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    It's been a long time coming, and it is now imminent (via the RICO Act as "Private Attorney General"), whereas we are seeking a "Racketeering" indictment of Willard Mitt (the "Pitt's") Romney. They know it is coming; because I informed the DOJ's Public Corruption Task Force that we are doing so. Speciously, the Chief Federal Investigator of that Unit was just promoted OFF the case, did not tell me and changed his email.

It is not the 1st time such an event has transpired.

     Previously,'s activist (Rmuse) went out on a limb where main stream wouldn't dare go (and put those Bain Capital billions of dollars in advertising monies at risk), stating stuff in the open where even angels feared to tread about Romney's Racketeering ( here ) and ( here ). Rmuse also provided U.S. with this wonderful pic of Romney behind bars. Where I'll take the liberty to list, next to the picture, the cases that can put him there.


  • The Learning Company
  • Stage Stores
  • Granite Bank
  • Liquidity Solutions
  • Kay Bee
  • eToys
  • Federal Election Fraud
  • SEC Fraud

      Politicus's Rmuse also wrote a story about yours truly personally battling Romney for 12 years (more about that in future D's). More importantly, our country was deprived a federal election process that was pure. America Bridge, a top liberal SuperPAC was "bought off" by Bain Capital (see HuffPo store - here ). Now Rmuse has a story about "Tax Cheat Romney". Which I will discuss, along with the issues of the imminent RICO Complaint - below the fold.

Is Romney a Tax Cheat?

      Rmuse has gone out on a limb and stated many obvious issues (as yours truly did provide him with overwhelming, profuse and irrefutable evidence of the Racketeering). Such as the remarks from his article titled "Tax Cheat Mitt Romney Calls for a Special Prosecutor To Investigate the IRS". Which states correctly that;
-- First, and this is important, Romney can never claim that he is not responsible for his Bain Capital surrogates and operatives’ perjury and corruption in fraudulent business practices, because he stated shortly after the Benghazi attack that President Obama was wholly responsible for anything anyone in his administration did wrong. Fine, double standards work in the Republican world, but not in evaluating truthfully the corruption and fraud inherent in Romney’s tenure as head of Bain Capital; especially after running his mouth about “criminal issues.”  A special prosecutor delving into Willard Romney would certainly find no dearth of fraud and corruption, and if the prosecutor were not bought off by dark money or pressured by powerful conservative political groups, he would have little choice but to charge the Department of Justice with launching an investigation under the 1970 federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), as well as prosecute him for Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) violations.

       In the Racketeering Complaint that is soon to be filed, it is almost as if Rmuse had a copy of such already and had written that very paragraph from the summary of the indictment (he hasn't seen it "yet" - by the way). Any 1L pursuing a legal career could make such a career readily -finding "no dearth" of the evidence of fraud, perjury, obstruction, intimidation of victim/witness and corruption.

That is all True!

      As for the issue of "Tax Cheating" - however - that evidence is circumstantial (at best) currently (as far as this blogger knows). Yes, we all know Romney is hiding something. It is also true that he has "admitted" to paying less than the average person (hence the reason why his money is = Off Shore).

But the evidence to "prove" Tax Cheating is not rock solid.


Federal Racketeering Complaint Imminent


     Mitt Romney's secret lawyers are Paul Traub and Morris Nichols Arshst & Tunnell ( From MNAT we also have Greg Werkheiser as partner and the former partner Colm F Connolly. If Romney is Al Capone, then MNAT, Colm Connolly and Paul Traub are his Frank Nitti's. The pic/chart above details the mob boss and his various connections.

There are NO 6 degrees of separation!

     The RICO Act provides motivation and provisos for "Private Attorney Generals". That is to say, if a prosecution is warranted and yet being denied due to "Prosecutorial GAPs" - then the RICO Act, as designed by Congress, provides a way (and even motivation) - to fill the prosecution void.

     One classic example of a Private Attorney General is a man I've come to know and admire much named Richard Fine. He learned that Superior Court Judges were getting paid an extra $50,000 per year above what the State of California Constitution allowed. So he went and sued in court as per the "PAGA" (Private Attorney General Act) of California. A tyrannical judge responded by tossing Richard Fine (a senior citizen in his 70's) - into jail, without any charge for over 18 months. (You can see some of the story on Youtube - here ).

