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Is there anyone in particular that you take the time to remember and celebrate on Memorial Day?
Aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen?
Do you still read any magazines (paper, not online)? Which ones?
Do you still write checks to pay your bills, or do you pay online?
Do you go to sleep and get up at the same time every day, or does it vary? Are you a napper?

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On This Day

In 1647, America began killing "witches" with the hanging execution of Alse Young in Connecticut.

In 1896, St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL, were struck by a massive tornado (estimated F4) that killed 255 people and did more than $10 million in damages (in 1896 dollars, which would be more than 2.5 billion today).

In 1927, Ford ceased production of the Model T in order to retool their factories to begin production of the Model A.

In 1930, NYC's art deco Chrysler Building was opened to the public.

In 1933, the World's Fair, dubbed "A Century of Progress," opened in Chicago.

In 1935, the Supreme Court declared the National Industrial Recovery Act to be unconstitutional (just a few days before the act was due to expire).

In 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was opened to pedestrians (it was opened to vehicle traffic the following day).

In 1997, the Supreme Court ruled that it was OK for Paula Jones to pursue her sexual harassment suit against President Clinton while he was still in office.

Born on This Day

1616 - Anton Goubau, Flemish landscape painter (d. 1698)

1794 – Cornelius Vanderbilt, American industrialist and ancestor of Anderson Cooper (d. 1877)

1818 – Amelia Bloomer, American women's rights activist (d. 1894) The underwear called "bloomers" was named after her, though she had nothing to do with the invention, just the popularization.

1819 – Julia Ward Howe, American poet (d. 1910)

1837 – Ivan Kramskoi, Russian painter (d. 1887)

 photo IvanKramskoi.jpg

1858 - Juan Giménez Martín, Spanish painter (d. 1901)

 photo JuanGimeacutenezMartiacuten.jpg

1871 – Georges Rouault, French artist (d. 1958)

 photo GeorgesRouault.jpg

1881 - Adolf Erbslöh, German artist (d. 1947)

 photo AdolfErbsloumlh.jpg

1883 - Jessie Arms Botke, US decorative painter (d. 1971)

 photo JessieArmsBotke.jpg

1887 - Jakob Steinhardt, German-Israeli woodcut artist and painter (d. 1968)

 photo JakobSteinhardt.jpg

1894 – Dashiell Hammett, American author (d. 1961)

1907 – Rachel Carson, American biologist and writer (d. 1964)

1911 – Hubert H. Humphrey, American politician, 38th Vice President of the United States (d. 1978)

1911 – Vincent Price, American actor (d. 1993)

 photo VincentPrice.jpg

1913 – Wols, German painter and photographer (d. 1951)

1922 – Christopher Lee, English actor

1923 – Henry Kissinger, creep

1925 – Tony Hillerman, American writer (d. 2008)

1934 – Harlan Ellison, American author

1935 – Lee Meriwether, American model and actress (Catwoman in the very first Batman movie), Miss America 1955

1935 – Ramsey Lewis, American pianist and composer

1943 – Cilla Black, English singer and actress

1945 – Bruce Cockburn, Canadian musician (The Esquires and The Flying Circus)

1948 – Pete Sears, English musician (Jefferson Starship, Moonalice, and Hot Tuna)

1950 – Dee Dee Bridgewater, American singer-songwriter and actress (The Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra)

1957 – Siouxsie Sioux, English singer-songwriter (Siouxsie and the Banshees)

1958 – Neil Finn, New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician (Split Enz, Crowded House)

1958 – Linnea Quigley, American actress (the Scream Queen)

1968 – Rebekah Brooks, English eavesdropper with fabulous hair and tenuous morals

1970 – Joseph Fiennes, English actor

1971 – Lisa Lopes, American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress (TLC) (d. 2002)

1975 – André 3000, American rapper, producer, and actor (OutKast)

Died on this Day

1508 – Ludovico Sforza, Italian ruler, Duke of Milan (b. 1452)

1541 – Margaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury (b. 1473)

1564 – John Calvin, French religious reformer (b. 1509)

1596 - Pellegrino Tibaldi, Italian painter  (b. 1527)

 photo PellegrinoTibaldi.jpg

1675 - Gaspard Dughet, French painter (b. 1613)

 photo GaspardDughet.jpg

1707 – Athénaïs de Montespan, French mistress of Louis XIV of France (b. 1640)

1717 - Nicolas Colombel, French painter (b. 1644)

 photo NicolasColombel.jpg

1837 - William Anderson, British artist (b. 1757)

1960 – James Montgomery Flagg, American illustrator (b. 1877)

1969 – Jeffrey Hunter, American actor (b. 1926)

1993 – Mary Philbin, American actress (b. 1903)

2011 – Gil Scott-Heron, American poet, musician, and author (b. 1949)

Today is

Memorial Day
National Grape Popsicle Day
Sunscreen Day
Cellophane Tape Day

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