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Today's source material: headine:
Erik Rush's big idea:
[G]iven his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and legendary understanding of all things Islamic, it is possible that President Obama could even have arranged for the assault on the compound without the foreknowledge of his Cabinet.
You just knew they would go there. It was inevitable. And of course, the wingnutratti love it! Below the fold.

i thought blacks were victims of racism? if this was a white president he would have been impeached and jailed already. im sick of these black race hustlers.wake up white fools.
White people are the victims of racism because your imaginary white president would've been imaginarily impeached for your imaginary crimes?
Obuma has set the cause of racial integration back at least half a century. Old wounds which had nearly healed have been reopened, intentionally I believe, and used to divide Americans (of any skin color) against each other. All citizens of this country are fools to have fallen for this divide and conquer routine.
Racial wounds had been healed until those black race hustlers decided to get elected president and shit!
Civil unrest? You mean riots, don't you? Well, that's what guns are for! If they trash their own place and their own "hood", that's fine and they can go kill each other. If they want to attack human beings, we'll give them a proper English greeting.
See? Those old racial wounds were totally healed.
Everything about this administration is one big walking scandal. Starting before his election and all the way down the line since then.. Even BENEDICT ARNOLD was not as big a traitor to this country as what we have now...

He takes a morning dump and spreads it across the face of America and people stand there with their eyes closed, holding their noses denying it. WHY???? Just because he is the first Black president ??? Or is it because they feel we have now washed and absolved ourselves from the ugly past ???

How can so many people stand looking at the truth in front of their faces and deny what they see..Why can't they just admit this is not the leadership we were looking for, this is harming our country and it's people. We must face the painful truth...This is wrong, it must stop It is wrong for you, me and our country...

How can so many people not realize that Benghazi is worse than THE HOLOCAUST???? Because they're too busy picking at old race wounds that used to be totally healed.
he is not 100% black he is only 1/2 WHITE and 1/2 black. When you combine colors in the color pallet of black and white I was always told you get the color grey a perfect color. It means dull in color, dull in mood or outlook, bordering on black-market sure fit's LOLOL.
See? Totally healed.
Mr. Rush, the Democratic establishment - and Republican one, for that matter - will turn on Obama when and only when he becomes too big of a liability to them.
Yeah, all those filibusters are the political equivalent of humping the president's leg.
Obama, Holder, et al. have already committed some of the most-serious crimes in American political history - yet nothing has been done about them by either side of the aisle. Why? The answer lies partly in the fact the members of Congress have been complicit in his crimes; they know that if he goes down, mostly-likely many Congressmen and Senators will go down with him.
Remember that one time when Susan Rice said the Benghazi attack was instigated by a YouTube video when it was a terrorist attack? That was so much worse than the Japanese internments. Or the Trail of Tears.
Look what happened to Congressman West (R) FL, yup after he announced 82 sitting members in Congress were card carrying Communists. He's still fighting the fight even from the outside in. I saw a very very detailed list of massive commies in our gov and their pics as well holy cow shook me up. Therefore; it is going to take one HECK of a big broom or vaccum to clean up this mess.
Good thing the list had pics, because words would've been confusing.
I find it sickening our Congress hesitates to Impeach Obama because it "Might" cause racial tensions. Obama has done more to harm the Black Americans than any President in the history of this Nation! This is hardly a logical reason to allow Obama to keep damaging OUR Nation, for both Black and White Americans. "IF" there are uprisings over his impeachment, lets try to educate the entire General Public on exactly what Obama has done to hurt each and every one of us! If riots STILL break out, put an end to them PDQ by whatever means necessary [...]

Just don't make the mistake of attempting to riot in Louisiana. We are a "Ready, Fire, Aim" State. Believe it!!!

