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In the annals of wealthy conservative arrogance, it doesn't get much more brazen than the latest "scamdal" over the IRS' briefly delayed approval of fraudulent claims for tax-exempt status by hyperpartisan, for-profit astroturf groups created by Republican millionaires to advance their financial agenda.  The organizations in question - which since 2009 have taken to calling themselves "Tea Parties" because conservatives can't go a single day without finding some new way to rape American history - make no bones about the fact that they exist for the same reasons as the GOP: To ensure that the handful of super-rich people who own them body and soul will not have to pay taxes or obey laws, but can lay exclusive claim to all public benefits and civil rights they would violently deny others.

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Now these brilliant specimens of citizenship and human decency are up in arms (probably literally, given their violent rhetoric) over the fact that their fraudulent demand to be tax-exempt was looked at more closely by the IRS than those of organizations that are actually non-partisan and non-profit.  Twitter is afire with melodramatic, Christ-on-the-Cross tales of the "struggles" of these "victims," which apparently they were informed about by their accountants' secretaries, and one could almost forget in all the rhetoric about "tyranny" that these people network with and promote the agendas of actual Fascist groups.  

This is, of course, why they pepper every statement about the Obama administration with comparisons to Nazis: They're getting ahead of public discussion about the fact that that's what they are - violently bigoted rural psychotics allied with aristocratic power to crush the minorities, intellectuals, and democratic institutions that they blame for all the problems they themselves are responsible for causing.  These are overwhelmingly the same people who hooted and hollared in religious ecstasy at the murderous rampages and dictatorial criminality of Bush/Cheney, and to this day insist that its iron bootheel on the throat of American civilization was the height of Liberteh because Bush paid them off with tax cuts - the Neo-Confederate version of "bread and circuses."

Well, now they've taken the psychotic projection a step further and are accusing the Obama administration of "corruption" - because that's apparently the word for not being a coin-operated tool like the teahadists are.  As with all violent authoritarian movements, they have a furious contempt for the literal meanings of words, and insist on saying things like "Freedom" to mean their total immunity from laws and moral restraints in dealing with less powerful, less financially privileged people than themselves.  So what at first just seems like confusion on their part, demanding mutually exclusive things, actually resolves to a very clear agenda: They're sociopaths who want all goods things for themselves and themselves only, and all burdens and responsibilities shunted on to others.  

But it goes beyond that, as it usually does with such people: They're not content to have all privileges and all rights while denying them to others - they have to rub it in your face that this is what they're about.  They have to maximize the value of their privileges and powers by exercising the pettiest, cruelest forms of unmitigated gall against everyone else.  They want to be the wardens of a Prison America they would call "Camp Liberty" where you are an inmate, powerless to respond to their arrogance and malice.  And if you don't like Camp Liberty, and have a problem with the daily Freedom Beatings its generous wardens dole out, they will have to put you in a Freedom Grave and then demand your family thank them for permanently liberating you from taxation.  

The fact is the real Tea Party - which engaged in acts of guerrilla sabotage against arrogant British corporations whose corrupt economic interests prevented Americans from having a voice in the UK parliament - would have tarred and feathered these treasonous parasites without a second thought.  But we are supposed to listen with sympathy while they describe the fact that their acts of brazen tax fraud were not rubber-stamped by the IRS with the speed and abject submission they are accustomed to demanding from their wage-slaves in the other 99.9% of the American people - folks who actually pay taxes, and do so at greater levels than their employers.  In other words, our taxes subsidize the Tea Party: Our work enriches its financiers, and our taxes pay for all the things they're exempted from paying for.

Of course, we know what would happen if a real Tea Party were to be undertaken in America today, say to sabotage the publicly-subsidized business of a rich Teapublican: They would shoot anyone who set foot on their precious property without nine forms of ID (papier bitte!), then have their revolving-door of "security consultants" in law enforcement and military sectors invoke the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and every other tool of power in existence to crush the rest of the movement with sweeping federal indictments.  It would be Priority #1 for the federal government they insist victimizes them to hop at their beck and call the way it did during the Occupy movement, putting the whole resources of the US government into protecting them from The People while the bank fraudsters, wage thieves, environmental polluters, and admitted war criminals who fill the ranks and coffers of Der Tea Partei are immune from all prosecution.

But despite the historical defeat of the Tories, the Confederacy, Italian Fascism, Nazism, South African apartheid, and every other abusive-to-monstrous movement these unbelievably self-absorbed perverts emulate, maybe sixth time's a charm.  So keep it up, fuckos.

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