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 I just recieved my  2013 Republican Platform survey form in the mail. In full disclosure I was a republican for 30 years but Bush Sr cured me. According to the cover letter I was chosen to represent my district . The survey states OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PARTY DOCUMENT- DO NOT DESTROY. I would never do such a thing, But it doesn`t say do not disseminate.
The questions are leading and very biased such as,
 In your opinion was President Obama reelected because people supported his agenda or did he win because he and his allies spent hundreds of millions of dollars attacking Republicans and lying about our agenda?
      [ x] People voted for Obamas liberal agenda
      [ ] Obama won based on the most negative campaign in history
 My choice would have been, if it was included
      [ ] Romney and Ryan were the worst candidates

 Do you believe Barack Obama has used the presidency and the powers of his office to look out for the concerns and interests of Americans like you?
         [x ]  Yes      [ ] No

  Investigating Obama Administration blunders such as the funding of Solyndra, the "Fast and Furious" guns to Mexico debacle and the killing of our Ambassador in Libya
    [ ] Very important   [ ] Somewhat important  [x ] Not important
 This one had a space for comment, I wrote
  Solyndra was originated by Bush. Congress defunded diplomatic security

  The media is proclaiming that Americans, even some Republicans, now support the Democrat`s drive to raise taxes. Do you believe this is true for the majority of people in your district?
   [x ] Yes    [ ] No

Do you believe that the policies and tax increases being pushed by Barack Obama will create good jobs and improve the economy in your area?
   [ x] Yes    [ ] No

 Do you support another round of federal "stimulus" spending by Democrats that devalues the dollar and provides billions of dollars for special interest spending projects?
   [ x] Yes    [ ] No    

 Should entitlement reform be a major focus of Republicans in Congress to cut the federal deficit and put our nation on track to a balanced budget?
   [ x] Yes    [ ] No   I wrote in "cut corporate welfare"

 Would you support a phased-in increase in the retirement/eligibility age for Social Security benefits that would not affect anyone over the age of 50?
    [ ] Yes    [ x] No

 Would you support allowing individuals under the age of 50 to opt to put a portion of their SS witholdings into private accounts that they control, but cannot access without penalty until their retirement?
    [ ] Yes    [ x] No

 Should the United States follow through on President Obama`s decision to eliminate the military`s "two war" strategy that gives us the ability to fight two separate conflicts if need be?
   [x ] Yes   [ ] No

 Do you support Republican efforts to stop the funding and implementation of the Obamacare health care legislation?
    [ ] Yes   [ x] No   I wrote in "quit wasting time and money on this"

 Are you concerned that Barack Obama and the Democrats intend for their Obamacare legislation to eventually lead to the creation of "single payer" government run health insurance and health care system?
    [ ] Yes    [ x] No

Do you believe you can recieve the same quality of health care and accessibility to quality care through a federal govrnment run health care system?
    [ x] Yes    [ ] No   I wrote in "Like Congress and The Senate have"

 Should federal funds be provided to non-profit clinics whose primary function is conducting abortions?
    [ ] Yes    [ x] No   "If it their PRIMARY function"

 Do you support allowing parents to use government vouchers to send their children th the school of their choice, be it public, parochial or private?
   [ ] Yes   [ x] No

 Are you satisfied that the Republican Party is effectively communicating our reasons for opposing President Obama and the Democrat`s liberal agenda?
   [ ] Yes   [x ] No

 Do you believe our Party makes an effort to address issues of concern to women?
    [ ] Yes   [ x] No

 This is a sampling of the 33 questions asked of me by the Party ,the rest is fundraising stuff and 3 lines for comments. I had to write really small to get the most in, but since I`m not sending any money they probably will not read it.
 This is supposed to be mailed back within 7 days.Not yet sure if I will send it.


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