     Unlike the State of California PAGA Law that forbids the Private Attorney General to profit from the endeavor, the Federal RICO Act seeks to motivate parties with the proviso that one can get "treble" damages.

The truth is, I'd be happy, just to be made whole again!

     Be that as it may, most Civil RICO cases fall by the wayside for many reasons. The most prominent failures are improper pleading of a Complaint and/or "stretching" the issues in an effort to obtain the "treble" damages.

     Outside of those issues, a RICO indictment is really rather simple.  You must be a victim (separate of other victims) who can prove that a "culpable" person(s) are engaged in "enterprising" efforts of "racketeering" by "patterns" that are "corrupting" legitimate "interstate" commerce, over a protracted period of time, with more than 2 violations in a ten year period. While also being able to document that the racketeering is likely to continue without arrest.

    In our cases it is really rather simple to comply with all of the above. Even "if" Romney has schemed to destroy all evidence (as he has known I'm on his arse for a long time and he did obliterate his Olympic & Governor records) - the fact of the matter is Romney has boasted (often) that he gets millions each year from Bain Capital.

Thus, if Bain Capital benefits from fraud = Romney has benefited from fraud!

    It is also easy to prove that Bain Capital has benefited from fraud; because the attorneys involved have already confessed. However, what the problem has been thus far, are not matters of evidence; but the matter of a willing prosecutor (hence a "Prosecutorial GAP"). If you look at the picture above, right below Romney on your right, is an MNAT pyramid picture with a neat dressed guy. That person is the soon to be notorious Colm F Connolly (who just so happens to be one of Romney's super "retroactive" secrets).

    Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT from 1999 to August 2001. If you will recall, this is the same exact time that Mitt claims to be "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital as CEO. The reason(s) being is - between 1999 and August 2001, that list of crimes next to Romney's jail house pic above - transpired. Mitt "believed" he had destroyed all the evidence; but we had a database he could not purge. Hence he got "caught" and asked for a federal investigation (join the crowd).

     I won't burden you with the facts and proofs (all you need do is click upon my name and look at previous Diaries - and/or go to Democratic Underground - or - or to - or to Rmuse's story "Meet the Man Battling Romney for 12 years" or New York Times "Rigging the I.P.O. Game", or Matt Taibbi's "Greed & Debt" and/or the Wall Street Journal "eToys investors find conflict at law firm").  When we file the RICO Complaint in federal court, within 20 days, we also have to file a RICO Case Statement (in other words, like a prosecutor does - we have to Prove our case up front). Then you will get to see it all - written in a better manner.

Because the "we" includes a former United States Attorney who offered to help!

     Tennessee announced it was prosecuting the man who said he hacked Romney's tax returns. Going to be hard to prosecute a guy for hacking a RICO boss - I would think. (see Reuters back story - here)

      That's right Mitt Romney, Paul Traub, MNAT, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, your days are now numbering down on the tyranny, cronyism and corruption in these cases. Previously, it was just I and the evidence.

                                                         Now it is WE!


      I wish to THANK the good people of DK who have followed me and our quest to get justice against tyranny, cronyism & corruption.

       Regrettably, I'm fighting very powerful people who steal billions and toss around promotions and positions to reward bad faith parties who do their bidding. So we get some nasty trolls who call names and toss around CT accusations - without any basis in fact. Or even any willingness to stay "on point" with their bogus attacks.

       As you can see - they say NO evidence - and there is abundance.

      Also, they should (as Progressives) have been fighting with U.S. all along, to stop the tyranny, cronyism and corruption.


  They should also learn by now - ROMNEY DIDN"T MAKE IT.

                                                    I WON!


         Once again - THANK YOU - to all of good faith brave enough to put your name on the D's and hang in their watching and waiting. We are about to make the bad faith ilk eat their words big time! As this pic/chart shows - Romney can't escape his direct connections to it all.




 To the good people out there watching the Laser hating going on below. I'm not arguing with those hell bent to defeat me and the truth - for their sake.

    I'm doing it so you can see that one can face the mob

                                       - and hope to see justice come!


Since Romney doesn't want to go away on his own, it is our intentional to help assist him. Will you be satisfied when the RICO case becomes official?

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