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Because you are not American.

No, no this is not some xenophobic rant on Freepers.

That great shining beacon on the hill that supposedly is the bastion of democracy and freedom is apparently for internal consumption only.

We are only monitoring furriners, and sometimes by mistake real people get trapped in the net, but we don't look unless we get suspicious.

For the rest of the world whose rights don't matter one iota, snooping season is open. If you can afford to get on line, own a telephone, even just a postage stamp well you have to expect the world's policeman will be interested.

You don't just have to consider what your own government might be logging but what the US is recording. If you are rising up against your own oppressive government, just make sure the US also has them on their naughty list before you resort to electronic communication. Central Americans needs to pay particular attention if history is to remembered.

Foreign corporations should also be concerned, since at what point does the success or failure of US corporations become an issue of national security? With all the corporate funding of US elections it is not hard to imagine how low that bar could be.

The internet instead of being a means for the world to communicate and to break down barriers could become a mine field. When will all governments [who can afford the investment and the technology is getting cheaper every day] hop on the bandwagon.

So we enter the era of unlimited cyber-warfare, where you have to watch every word you place on the internet. All my customer files and propriety programs have always run on systems that have no internet/intranet connectivity. My business concerns chemical plant/process design and the list of materials being discussed would interest of even the most jaded of observers; let alone my clients competitors.

Once upon a time you had to be slightly paranoid to believe your government was monitoring you, now its a certainty. So you haven't done anything wrong, but then again what you consider to be OK now, may well not be considered harmless in the future.

So you can monitor everything on the internet, then you can control what information is on the internet we end up falling down a deep and dark rabbit hole.

It is time for a moratorium as to what is acceptable for our governments to be doing.

When you have an integrated administration/military/security/industrial complex all under the control of a few perhaps it is long past time to reduce its funding? When you consider the tens of trillions of dollars invested in this complex over the last few decades perhaps it is already beyond control.

The technology being employed is doubling in power every eighteen months [Moore's Law] then one can imagine the capabilities that government will have at their finger tips ten years from now.

Without transparent and clear and precise oversight the temptations for control by the establishment of a true surveillance society become overwhelming. Link in all the CCTV cameras, track cell phones linked to these cameras, monitor all communications with accurate geographical location; all in real time. This begins to get scary especially when it is all to be kept secret.

Ah but, you have done nothing wrong and they are only doing it to keep you safe.

I must admit I never thought a terrorist group actions would allow such an usurpation of rights to take place without massive public resistance.

Perhaps I was wrong.

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