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Gird your loins, America. President Obama intends to empty out Guantanamo Bay and send scores of suspected Muslim terror operatives back to their jihadist-coddling native countries. Goaded by anti-war activists and soft-on-terror attorneys (including those from Attorney General Eric Holder's former private law firm), Obama announced Thursday that he'll lift a ban on sending up to 90 Yemeni detainees home and will initiate other stalled transfers out of the compound.
I hope your loins were properly girded!

Head below the fold for the subsequent histrionics.

Now if the U.S. were CLEVER (yeah, right) they would kill the detainees, then "release" special forces operatives who had been disguised and trained to look and talk like the former terrorists (now resting comfortably in a refuse dump somewhere in Cuba). Once released, they would be welcomed back with open arms into the Al-Qaeda terrorists groups (they've been gone a long time - who would recognize them). Then at a pre-arranged signal, they would shoot all their "co-conspirators" in the back.
If that was a Hollywood script, it would be a stupid Hollywood script.
I suppose it will be OK if Obama actually decides to ship all them GITMO loafers back home to Mohammedlands - just as long as some unknown, faceless, federal civil servant with connections to certain places makes sure they are secretly inoculated with some rapidly spreading deadly virus or two that are sure to not only knock off the newly freed GITMO miscreants, but spread into the general population where belief in Allah will soon turn sour as the populace diminishes.
But if Muslims did that to Americans, it would be worse than Hitler, right?
So many keep saying [Obama is] a fool or he's in over his head.
Nothing could be further from the truth. He's even more dangerous to America than cigs to lungs. So he may have gotten caught, but he may still survive, the MSM will be going into cover mode. Oh, I forgot to remember to say the MSM is communist controlled.The APObama will soon get over their feigned horror about their fuhrer checking them out.
He was totally busted saying "act of terror" when he should've said "terrorist act". But the MSM will cover for him and protect him from impeachment!
Obozo proves once again that he is qualified to be the Islamist apologist-in-chief. Worse, he is so narcissistic that he thinks all jihadists will shed their Quranic commandments because he unilaterally declared that the war is over. Obozo is a joke!
Nah, he first killed off most of Al Qaeda's top leadership. Unlike the last guy to unilaterally declare "mission accomplished".
He's the most dangerous person we have ever had in the WH.
We've had communists in the WH before advising prezs.(That's how we got the UN in NY) But I don't think we've had a real communist as the topdog before .
I thought he was a Jihadist?
Anti war protestors are nothing but worthless commies seeking CHANGE and World REVOLUTION and BLOOD SHED.
Anti-war people want war?
Our Muslim Emperor (or would that be Caliph?) is making every effort to appease his Muslim constituency. I fear for our service members and members of the diplomatic corps.
Here's an idea? Don't cut the diplomatic security budget. Give ol' Paul Ryan a call on that one, would you?
And when there is a terror attack by one of the released detainees Obumphuck and his minions will blame GWB, state we must not jump to conclusions, and give the perpetrator, if he is caught, more legal rights, protections, and coverage than the average American citizen gets.
You mean they'll get OJ Simpson's lawyers?
Obama needs to clear out GITMO to make room for his real enemies: conservatives who don't swallow his brand of Kool-aid,and any reporters who dare to actually

do their job and report on his crimes

Right! By "closing Gitmo", he actually meant "keep Gitmo open". Sucks how conservatives have cracked out code!
The entire diplomatic corp especially those in the Middle East should resign and leave those countries immediately. They have absolutely no support from the WH and the Department of State.
The same State Department that warned that cuts to diplomatic security would harm national security? That State Department?
Sure we can give the Gitmo detainees 30 billion dollars each and set them free, no problem.We already know what becomes of those already released. Like with Clinton, this will be a problem for the next guy.
Obama needs a distraction. Americans who die in the future at the hands of released terrorists are sacrificial lambs for Obama narcissistic altar.
If only he started wars to avenge his daddy, then all'd be cool!


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