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How much do conservatives hate the one Republican who could make 2016 interesting? Head below the fold to find out.

Appoint former Congressman Allen West . He doesn't live in Jersey ? As a stupid secretary of the state recently said , " What difference does it make " ?.
You know what else makes as much sense as nominating Allen West for this seat? Extra spaces. Lots of extra spaces.
anything that would "Complicate" Christies re-election chances can't be risked by the Governor Fat Slob.........................It would be far too "risky" to grow a pair and appoint a Republican. After all, Christie is only about himself.

Christie is staying Loyal to his butt buddy Obama, by not helping the GOP in any way. (Just like he did last October, when he helped Obama win.)

I agree! It would be so much nicer if Christie had a more complicated reelection bid.
By not appointed a republican to the Senate which would term to August Christie has just confirmed that he is a full blown RINO. The Senate would have a two count swing for Republicans with this appointment but Christie chose to show his true colots.......................RINO. He should now be banned from all Republican events. He is a Democrat for all practical purposes!
What is it with wingnuts and their mega-ellipses? But yeah, I agree! Ban him.
This political stuff is easy. Christie's toughest choice comes at the doughnut shop. Unable to choose between a dozen chocolate eclairs, a dozen bear claws, and a dozen maple bars, he wisely opted for a dozen of each. And that was just for breakfast. And if anyone mentions the brown stuff on his nose, he can lie, and blame it on the eclairs.
Note to GOP and the despicable Karl Rove - Don't even consider nominating Christie OR Jeb Bush for president, because I guarantee you either one will lose.
Allen West won't lose, though. So nominate him. Please?
Christie is a joke with all of his bullying and caustic remarks, etc. -- used to like him a lot -- now he looks just like another dem -- the dems ALWAYS take advantage of opportunities -- Obama must have hugged him extra hard when they did their love-in. I was suspicious and very disappointed with Christie at the RNC convention -- now, I know he is not to be trusted. Let NJ have him -- that's where he should stay.
He was awesome when he was a caustic bully. NO LONGER!!1!
Is anyone not clear on the concept that Christie is most definitely NOT a conservative? He can label himself as being affiliated with whatever party he'd like, but his actions are what important to observe. Christie is, as demonstrated by his actions, a Big Government Prog. If you like Christie and you want him to represent your interests from a place in public office, then YOU TOO are a prog.
I don't like Christie and I don't want him to represent my interests. Can I still be a progressive?
Looks to me like the fat boy took the cowards way out. almost looks like his buddy , bambi, when says "i see nothing". Make a decesion porker stop hiding
Yeah, I don't think Christie's problem is that he's "hiding".
He is terrified to do anything that might damage his run for the presidency. In his fat clogged mind, being a RINO who sucks obozo's a$$ is an admirable trait.
Using dollar signs makes "ass" sound classy.
And you can be sure that RINO Christi, who is receiving huge campaign donations from DUMBOCRATS, will campaign for the dumbocrat candidate. If the people of NJ elect this Dumbama butt-kisser again, they are NUTS.
People who write "DUMBOCRATS" and "Dumbama" are so totally not nuts!
This LARD ASS, is NO Republican.....................I hope he loses the election for Governor........and the morbidly obese SHILL will NEVER be President ! He's only interested in his own election, spending 24 MILLION to get HIS FAT ASS re-elected. POX on this democRAT in the closet !
I also wish Christie would lose his reelection bid! I'm genuinely heartened by all the bipartisan agreement in this thread!
I figured it out. Christie is imitating the part played by Jackie Gleason on the Jackie Gleason Show years ago. He tries to play the part of the gruff, self centered, and bossy know it all who runs on bull and a big mouth. Unfortunately for Christie's imitating, Gleason was light years ahead of him. Gleason loved his country, didn't associate with Marxists, and had unlimited talent.
If only it was 1956 all over again, then we wouldn't have to deal with Christie! Or uppity brown people.
Morbid obesity statistics will catch up with Mr. Tough Talkin' Democrat Mafioso Boss from the Doughnut district of New Jersey
Phat phuck.
If he wasn't phat, this would all be okay.
Bought and paid for.
This must be the price for his ascension to the national stage in 2016.
He is a stooge of the NY-DC Axis of Multinational Corruption.
Multinational? Which part of the NY-DC Axis isn't America?
Christie has entirely to much FAT IN HIS BRAIN, he will run in 2016 as a Democratic, no doubt in my mind. He is a piece of CRAP!!!
Kinda like, "no doubt in my mind Mitt Romney will crush Obummer?"
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