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Itzl AlertingAs you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, or other such things that could keep us off DKos. It's also so we can find other Kossacks nearby for in-person checks when other methods of communication fail - a buddy system. Members come here to check in. If you're not here, or anywhere else on DKos, and there are adverse conditions in your area (floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, etc.), we and your buddy are going to check up on you. If you are going to be away from your computer for a day or a week, let us know here.  We care!
We have split up the publishing duties, but we welcome everyone in IAN to do daily diaries for the group!  Every member is an editor, so anyone can take a turn when they have something to say, photos and music to share, a cause to promote or news!

Ok, we have a (mostly)  finished diary schedule.  If you would like to fill in, either post in thread or send FloridaSNMom a Kosmail with the date. If you need someone to fill in, ditto. FSNMom is here on and off through the day usually from around 9:30 or 10 am eastern to around 11 pm eastern.

Monday: BadKitties
Tuesday: bigjacbigjacbigjac
Wednesday: Caedy
Thursday: weck
Friday: FloridaSNMOM
Sunday: loggersbrat
If you'd like to be part of the Itzl Alert Network, please leave a comment asking to join, or send us a message asking to join. We'd love to have you. The bigger our network, the less likely someone will be stranded all alone.

Of course you're not scared!  Why should you be?  You're a grownup, after all.  You take care of yourself, you pay your taxes, you vote, you get involved.  You're alllll grown up.


There's that one little thing that scares you silly.  It's not a big thing, really.  That's what you tell yourself.  Right?  There are things that scare us and I'm not making light of them.  They're called phobias for good reason.  The fear they invoke is very real, no matter what it is that scares us.  Ever been called "chicken" for being phobic?

Yeah, me, too.  For me, it's heights.  Acrophobia, it's called.  Sounds like I'm afraid of the Flying Wallenda's.  I've been terrified of heights for as long as I can remember.  Bridges do it, as do tall buildings, upper decks at the stadium, and the wierdest of all....staircases with open risers.  ugh!!  I can get weak-kneed on the second floor, sometimes!  But I love to fly!!  Not crazy about take-off and landing, but that's a statistical thing, not a phobia.  I first flew when I was a mere lass of fifteen, and loved it from then on.  For the record, I do not love airlines.

So what else is there to fear?  The classic, Triskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13.  To me it always sounded like fear of a box of Trisquits stacked in a deck.

I found a few other oddities in the phobic realm:

Ergophobia- Fear of work-- The jokes just write themselves, don't they?

Nostophobia- Fear of returning home--This one only got me when I broke curfew, but I'm sure there are a few other reasons for it.  I guess it means the phobic has to move a lot?  Nope!  Can't go back the Real Estate agent

Novercaphobia- Fear of your step-mother--Every fairytale princess ev-er must've had this one...and with good reason.

Musophobia or Muriphobia- Fear of mice-- Cinderella would've been outta luck had she suffered from this one.  And I'm a little concerned about the cat.

Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking--Nice to know there is a word to describe those who can't seem to boil water without burning it.  And I thought they were just lazy!

Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of going to school--Is that the opposite of Didn'taskaleinophobia??

Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers-- I read it as "log-gizmo-chain-of-phobia, which makes more sense to me.  That auto-correct feature is a bear!

Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables--Some vegetables should be feared.  Leeks make me nervous.  So do parsnips.  I wonder what they're up to.

Homilophobia- Fear of sermons.--After years of them at Mass and at home, my overwhelming reaction (besides running away) is: "Here we go again!"

Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks--Makes me wonder if knitting needles count?  Same shape and all.  Dual purpose phobia!!  

Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers-- Not a parent on earth who doesn't share this one, especially when it's time to do laundry, homework, dishes. or answer the simple, "How was your day, dear?"

Genuphobia- Fear of knees--I'm just at a loss with this one.  After hours of thought, I gave up and sat down.  Then I stood up.  Apparently, my knees are working against me.

And finally.....
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words--Doesn't it figure that this would be the longest word describing a phobia?  

So what are your fears and phobias?  You're safe here with us; we won't mock you for being afraid.  We're all afraid of something.

C'mon, spill.  Unless you're afraid of spilling things.  So far, I haven't found the word for that!

There are things that scare us and I'm not making light of them.  They're called phobias for good reason.  The fear they invoke is very real, no matter what it is that scares us.  If your fear gets between you and the life you want to live, then it's time to work on it with someone who will make you feel safe while you confront your fears.  This diary is meant entirely in fun, and the only fear I mock is my own.  
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