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Received this e-mail today from Senator Debbie Stabenow (D. MI) who is support Congressman Gary Peters (D. MI-14) in next year's Senate race to replace retiring Senator Carl Levin (D. MI):
Michigan has a big choice to make in 2014. With Senator Levin retiring, we’ll be electing a new person to serve alongside me in the Senate.

Today, I am extremely pleased to announce my support and whole-hearted endorsement of Rep. Gary Peters for the job.

I’ve known Gary for more than 20 years. He is a devoted husband and father who is raising his family in Oakland County, where his own family has been for generations. The son of a public school teacher and a nurse’s aide, Gary knows exactly the kind of independent leadership it takes to fight for Michigan’s middle class families.

Gary’s experience and expertise -- from 22 years as a successful businessman to over a decade of service in the U.S. Navy Reserve -- make him an outstanding advocate for Michigan.

Senator Levin has spent his career fighting for middle class families. We need to make sure the person that gets this post next is ready to do the same. Gary is the person for the job, and the independent-minded, tireless middle class advocate I need fighting with me in the Senate. Join me in my support -- click here to sign up today:

Even though Gary has only served a short time in Washington, he’s shown his devotion to a simple rule: Michigan comes first.

He wrote the law that gave Michigan small businesses critical access to credit -- helping to create thousands of jobs. Together, Gary and I have promoted Michigan as a leader in clean energy technology and advanced manufacturing innovation to spur new economic growth.

This election will be important in shaping the future for our families. And you can bet outside groups will be spending their time (and most likely, their money) trying to have their say.

That’s why it’s up to us to make sure Gary has our full support. I will do everything I can to make sure that Gary and I can fight for Michigan farmers, manufacturers, students, veterans, and families together in the Senate. I need you to do everything you can, too.

Join me in supporting Gary’s campaign -- sign up right now:

Thank you, as always, for taking the time. And thank you for helping Gary.


Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

You can sign up for Peters Campaign here:

Senator Levin has also thrown his support behind Peters:

A few months ago, Barbara and I decided that the best way for me to serve Michigan was by focusing on the two years ahead, without the distraction of campaigning for reelection in 2014.

It has been a tremendous privilege for me to represent our great state in the U.S. Senate for more than 34 years. It's of course important to me that the person who is elected to represent Michigan in the Senate next year be a fighter for Michigan's families and communities.

That's why I am pleased to announce today that I am endorsing Gary Peters for the U. S. Senate. I am eagerly looking forward to supporting Gary and helping him in his campaign. And today, you can help by signing up to support Gary.

Like me, Gary has spent his whole life in Michigan. Gary's parents, a public school teacher and nurse's aide, instilled in him the importance of hard work, integrity, and the promise of the American Dream. Those are the principles we believe in – and they're the principles Gary will protect and fight for in the U.S. Senate.

Gary has been in Washington a relatively short time, but he's already made a real difference for Michigan's families. He's helped expand access to credit for Michigan small businesses. He's fought to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security and root out wasteful spending. And he's taken on Wall Street to recoup executive bonuses paid for with our tax dollars.

I've worked with Gary to end the use of tax havens that some of our most profitable corporations and some of the wealthiest among us use to avoid paying taxes. I know from experience that Gary won't stop until the job is done.

Gary is the kind of leader we need in the Senate. He has integrity. He knows how to work with people whose views may be different to find common ground. That's why I'm supporting him. And that's why I hope you will too. Please consider signing up right now to be a part of Gary's grassroots network of support.

I have the utmost faith and trust that the future of Michigan and our citizens will be well-served with Gary's leadership.

Thank you for standing with me over the years, and considering this endorsement of Gary Peters. - Michigan Live, 5/23/13

Polls show Peters the early favorite in this race:

If U.S. Reps Gary Peters and Mike Rogers were to run against each other for Senate and the election were held today, a current poll says Peters would have a seven point lead, according to an EPIC-MRA poll conducted last week.

“It’s really early,” said pollster Bernie Porn. “Both Peters and Rogers are unknown by similar numbers and their favorable numbers are comparable.”

