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The international corporate oligarchy is coming down.  We are witnessing the beginning of the end for Neoliberalism...

Neoliberalism is a political philosophy whose advocates support economic liberalization, free trade and open markets, privatization, deregulation, and decreasing the size of the public sector while increasing the role of the private sector in modern society.
In other words, Neoliberalism can be thought of as the philosophical underpinning upon which wealthy elites and transnational financial/corporatist cartels justified the wholesale takeover of the public sector in order to turn it into a self-serving tool to amass much of the world's wealth, hence helping bring about the current situation where income inequality has reached alarming levels internationally, and where the subjugation and oppression of the citizenry in multiple countries has become the norm.

Like snake oil salesmen hucksters, seemingly respectable guys (from Wall Street and other financial centers) wearing two-thousand-dollar suits, spread out throughout the world like a fast-spreading disease, purportedly selling capitalist-induced prosperity, freedom, and democracy, while in reality what they were doing was building a elaborate scam, a ponzi-like scheme at a massive level--a scheme that would eventually ravage the natural environment, and strip citizens of their humanity, freedom, and human rights.

The American corporate huckster, having honed his skills at finding ways to buy off the entire political class, while deceiving the population through very advanced and powerful propaganda techniques, spread the deception to other regimes around the world.

It was easy.  Once the ruling class and politicians accepted the overall premise linking unbridled capitalism with freedom and democracy, then they were able to justify accepting a system of legalized bribery.  And why not?  In their self-serving self-deception, politicians in the U.S., and Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Ireland, the U.K., and many other countries, found it very convenient to see the sudden rise in their fortunes as proof positive that they had embraced the right socioeconomic worldview--Neoliberalism.

With it, the concept of the Public Servant went out the window.  Selling their offices and positions to the highest bidder became the norm.  And so they turned into these grotesque, treasonous, money-grabbing grifters we now have in Washington, and in Brazil, Turkey, Italy, the U.K., Portugal, Spain, and other countries.

But the only way this scam can work is if the populations of these countries were also deceived into accepting this new world economic order.  These parasitic ruling elites, of course, also had a solution for that: take over the mainstream media in order to turn it into a powerful mind-numbing propaganda machine.

Because this system, this philosophy, this massive MLM-like ponzi scheme was perfected here, in the United States of America, it explains why the effects of the propaganda are so eerily effective on our population, and thus it explains much of the passive acceptance of rampant corruption, increased oppression, and subjugation.

And that's why these repressive regimes, starting with the United States, fear large peaceful protests.  As we've seen in Brazil, once people take to the streets in large numbers, they compare notes, and they quickly realize they've been lied to, manipulated, and robbed, by a tiny oligarchy.

It is because these tiny parasitic ruling elites can control tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people only through lies and deceit.  Essentially, the enslavement is self-imposed; it's an enslavement of the mind.

Nothing illustrates this better than the reactions of two oppressive regimes.  Let's start with the recent comments by the brutal and authoritarian president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as reported by the Financial Times ("Erdogan says same forces behind Brazil and Turkey protests").

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, has suggested that the same outside forces are behind protests in both his own country and Brazil, as Turkish authorities continue their crackdown on overwhelmingly peaceful protesters.

Mr Erdogan was speaking hours before police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse thousands of flower-bearing protesters who gathered in Istanbul’s central Taksim square to commemorate four people who have died since the Turkish unrest erupted on May 31.

“The same game is being played in Brazil,” Mr Erdogan told a large rally of his supporters in the town of Samsun on Saturday. “There are the same symbols, the same posters. Twitter, Facebook is the same, so are international media. They are controlled from the same centre. They are doing their best to achieve in Brazil what they could not achieve in Turkey. It is the same game, the same trap, the same goal.”

The emphasis is mine

Translation: People have caught up to the game, to the deception, and they understand that the struggle is international in nature.  And accordingly, they've come to understand that there is a nexus between previously invisible (behind the scenes) transnational corporatist cartels, and the endemic corruption that has engulfed their respective countries.

This is huge!  This is unprecedented.  And because of it, the parasitic transnational ruling elite is nervous, and that explains the brutality with which police and security forces acting as corporate goons are trying to suppress protesters.

They won't be able to.  Because of the advances in information technology, as more and more people awaken to the reality of the situation, they are then able to spread the news worldwide, with lightening speed.  [Here's my take on this in a diary I wrote back in February: Reaching a Higher Ground: Something Big is About to Happen.]

The second repressive regime that's also very worried, of course, is the U.S., and that explains the over-the-top reaction to punish whistle-blowers.  Because once people realize that our national security has been turned into just another tool for corporate profiteers like Booz Allen to make billions of dollars, then we realize that the reason they used fear to manipulate us into giving up our constitutional rights during the last ten-plus years, was nothing more than a scam to pillage and plunder the nation's treasure.

This new awakening, this consciousness, is going to continue spreading (regardless of the inarticulate complaints of Erdogan) like wildfire.  It is indeed a global awakening, and it will set us free once and for all.

These are very exciting times... Stay tuned.  

Originally posted to Ray Pensador on Sun Jun 23, 2013 at 03:27 PM PDT.

Also republished by The Rebel Alliance and ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement.

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