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For Global Beatles Day, do you have a favorite Beatles song?
Who was your favorite Beatle?
Kirk or Picard?
Stealing a question from plf15, what are you currently reading?

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On This Day

In 1788, Virginia voted to ratify the Constitution. In 2013, they are trying their best to undo that.

In 1678, Elena Cornaro Piscopia graduated from the University of Padua with a doctorate in philosophy, the first woman to do so.

In 1876, General Custer and his men were roundly defeated and killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

In 1978, the rainbow flag flew for the first time as a symbol of LGBT pride at San Francisco's Gay Freedom Day Parade.

In 1998, the Supremes ruled that the line-item veto was unconstitutional in the case of Clinton v. New York City.

Born on This Day

1612 – John Albert Vasa, Polish bishop (d. 1634)

1704 - Johann Georg Platzer, Austrian painter (d. 1761)

 photo JohannGeorgPlatzer.jpg

1755 – Natalia Alexeievna of Russia (d. 1776)

1852 – Antoni Gaudí, Spanish architect, designed the Park Güell (d. 1926)

1865 – Robert Henri, American painter and founder of the Ashcan School (d. 1929)

 photo RobertHenri.jpg

1890 - Charlotte Greenwood, double jointed American actress (d.1977)

1900 – Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, British statesman and naval officer (d. 1979)

1903 – George Orwell, English author (d. 1950)

1903 – Anne Revere, American actress (d. 1990)

1923 – Sam Francis, American painter (d. 1994)

1924 – Sidney Lumet, American director (d. 2011)

1925 – Clifton Chenier, American singer-songwriter and musician (d. 1987)

1925 – June Lockhart, American actress

1935 – Eddie Floyd, American singer-songwriter (The Falcons)

1939 – Harold Melvin, American singer (Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes) (d. 1997)

1940 – Clint Warwick, English bassist (original bassist for The Moody Blues) (d. 2004)

1945 – Carly Simon, American singer-songwriter, actress, and author

1946 – Ian McDonald, English musician (King Crimson and Foreigner)

1947 – Jimmie Walker, American actor

1952 – Tim Finn, New Zealand singer-songwriter (Finn Brothers, Crowded House, and Split Enz)

1954 – Sonia Sotomayor, American jurist

1956 – Anthony Bourdain, American chef and author

1961 – Ricky Gervais, English comedian, actor, and writer

1963 – George Michael, English singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor (Wham!)

1969 – Zim Zum, American guitarist and songwriter (The Pop Culture Suicides)

Died on This Day

253 – Pope Cornelius (executed)

1483 – Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, English writer (b. 1440)

1533 – Mary Tudor, Queen of France (b. 1496)

1593 – Michele Mercati, Italian physician and gardener (b. 1541)

1667-  Joris van Son, Dutch still life painter (b. 1623)

1671 – Giovanni Battista Riccioli, Italian astronomer (b. 1598)

1673 – Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan, French Musketeer (b. c. 1611)

1686 – Simon Ushakov, Russian painter (b. 1626)

 photo SimonUshakov.jpg

1853 - Richard Hume Lancaster, British landscape painter (b. 1774)

 photo RichardHumeLancaster.jpg

1861 – Abdülmecid I, Ottoman Sultan (b. 1823)

1886 - Friedrich Voltz, German artist (b. 1817)

 photo FriedrichVoltz.jpg

1898 - Nikolai Sverchkov, Russian painter (b. 1817)

 photo NikolaiSverchkov.jpg

1904 - Frederick Sandys, British painter (b. 1829)

 photo FrederickSandys.jpg

1906 – Stanford White, American architect, designed the Washington Square Arch (b. 1853)

1912 - Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Dutch born British painter (b. 1836)

 photo LawrenceAlma-Tadema.jpg

1916 – Thomas Eakins, American artist (b. 1844)

 photo ThomasEakins.jpg

1937 – Colin Clive, English actor (b. 1900) (See Tipple Jar)

1958 - Charles Spencelayh, British artist (b. 1865)

 photo CharlesSpencelayh.jpg

1959 – Charles Starkweather, American spree killer (b. 1938)

1979 – Dave Fleischer, American animator, director, and producer (b. 1894)

1984 – Michel Foucault, French philosopher (b. 1926)

1988 – Hillel Slovak, Israeli-American guitarist and songwriter (Red Hot Chili Peppers and What Is This?) (b. 1962)

1997 – Jacques Cousteau, French oceanographer and explorer (b. 1910)

2003 – Lester Maddox, American politician (b. 1915)

2009 – Farrah Fawcett, American actress (b. 1947)

2009 – Michael Jackson, American singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actor (The Jackson 5) (b. 1958)

2009 – Sky Saxon, American singer-songwriter and musician (The Seeds) (b. 1937)

Today is

National Catfish Day
Global Beatles Day
National Columnists Day
Log Cabin Day
National Strawberry Parfait Day

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