The poll shows Peters, a Democrat, leading with 37 percent of the vote and Rogers, a Republican, with 30 percent. Of the remaining voters polled, 33 percent said they are undecided.

The poll comes weeks after Peters said he would run for the open seat being left by long-time Senator Carl Levin. Peters has been backed by many Democrats and will unlikely face a serious primary challenge.

This is the first poll since Peters announced he is a candidate.

The poll also showed Gov. Rick Snyder running even with Democrat Mark Schauer in potential 2014 matchup.

Rogers has not officially announced he would run for Senate. Last week, he said he was still considering a bid but would not say when he would make a decision.

One of the reasons why Peters has a lead is because he has had more exposure running congressional campaigns in Southeast Michigan, Porn said. Ads he purchased in previous congressional races were broadcast in the entire region of Southeast Michigan, including areas in and out of his congressional district.

That’s not the case as much with Rogers' district, which covers much of Mid-Michigan.

Of the voters polled, 30 percent would vote for Peters and 7 percent would be leaning towards the Democrat from Bloomfield Hills. For Rogers, 24 percent would vote for the Republican and 6 percent are leaning towards voting for him.

Of the remaining people polled, 33 percent said they are undecided.

The poll asked 600 likely voters between May 11 and 15. It has an error rate of plus or minus 4 percent. - Michigan Live, 5/21/13

Rogers is the author of the controversial CISPA bill that Peters voted against.  Peters also has an excellent campaign manager to help him get ready for this race:

Julie Ann Petrick is expected to announce her role as the Democratic congressman's campaign manager Tuesday.

Petrick is returning to Peter's team having managed his first federal campaign in 2008 when he won against 16-year incumbent Joe Knollenberg. In 2006, she worked on Florida Congressman Ron Klein's successful campaign against a 26-year congressional incumbent.

In Oct. 2009, Petrick joined EMILY's List, an organization that supports the election of Democratic women who support abortion rights. - The Republic, 3/21/13

I for one am very excited about Peters candidacy.  He's a great Democrat who has been speaking out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

The Obama Administration is leading negotiations on a new multi-lateral trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), with a number of Pacific Rim countries including Australia, Chile, Mexico and Vietnam.The TPP presents an opportunity for the United States to gain increased market access to the Asia-Pacific region, but it also presents real risks.Past trade deals such as NAFTA have had a devastating impact on the Michigan economy, especially on our manufacturing sector.

This month, Japan and the U.S. agreed on a deal paving the way for Japan to join TPP talks. Canada became the final TPP member country to approve Japan's entry late last week.

A decision among current TPP member countries allowing Japan's entry could come within weeks.

Allowing Japan's entry to the TPP before they open their auto market would amount to giving the Japanese auto companies a $1 billion annual tax break in the form of tariff elimination. This would be harmful to the U.S. auto industry, Michigan, and our nation's continued economic recovery.

Despite decades of efforts by Japan's trading partners to open the Japanese market to imported autos, Japan remains the most-closed auto market.

Japan eliminated their tariffs on foreign autos in 1970s, yet imports make up less than 6 percent of the Japanese auto market. Non-tariff barriers including currency manipulation and complex safety, noise and pollution standards have effectively kept Japan's market closed for decades.

Japan has done nothing in recent years to suggest it is moving toward a more open market. It recently implemented a program similar to our "Cash for Clunkers" in a discriminatory manner, excluding almost all American autos. Japan is actively manipulating its currency to make its exports more competitive and American goods more expensive in Japan; the Yen has been weakened by over 17 percent just since October 2012. Japanese currency manipulation adds as much as $2,500 to the price of an American vehicle being sold in Japan.

Allowing the Japanese to enter the TPP before they open their market threatens the economic renewal of the entire U.S. manufacturing base, especially in the Midwest. Our nationwide economy prospers when our auto manufacturers, part suppliers and dealers succeed — this is why the White House took decisive action to help save the industry just four years ago. We can't undo the sacrifice of American workers and taxpayer investments made to save the industry by giving Japan unilaterally expanded access to our market. - Detroit News, 4/25/13

If you would like to get involved with Peters' campaign, you can do so here:

Originally posted to pdc on Thu May 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, and Motor City Kossacks.

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