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We'll debunk the IRS' extra scrutiny of Tea Party groups first. From USA Today:

According to a timeline compiled by independent IRS investigators, the IRS first began searching for Tea Party-related groups in March 2010. The policy underwent several revisions through 2011 and 2012 and now involves only organizations with "indicators of significant amounts of political campaign intervention."

The head of the IRS when this began in March of 2010 was Douglas Shulman, appointed by George W. Bush in 2008. He continued as chief of the IRS until just about 6 months ago - Nov. 9, 2012.

And yet Mitch McTurtle and Marco Rubio are now calling for the current acting head of the IRS to step down? That is to LoLz

The other IRS employee catching a lot of the blame for this is Lois Lerner, Director of Exempt Organizations Division. She's the one who said publicly something like, "Sorry - I'm not too good at math." Well, guess what - she also was appointed by Dubya back in 2005.

As for the made up flap doodle about the Department of Justice searching AP reporters' phone records, let's see what Talking Points Memo can report.

Here is Josh Marshall himself quoting TPM Reader SS:

The AP story on the Justice Department “secretly” obtaining phone records from AP strikes me as an unprofessional effort by the AP to make the Department look bad.

If you read the story you learn that Justice is in fact investigating a leak to the AP. The merits of such an investigation may be debated but for the AP to write this article in this fashion would be like a politician under investigation issuing a press release about the evil investigation against him. Everyone would understand it for what it is.

More important it is clear to anyone who understands what happens in this type of investigation that the Justice Department subpoenaed phone records. Those records came from the phone company not from AP. They relate to dates and times of phone calls not content. Under the law such a subpoena is perfectly proper and under the law Justice and the phone company must notify the party (in this case AP) that records were subpoenaed.

Undaunted by Romney's spectacular loss last year, the GOP still thinks it can win with an all bullshit all the time strategy. Throw Benghazi into this turdapalooza and the deceitful Republican modus operandi is exposed for all to see. Please proceed, Goposaurs.

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