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What is it with the right wing and their stunted, adolescent sense of humor. Their attempt to be funny is usually so lame and completely without nuance that the result frequently just makes everyone to the left of Bill O'Reilly cringe in embarrassment for humanity. No mean-spirited snark attack on their opponent would be complete without a healthy dose of sexism and homophobia. Let's take this latest example from Alex Jones.

Get Alex Jones is the name of the game. And they're calling up, the media is trying to find people I went to high school with. A whole crew of them.  Or they could just do what Mr. Maddow does, I mean Janet Reno. Janet Napolitano. I get them all confused. Pat from Saturday Night Live? No, no, Ron Maddow. What? Nothing wrong with it. I mean, he's a handsome guy. I’m gonna be honest with everybody, I’m attracted to Mr. Maddow, and that really conflicts my, uh, I always thought of myself as a heterosexual. I wonder if Mr. Maddow is gonna join the Boy Scouts as a troop leader. I’m sorry, Saturday Night Live. I just, I get all these people confused. I'm sorry, that’s not right. I should criticize Rachel Maddow on her lying to her audience, and we'll do that.
See what he did there? Rachel Maddow is an open lesbian who doesn't pass muster with Jone's idea of attractive. All of this is processed through the meat grinder he calls a brain, out from which pops this sad, rancid comedic sausage.

What has Alex targeting Rachel today? It has to do with this excellent take-down of him on her show last Wednesday.

Two things happened recently that are related. They do not
seem related at first, but trust me, they`re related. So, stick with me

The first thing was a small piece of one of the planes that was used
on 9/11 being found wedged in a narrow alley way not far from Ground Zero.
Now, at first, it was reported to be part of the landing gear from those
landing gear from one of those planes. We learned that it actually came
from under one of the wings. So, that was thing number one.

Just a couple days later, thing number two: Republicans on the House
Oversight Committee had a joint hearing on the amount of ammunition the
Department of Homeland Security has on hand. See, if the federal
government has more bullets than the general population, how are we going
to defend ourselves in the fight against the government? Can`t let the
government get the upper hand in the weapons race, right?

Next thing, you know, they`ll have a standing army and bombs that can
take out whole cities and stuff. So, yes, Republicans in the House and the
Senate followed up the ammo thing with an actual bill, an actual piece of
legislation that`s supposed to prevent the government from buying too many
bullets. Yes, this is the same federal government that already stock
piles, say, Abrams tanks and armed drones and giant intercontinental
missiles that carry nuclear weapons -- all that, yes, but it`s an excess
bullets that congressional Republicans have decided is the really worrying

That worry was so crazy, so out there, that even the National Rifle
Association wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot rifle.

And yes, the conspiracy theory about the government having too many
bullets is nuts, but it`s not out of nowhere. That conspiracy theory comes
from the mother of all conspiracy theorists that can (INAUDIBLE)
Republicans. It`s an Internet talk show called "Info Wars". Yes, this is
the same guy selling the idea that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary
School and massacre at Aurora, Colorado, were actually fake, they were
faked as an excuse to take away our guns, enslave us to the giant wasps who
hive beneath the U.N. building or whatever.

It`s the same guy who says the Boston bombing was also fake. It was
fake for political purposes.

The same guy who says he doesn't believe the Columbia space shuttle
disaster actually happened. He doesn't believe there was actually an
Oklahoma City bombing.

Naturally, of course, he also knows and sells the idea that 9/11 was
an inside job, so that landing gear, that must be faked, too, the
conspiracy continues.

And every tragedy, the "Info Wars"/Alex Jones world thinks they see

Monday`s devastating record breaking tornado in Moore, Oklahoma killed
two dozen people, flattened a community, just devastating, devastating,
right? But now, I am not kidding, the same conspiracy theory folks are
peddling the idea the tornado was a conspiracy as well. Seriously, the
tornado was a conspiracy.


ALEX JONES, INFO WARS: And tornadoes are way down. Of course, they
lie and say they are way up, to try to get carbon taxes. But I don't know
if this was a weather weapon or not, but they can -- with the right weather
conditions, they can create and steer groups of tornadoes.

If people 50 miles out of storm systems see aircraft in and around the
clouds spraying and doing things, if you saw that, you better bet your
bottom dollar they did this. But who knows if they did. You know, that's
the thing.

MADDOW: Who knows? Who knows if the U.S. government uses a secret
made up weather weapon that only exists in the mind of -- yes. I mean,
that's the thing, right?

Here's the other thing. Alex Jones should be disqualified from
participating in Republican Party politics. His crackpot theories
shouldn't prompt hearings in Congress and they shouldn't inspire actual
legislation in Congress, and you shouldn't do a money bomb on his show
running for Congress. Do not fund race on this theater of the absurd by
showing yourself to be one with this guy, really.

He says the tornado was a conspiracy, the tornado. Can we agree it is
over now, Republicans, going on his show, really? Can we agree? Please?

This all hurt Alex's feelings so badly that he felt the need to respond on his little radio program. Wow, Alex, you sure showed her! I'm thrilled she got so badly under his skin that he responded the way he did. It provides a focused snapshot of a typical wingnut response when they get their funny bone bruised. Great job, Rachel.

I'll leave you all with this great mash-up that Media Matters compiled on other knee-slapping sexist gems coming from the right. Don't injure yourself laughing.

Originally posted to Steven Payne on Sat May 25, 2013 at 01:52 PM PDT.

Also republished by LGBT Kos Community.

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