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“Nobody seemed to care that he made 127 stops and recovered zero weapons,” he added. “He’s basically wrong 95% of the time and nobody seemed to care about that.”
More stuff you always imagined to be the case emerges from Stop and Frisk investigation

Judge questions efforts of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk ‘all-star’ Kha Dang who was ‘wrong 95 percent of the time’

There is an NYPD Officer named Kha Dang and he is described by the Judge in the case and an "NYPD ALL-STAR"

Dang racked up a total of 127 stops in the third quarter of that year. He performed 75 frisks and, on 37 separate occasions, searched inside suspects’ clothing or belongings. He was, in the words of one civil rights attorney, an NYPD “all-star”.
So we were intially told there were no quotas, but there were clearly quotas, and then we were told we were 'racist' for suggesting 'race' was part of 'profiling'.


Dang made a total of six arrests out of his 127 stops. He wrote one summons. He found contraband once. He never recovered any weapons and he only stopped people of color, primarily African Americans, 115 times to be exact. He never stopped a white person.
NYPD's "Stop and Frisk" policy is intituionalized racism, an expression of an oppressive police culture that views everybody as guilty and clearly hates young minority males.

Beware the 'Furtive Movement'

"Furtive movement' is a cop favorite: basically its anything the cops says it is.

“We have a general idea of their behavior,” Dang told the court Thursday, explaining that he would monitor the same individuals going about their lives on a daily basis. If he noticed anything out of the ordinary, what he called “weird behavior,” he might make a stop. When asked what might count as “weird behavior”, Dang said: “Furtive movement would be one of them.”


Dang provided the court with examples of furtive movement which included: “hanging out in front of a building, sitting on benches or something like that,” “standing near benches or trash cans,” and “movements to certain areas of the body, usually the waistband or pants pocket.”

Regular Sherlock Holmes we have here, right?

Sherlock Holmes wasn't wrong 95% of the goddamned time.

As is usual, this story goes out of its way to avoid mentioning "drugs" specifically, calling it "contraband' but they didn't even find much of that.

All they have really done and accomplished, at the end of each shift, is harass and terrorize a portion of the American community and show America that the NYPD is a dishonest, racist, oppressive entity that is wholly unAmerican.

The NYPD is long overdue for total overhaul, beginning with getting rid of Commissioner Kelly: he needs to be shoved into a time machine and sent back to the 1920's, where he left his tommy gun. What a friggin throwback.

Originally posted to DKos Cannabis Law and Drug War Reform on Fri May 10, 2013 at 05:58 AM PDT.

Also republished by LatinoKos, Barriers and Bridges, RaceGender DiscrimiNATION, Black Kos community, and Police Accountability Group.

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