lilianna is Vietnamese.
Sen. Townsend: Ability to conceive children is NOT a prerequisite to be married. The core of marriage is not about a man and a woman having children. We don’t deny marriage to elderly couples.
The basis of marriage in our society is love.“A separate but equal system is inherently unequal.
As a Senate.. we are not writing theology. We are writing a law that treats Delawareans equally in the public sphere.
Townsend notes that religious debate should play out in places of worship, not in civil law. “We are not legislating which interpretation of the Bible is correct.”
“Even as time changes our bodies, our souls will be eternally bound.” AMAZING words from Sen. Townsend!
Numerous Republicans like Dick Cheney and Ted Olson who have evolved in support of marriage.
Even if it’s a choice … oh I dunno.. like religion is a choice.. it should still be protected because its my choice… the only “choice” I made was to not lie to myself, my family and my friends.!!
Peterson smacks the Catholic church hard, wondering why they sent someone to denounce same sex marriage but did not send someone to speak against the death penalty. A very good question.
Senator Ennis!  We are not moving too fast, We are moving at the speed intended; the speed at which the accumulation of the proper number of votes to pass equality has occurred in Delaware. That day is today.
Sen. Peterson: “My partner Vicki and I have been together for 24 years. Last year, we entered into a civil union.” “I didn’t choose to be gay, anymore than heterosexuals choose to be straight.” “I am not broken.”
Sen. Peterson’s speech was beautiful. “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, you need to work on your marriage..
Sen Bushweller, in support of marriage equality: “We as a society must do all we can to encourage strong families”  Bravo for Senator Bushweller!
BREAKING: Sen. Bethany Hall Long, a key swing vote, just announced on FB that she’ll vote YES on HB75.
It is done.... Time.. 5:02 Eastern 5/7/2013   God bless Senator Bethany Hall-Long. But the proceedure must continue to a formal vote and etc...
Actually, Senator, the Holy Bible defines marriage “many times” as between one man and many women.



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