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Texas is about to inherit the Perry whirlwind, again ...

Texas Governor Calls Special Session To Pass Filibustered Abortion Bill

by Brett LoGiurato, --Jun. 26, 2013

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has called for a July 1 special session of the Texas legislature to address "unfinished business" from the last session, which ended in chaos after a marathon filibuster of a controversial abortion law Tuesday night.

"I am calling the Legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas. Through their duly elected representatives, the citizens of our state have made crystal clear their priorities for our great state," Perry said in a statement.

"We will not allow the breakdown of decorum and decency to prevent us from doing what the people of this state hired us to do."

That agenda Perry is so keen on seeing done, despite the will of the actual people of Texas, is in a phrase to "make Government enforce his Religion."

And to give "certain chosen men dominion" over all the moving things of the Earth, like Genesis once told "that 'first man' to do ... because of what that 'first woman' had done" ...

you know, good ole early American History.

The Next Denialism about Dominionism

by Frederick Clarkson for Street Prophets -- Feb 23, 2013

In the summer of 2011 several journalists and bloggers wrote about the obvious dominionist views, history and involvements of several major Republican politicians -- notably Religious Right favorite, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.  Dominionism (generally the idea that Christians of the correct sort, should dominate all aspects of society, including in politics and government) has been the main ideological engine of the Christian Right for decades, and continues to be more the case rather than less.  We should not have been surprised when the journalists and bloggers who had been writing about these things were the subject of a high profile smear campaign -- some of us by name, others of us by implication.

This profoundly animating, theocratic ideology cuts both ways for the Religious Right and aligned politicians. Dominionism has benefited the movement -- which aspires at once to religious transcendence, cultural control and political power.  But it is also controversial, even within evangelicalism, and rightly concerns people who believe in such basic civic values as respect for constitutional democracy, religious pluralism and separation of church and state -- not to mention reproductive rights and LGTB civil rights.

I mention this because denial about dominionism -- which in its way is as preposterous and pernicious as denial about climate change -- and the accompanying smear campaign, may very well repeat itself.  Major Republican figures like Rick Perry and Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS), each have significant dominionist entanglements that may very well work both for and against them going into 2016. And they are probably not the only ones.

Worse yet these extreme ideas of "mixing religion and state," like some "wrath of god" cocktail, have become "mainstream" lately, in the guise of Tea Party patriots, just reclaiming their country.  

The amount of air-time these evangels get, is a testament to their over-reaching in-roads.

Inside the Christian Right Dominionist Movement That's Undermining Democracy

Political Research Associates,

Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have all flirted with Christian Right Dominionism, but there's lots of misinformation about just what that means.

Dominionists want to impose a form of Christian nationalism on the United States, a concept that was dismissed as eroding freedom and democracy by the founders of our country. Dominionism has become a major influence on the right-wing populist Tea Parties as Christian Right activists have flooded into the movement at the grassroots.

At the same time, legitimate questions have been raised about whether or not potential Republican presidential nominees Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, or Sarah Palin have moved from a generic form of Christian Right Dominionism toward the more totalitarian form know as Dominion Theology.

Remember Perry's "Prayer Breakfast" back during for the last campaign primary, the one filled with holy-rollers. Or his reliance on Prayer over Science to deal with the raging drought in his state, as he cut funding for emergency fire-fighting services.

This is what letting God's "chosen few" have dominion over government affairs means to us, the not so chosen ones.  Those left to inherit Perry's "social justice," ... and the whirlwind of ashes.

What IS Dominionism?

Dominionism?  In a word -- Theocracy.

Think of this word as a big umbrella. Under the umbrella of Political Dominionism are numerous “franchises” or sects of radical Christian belief whose goal it is to take “dominion” over all things secular. They may have differing theological beliefs, but at the core they have a common goal of  inserting biblical law into American government. They falsely spin their message that America is a Christian Nation and that only those who believe as they do should be at the helm, because after all, they know what is best for us.

They represent a minority of those who call themselves Christian and taint mainstream Christians with their extremism.

All Christians are NOT Dominionists ~ But ~ All Dominionists CLAIM Christianity.

Some Christians actually believe in tolerance, forgiveness -- helping and loving and feeding their fellow humans.  

See: the teachings of Jesus, for more on this.  Most Dominionists however, prefer the Old book to the New.

Some even prefer their own grandiose revisions to the Old Testament instead ... afterall they need to have Dominion over something.  

In their world, there is no "Live and let live."  There is only their Law, that we all must follow.

A Christian Plot for Domination?

by Michelle Goldberg, -- Aug 14, 2011

Dominionism derives from a small fringe sect called Christian Reconstructionism, founded by a Calvinist theologian named R. J. Rushdoony in the 1960s. Christian Reconstructionism openly advocates replacing American law with the strictures of the Old Testament, replete with the death penalty for homosexuality, abortion, and even apostasy. The appeal of Christian Reconstructionism is, obviously, limited, and mainstream Christian right figures like Ralph Reed have denounced it.

But while Rushdoony was a totalitarian, he was a prolific and influential one -- he elaborated his theories in a number of books, including the massive, three-volume Institutes of Biblical Law. And his ideas, along with those of his followers, have had an incalculable impact on the milieu that spawned both Bachmann and Perry.

Rushdoony pioneered the Christian homeschooling movement, as well as the revisionist history, ubiquitous on the religious right, that paints the U.S. as a Christian nation founded on biblical principles. He consistently defended Southern slavery and contrasted it with the greater evils of socialism: “The law here is humane and also unsentimental,” he wrote. “It recognizes that some people are by nature slaves and will always be so ... Socialism, on the contrary, tries to give the slave all the advantages of his security together with the benefits of freedom, and in the process, destroys both the free and the enslaved.”

NOT all Christians are Dominionists ~ But ~ All Dominionists CLAIM Christianity as their own to enforce, however they interpret it, and see fit.

See: the antics of Rick Perry, for more on this.  For what it would mean for the American people to be ruled by Theological edicts of the "certain few."  

Come hell, or high water.  Their will will be done.  Yee haw.

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