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More below the fold:

In the weekly post content thread, Ninotchka pointed out thistribute to World of Warcraft that Jimmy Fallon did on Late Night.

No, I'm not in it. Neither, AFAIK, is Dkosmama. Their loss.

See how many of the World of Warcraft community you can name.

While we're enjoying that, here's the Team Kaels report from Ninotchka:

Team Kaels suffered a setback last week when we lost our other tank, and for a short while we seemed on the verge of breaking up without ever killing the Thunder King. I was all bitter and depressed and emo over it, and if I snapped at anyone last week I apologize profusely. And it turned out that I was worried about nothing. Hyunkel has been sitting around showing enormous patience, being our benchwarmer for the entire expansion. And on Tuesday night, he produced an undead brewmaster monk out of thin air (actually, I think he server transferred it) (and forgive me but there’s something thematically WRONG about an undead monk). We took him into the Throne of Thunder on Tuesday night. For the first fight, our tank had fewer hit points than the mage did.

As Kaels put it – “OK healing assignments. Monomis on Hyunkel, Karixx on Hyunkel, Chanta on Hyunkel, Nina on herself and the raid. Oh, and if you’re a dps be prepared to use bandages”.

But we discovered that our familiarity with the fights, our general gear advantage, and with Hyunkel’s general amazing ability let us punch through the raid with about as much speed as we usually run the bosses. The only real issues we encountered were when I let the bats get away from me.

And the gods of the random number generator were smiling down at us. In the last two nights we killed 9 Throne of Thunder bosses, and there was an item for Hyunkster on 6 of them. Not only that, but we had run a series of absolutely futile farming raids in the past month. In the last two nights almost everything we killed dropped something useful for somebody. I don’t think Kaels has gotten that many gear upgrades in a week since the start of the expansion. I know, random is random. But getting a lucky streak just when you really need one – that’s a wonderful thing.

So a big thank you to Hyunkel for coming in to save the day, and to the rest of the raid group for not giving up on us. We’re done with our raiding for the week, but the Thunder King had better not rest easy. We’re coming for him.

Here's the Team RubiPam and Saturday Night Massacre Us Some Guild Raid Achievements Which I'm Sorry I Let My Family Talk Me Out Of My Other Raiding Night and Missed:
Team RubiPam report:

It was a relatively quiet week for Team RubiPam, as we went back to farm the first 6 bosses this week - I shall not speak of Pamena's pity party as both Rubidium and Bemused got the healing trinket off of Horridon while she got...the worst trinket in the game with static spirit and no useful proc whatsoever. But, NEVER MIND! We brought Nerphme in on Monday night as Elu was at the doggy emergency room, and he did great as we finished up through Ji-kuhn. We will extend the lockout this week and start working on the second half of TOT - the eyeball and the maze await us.

Saturday Night Massacre report:

This week turned out to be Guild Raid Achievement week indeed! First, Team Kaels on Friday night, when their second tank went missing, decided to go into Blackwing Descent, and finish off heroic Nefarion in there, one of the Cata raid achievements the guild was missing. Then, Saturday night, much of the guild descended on Bastion of Twilight, and it was a great success, much fun had by all. We raced through heroic Halfus, Valiona and Theralion (a few hiccups as we were trying for the achievement involving killing 6 things in the Twilight Realm, so we wiped once after getting those, then came back and finished them off), and Ascendant Council. Heroic Cho'gall was the site of a few more deaths, but we got it done, and then finally got to Lady Sinestra, a fight no one in a Wreck List guild group had ever seen before! It was very fun, not too difficult although a lot of the raid was dead by the time we finished her off, but we did it and a whole bunch of guild Dragonslayers were born! We then started on Firelands heroic, but just had time for Shannox and Beth'ilac, so we will finish there, including heroic Rags this coming Saturday. Once that is done, we just have heroic TotFW to do, so we might tackle that and get heroic Al'Akir out of the way. In future weeks, we will try to finish up Dragon Soul heroic - we just have Spine and Madness left in there, and then we've got them all!

This was a really fun night - we had 24 guildies on Cho'gall and Sinestra, and I think everyone really enjoyed it, especially the many people who had never seen BOT before. And for those of us who had spent hours two years ago wiping in there, it was very nostalgic - "Oh, yes, THIS is where Snuffy used to yell at me all the time!" Thanks to all who came, and I hope we'll see you again this week and as we finish these up in the future!

And finally, the Team Z Report from Moodyloner:
Fucking Garalon.

But at least we have the dance down to the point where he knows he's been in a fight.

Next week, perhaps.
Fucking Garalon.

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