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There was a recurring theme in a few diaries yesterday, and in the news as well. I see that it's continuing today, as well. I read each piece with mounting outrage and fury. I have fucking HAD IT!!!

I am SICK and TIRED of fart-faced GOP buffoons pompously pontificating about women's reproductive organs and any possible population of said organs. This clown is a perfect example. Seriously, asshole? That's the best you could come up with? What kind of goddamned fucking pervert ARE you, that instead of looking to see whether the baby is healthy, you're looking to see where his HANDS ARE?? You're a sick fuck and a PERVERT. Thank God you're not still in a medical office, drooling over women's genitalia. Ewww.

And it finally sank through your pinheads that, gee, people are starting to notice that ALL YOU ASSHOLES ARE MEN, so you decided to drag out the helmet-headed harpies to bleat instead?

At a morning press conference, a dozen female Democratic House members spent 30 minutes running through the outrages committed by Republicans. Among them: They allowed the bill to be written by “the all-male [Republican] members of the House Judiciary committee.” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, insists that “the Republican men who brought this to the floor do not represent the rights of women in America.”
(emphasis mine)

So....enter the harpies:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn stands at the front of the Republican rows. Nearly all of the House GOP’s 19 women line up to speak, and very few men join them. Woman after woman in colorful blazer-skirt combos stands up to chide Democrats for minimizing the ugliness of abortion.

Well, duh. And neither do elected GOP women. Most of the GOP women that I know IRL are pro-choice. Why? Several reasons: Limited government. Personal responsibility. Fiscal conservatism. Freedom. Liberty. Things like that. Don't you GET IT, assholes? REAL Republicans are pro-choice. But since your party is now full of sex-obsessed wackadoos, you are NOT getting their votes. Ha, ha.

Let's talk about this disgusting obsession with women's private parts, and your truly revolting desire to legislate sticking things into said PRIVATE parts. Or your rape apologist crap. What the FUCK is wrong with you, GOP men?? Do you EVER stop thinking about sex? It seems that all you talk about is other people having SEX. And what you can do to punish them for having sex. Not just women, in this case, but LGBT people as well. You are the party of immorality, after all. Not only adultery, but corruption. Is that what pisses you off? The fact that you are OWNED? By the NRA, by the Kochs, by Adelson, by anyone who pays you? So, to regain some power, some sense of dignity, you need to pick on the "weaker sex" to feel masculine? Are you crazy? Women are FAR stronger, mentally, than men. And we are FIERCE when angry.

As a woman, and a wife, I am wondering what is wrong with GOP women. If MY husband were a GOP politician, and spent his days talking about and trying to legislate other women's uteri, I'd have a FIT. I'd tell him, "WTF? Lady parts are LADIES' business! Work on the ECONOMY! And get it through your goddamned thick skull that not everybody WANTS children, or should HAVE children. Children cost money. It's just common sense to PLAN when and whether to have a family." And I could go on and on. Why don't these woman SAY anything? Why don't they STOP these assholes they're married to from sticking their noses in OUR bedrooms?

Is it...jealousy? Do these GOP women hate sex, and see it as a duty? Do they think of laundry, or grocery lists, and heave a sigh of relief when their husbands cheat, because they're off the hook for sex? Do they think that we all engage in wild bacchanals of such great passion, in and out of wedlock, that we need to be forced to carry every pregnancy, because we WON'T be able to have sex for six weeks or so after the birth, so neener neener? Then, once we have the baby or babies, we'll be tired and crabby and lose our looks? Fuck that. I can't figure it out. Let me know if you can.

Thanks for reading. And has anyone heard from entlord? IAN is concerned about him.

7:27 PM PT: Rec list! Thank you all =)

Originally posted to Something Fishy on Wed Jun 19, 2013 at 05:50 PM PDT.

Also republished by Pro Choice and Abortion.

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