Dear black America, we're impeaching your president because his administration officials blamed the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video. We've decided that was the worst crime in American history. It's nothing racial! If you disagree, we shoot you. Love, conservatives.
Impeachment from my standpoint is a non-remedy. If Bill Clinton could not be removed from office through impeachment, then it is simply not possible. His scandals were so numerous and so well known, yet this process was dependent on partisan politics and media spin and ultimately was useless as a means of bringing accountability for misdeeds to such a powerful office. It requires a craven and corrupt body like Congress, to step up as one and do the right thing. Impossible! Only if he were physically taken into custody by a law enforcement agency and his control over the federal agencies was interrupted, could his influence be shut down. Otherwise his minions would keep running interference for him under color of law. There are people in Congress who defend his actions, no matter how obviously treasonous. Does anyone really believe that that group of self-serving morons would ever take decisive action?
If a president can't get impeached for getting a blowjob, what's become of our country?
Bill Clinton wasn't connected litterally to causing deaths directly anyway, there was also no questions about his past it was all traceable and not sealed in any way. The only thing his impeachment proved was that he was basically a liar and a pervert.
You giving up on that Vince Foster conspiracy that easily?
What is going on with the current regime is the gutting and raping and murdering of our citizens and abandonment of our Ambassador in Benghazi among other issues too many to mention. One day soon the truth will surface. Someone will come forward or hopefully more than one that will reveal this whole attempted takeover of America from the inside out. Get prepared folks and pray that it is sooner than later.
Obama raped someone now? Was it forcible or legitimate? Doesn't matter! His victim would've shut that whole thing down anyway.
The media being in the tank for the Socialist Democrat Party is the main reason the country elected a Marxist as President, with help from the RINO GOP establishment of course.
If by "help" you mean gifting us with Mitt Romney and a Tea Party so crazy it's scaring Americans, then yeah, that was VERY helpful.
Here we go again. Power, who has the power. What ideology controls this country? The founding Constitutional form of government or marxism? Who controls the media? Who controls the entertainment industry. Who controls government (majority)? Who controls the legal system? Who controls the education system? And finally who has taken over religion in the US, liberals and liberation theology - marxists. Someone commented yesterday, 'but we can take it back'. I love that attitude. Show me how that is going to work. These power mad people are not going to just roll over and give it back like it was given to them.

Erik mentions impeachment. Big difference. Watergate, Nixion did do the honorable thing, he resigned. The current POTUS, no matter what is revealed, do you think he is capable of doing the honorable thing? Come on, get real. The lull before the storm.
A storm like this country hasn't seen since ----------------------- the Civil War.

Marxists have also pushed the Dow past 15,000. They're EVERYWHERE!
Obama's eligibility has NOT been firmly established for 6 years he was never vetted because of the lack or should I say "sealed and supressed" information about his history, his place of birth is suspect, on and on we go. He even admits in his book "Dreams from my Father" he is a British citizen, go figure. He is the biggest fake, fraud, unknown that has ever occupied the WH in the history of our country.

And now there are all of a sudden THREE different B.C.'s that have been submitted to Alabama courts go figure huh??? LOLOL One was submitted by the DNC, one submitted by O's attorney and of couse the "jewel" of a B.C. you know the one put out by the WH online. Apparently they are all different, gosh go figure hahaha.

Come on dude, we're talking about BENGHAZI! This conspiracy theory is soooo 2008.
Thoughts while shaving: Impeachment is the Constitutional remedy to rid government of "all enemies foreign and domestic". Sum of the matter? Can Congress (Boehner and his RINO accomplices) be entrusted to 'live-up' to their oaths of office? The odds are thinner than turnip soup. We'll see! Won't we? Beginning, middle, end of story/
Hopefully you shave better than you think.
As well as could be stated to indict this White House, Erik. Impeachment or simple removal for not being a natural born citizen, Obuzzard MUST GO! If Congress is going to worry about the ramifications in black communities and the looting and other acts of destruction they may commit if an indictment is issued on the bogus Kenyan prez, then we need to replace all of Congress with perhaps the exception of SC Rep. Trey Gowdy who should be put in charge to lead an impeachment team against this creep. America cannot survive until Jan. 2017 with BO at the helm. He must be removed and put in jail along with Eric Holder and other thugs at the U.S. Dept. of Injustice. Start the proceedings now, Congress!
Apparently, Boehner said he won't impeach Obama out of fear of race riots, because that's what half these commenters think is happening.
You cannot imagine how I wish these hearings would bust the Obamanation wide open resulting in criminal charges!
Imagine if such a miracle were to take place it could create a 'don't stop here, let's clean house' movement.
However, the Republicans (with very few exceptions) live in the same glass house with the Democrats and dare not throw rocks.
The Republicans will cooperate with the Democrats to stonewall it to memory oblivion.
Huh, I thought it was the Republicans holding these hearings.
What we are finding is the power of the media, had this been a republican there would be no need to ponder where was Obama while a terrorist attack was happening to his people on his watch.  
That Republican would be in a stupor in front of a class of schoolchildren, realizing, "Oh shit, so THAT was what that report I ignored was all about!"

Let's not imagine what would've happened had that been President Gore.

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