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Screenshot of column by Pat Buchanan lamenting their
I hit the substance of Racist Uncle Pat's column yesterday, but here's a taste:
The demographic winter of white America is at hand, even as it began years ago for the native-born of old Europe.
Today, we look at their community response, below the fold.

"White Numbers Shrink," was the headline on the lead story in USA Today. "More Whites Dying Than Being Born," blared The Wall Street Journal. What does this mean?

I'm guessing that it means white people don't have children unless they can afford to raise them...just a guess!

Brown people are so irresponsible! Then again, maybe voting for a party that is trying to expand economic opportunity, rather than restrict it to the top one percent, could help in that regard. Just a guess!
I have never seen a good answer to the following question: Why were the immigration laws changed in 1965 to favor Third World citizens, Asians and New world latinos while penalizing the "old tribes" from Europe, especially considering that this country's heritage is Eurocentric? Was this Teddy Kennedy and his Irish mafia's way to get back at the Brits? The country club set's distaste for those of us with Slavic backgrounds? Just wondering.
The Irish are a "new tribe" from Asia?
Who is surprised? For many years we have provided welfare for baby mommas and increased the black numbers and allowed Mexicans that make it across the border and Cubans who make it across the beach the same welfare for reproducing and thus increasing brown numbers. There always were more people of color than those of us whites on a worldwide basis. We were blessed by the Judeo Christian belief system that hard work and good morals would always triumph. And if not we had all the guns. Politicians have long been aware of this. Last year the child was born that in 18 years will tip the scale to majority voters of color. Then white folk will come to understand the true meaning of living in a minority world.
The Judeo Christian belief system includes a militarized enforcement clause?
egardless of the demographics, if the GOP would simply try to do this: Stop our out-of-control, big government, Unconstitutional welfare/warfare/police state. That means:
1. No more Federal welfare or "entitlements". Phase them all out & let the States take them over or modify them, if they want.
2. Recall the troops from 800+ bases in 120+ nations around the world. No more wars not officially declared by Congress.
3. Repeal the Patriot Act & NDAA & eliminate Homeland Security. Stop the NSA information gathering on innocent Americans. Give us back our Bill of Rights.
4. Balance the budget asap, return to Constitutional money (gold/silver) & get rid of the Federal Reserve.
If only Republicans adopted Ron Paul's platform, they'd win, just like Ron Paul did!
It's unbelievably frustrating to hear the same, tired claim that demographics will doom the GOP. That's completely wrong. It's poor communication that's dooming the GOP.

The GOP is the only major party that supports free market policies. And free market policies are THE means to empowerment. Any other system inevitably leads to more poverty.


I started a Facebook page a few weeks ago called Unbiased America that is trying to do just that. I do my best to bring people from all sides of the political spectrum in to discuss ideas and policies the childish demagoguery and name-calling that usually happens when the left and right get together.

Seven percent of America's growth in 2012 came from white people. A total of 93 percent came from Asians, African Americans and Latinos. If I was a racist conservatives, I'd be frustrated too.

But speaking of "poor communication that's dooming the GOP":

I went to a top 20 university and have an advanced degree-- I GET your points.

But lower aptitude American blacks and Hispanics want free stuff. They have PERNICIOUS social pathologies-- they drop out of school and get pregnant at prodigious rates...hearing about how the educated and game can do well in a free market of competition means NOTHING to them.

Multiple theories of free republics say that they are doomed to fail because the Left will simply demagogue with promised freebies.

"If only they weren't so stupid compared to us whites" sure is great communication! If only Republicans were able to discuss the issue so freely, they wouldn't be so doomed.
As usual, Mr. Buchanan has hit the nail on the head. 50 years from now, America as we know it will not exist. It will have been replaced by a polyglot of blacks, browns, yellows, and a few whites, who will be fortunate if they can survive, much less thrive, in the new environment. I grieve for my grand-son, who will have to cope with that situation.
Hmm, Scandinavia is out, all those socialists. Germany has too many brown-skinned Turks. France has too many Africans. And French things.

I'm thinking Russia is your grandchild's last hope.

White liberals think that by breeding out whites and continuing to bar them from immigrating to this country, they will remain as the great white lords of the land... LOL. Reality and history says different. With years of heavy third world legal immigration and millions of illegals with birthright citizenship, the balance may have tipped to the point of no return. The entire world should be fearful. No more will there be the once great USA to turn to in time of trouble. "Diversity" has increased the welfare state to the point of collapse. We knew the end was near when history was re-written and national pride was labeled "offensive" while foreign "pride" praised. No unity, no country.
100% of white growth in 2012 came from immigration. Actually, more than 100 percent, since more white people died in America than were born. So yeah, white liberals need to be better at keeping those European immigrants out. STAT!
Diversity didn't work for the Balkan nations and it isn't working here. It's a deliberate way to bring down this country to the level of the third world.
You know who else was into white supremacism? Yeah, that guy. Did that work?
That "diversity is strength" is just a gimmick schtick con job of the Left...deep down, those who love guvment KNOW that some ethnic groups will inexorably flock to guvment dependence, and the Left THRIVES on cultivating same. ILLEGAL aliens ARE undocumented democrats!

Asians almost never resort to welfare services, but Hispanics and blacks FLOCK to them. Factor in I.Q./aptitude and social pathology problems (proclivities to crimes, gangs, dropouts, teen and illegitimate pregnancies, neighborhood/barrio blight), and you see substantial correlations by ethnicity.

Europe is REELING WITH REGRET for having imported Islamists 'just to do our work for us." Very soon, the imported populations will predominate. They are not lower aptitude, BUT their culture and religion are noxious and pernicious.

Asians vote more Democratic than Latinos. But the stereotypes say they're good at math, so all's good with those guys!
Guess it could be worse but I don't see how.

I always thought the election and re-election of Obama would bring nothing good and everything bad for America. But it was actually something much more tragic.

It was the beginning of the end of a once great country.

Everything was white but now there are more brown people. Somehow, I suspect you'll find a way to soldier on.
And more not easy answers include to stop feeding them [Latinos] literally. We need to stop giving them so much money in social welfare benefits. If they can survive on their own then fine. If they starve to death, then it will reduce the surplus population as Scrooge would say and i do not have a problem with that at all. When you keep feeding stray animals they reproduce a lot more and become totally dependent and bring their friends. That is what we have been doing in this country and it needs to stop. That will help take care of this issue.
I'm old enough to remember when conservatives actually tried to win elections.
And this has been the plan all along. No other coutries/continents besides Europe and America have been shamed and criticized into committing national suicide by letting in people from third world countries and of all different races in the name of multiculturalism and diversity. These are perverted Western ideas. Japan is for the Japanese, China for the Chinese, Korea for the Koreans, Africa for the Africans and so on. Only the US and Europe are for any third world vermin that wants to come here.
Interesting theory. So ... you're Native American?
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