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#kt2 -- Kossacks Tweet Too! Welcome to diary number 13 in our weekly series.

Here's our goal: amplify Kossack voices by making it very easy to follow each other on twitter, sharing and promoting the best of DKos and news from everywhere with each other and, using hashtag cross pollination, with other parts of the progressive twitterverse. Just add #kt2 to your tweets. Combine our hashtag with the tags for other large progressive groups, like #uniteblue and #p2. Then, easily find tweets by your fellow Kossacks on twitter by searching for tweets with #kt2. Easy!

If you're not yet following everyone here, it's really easy to follow any of us on The List -- just click on the follow @... link of anyone you'd like to follow.

Or, if you have a fast internet connection, you may also click here for the permanent button list diary, where, if you're logged into your twitter account using the same browser, you can immediately see who you are already following as their buttons will be grated out, and you can go down the list and follow others right from the diary by clicking their buttons.

Not yet on The List below? Simply leave a comment IN THIS DIARY, with your twitter name preceded by @ in the header, and you will be added to the top of the New Additions list in the diary, right below the orange croissant. That makes it easy for anyone to return to the diary and click on newly added people. You'll also be added to the cumulative alphabetical listings (front pagers are shown separately) that appear right below the New Additions, and you'll be added to the permanent button list diary, so you won't need to repost your twitter handle in subsequent diaries.

We are continuing to add new people to this list even if they haven't found these diaries. If a Kossack has their twitter handle listed in their DKos profile or in a diary or comments, we take that as meaning that they'd be happy to have their name on this list, and we've been adding them as we find them. This list continues to grow in between the weekly diaries. You'll now find over 200 twitter names below.

If you'd like to join our #kt2 group, or if you come across a kossack with a twitter name in their DKos profile or a twitter button in their signature, who isn't on this list -- please drop us a message.

Please also check out the other active twitter group here: DKos TWEETers, run by Angie in WA State, which provides tons of useful info about using and getting the most out of twitter, and the very latest hot, trending topics and other fun stuff.

We'd also recommend the extensive Fellow Kossacks twitter List compiled by RLMiller. Please take advantage of that list, too.

Don't forget to add #kt2 to your tweets, and #kt2 sauce to your burgers. Happy Independence Day!

DKos Name Twitter Follow Button
New Additions:
dturnbull: Follow @david_turnbull
Heather in Midtown: Follow @HeatherTolford
James Wells: Follow @JamesWells98226
angelajean: Follow @progress4usa
Democrats Ramshield: Follow @DemsRamshield
ThatPoshGirl: Follow @PlainRane
Bud Meyers: Follow @budmeyers99
The Eyewitness Muse: Follow @EyewitnessMuse
webranding: Follow @webranding
Vita Brevis: Follow @PortiaMcGonagal
Cumulative Listing (# = 187)
3goldens: Follow @BDBgoldens3
4Freedom: Follow @zekwean
8ackgr0und N015e: Follow @backgroundN015e
A Siegel: Follow @A_Siegel
achronon: Follow @achronon
Adam B: Follow @adambonin
Agathena: Follow @Agathena1
angelajean: Follow @progress4usa
Angie in WA State: Follow @AngieinWAState
annrose: Follow @AbortionClinics
BadKitties: Follow @mydoggyruss
ballerina X: Follow @ballerinaX
Bill Moyers: Follow @BillMoyersHQ
billmon: Follow @billmon1
BlackSheep1: Follow @BlackSheep0ne
blue aardvark: Follow @AardvarkBlue
bluebarnstormer: Follow @bluebarnstormer
BlueJessamine: Follow @BlueJessamine
brillig: Follow @brilligt
BruinKid: Follow @BruinKid
Bud Meyers: Follow @budmeyers99
bythesea: Follow @bythesea66
Cali Scribe: Follow @justme2
Caneel: Follow @Mandahl
cassandracarolina: Follow @cassandra17lina
ccasas: Follow @cathytampa1
chaunceydevega: Follow @chaunceydevega
chicating: Follow @chicating
citisven: Follow @ecomuse
Colorado is the Shiznit: Follow @plowingthrough
cskendrick: Follow @cskendrick
ct: Follow @captain_tenille
cyncynical: Follow @cyncynical
Darcy Burner: Follow @DarcyBurner
Dave in Northridge: Follow @Dave_Northridge
david mizner: Follow @DavidMizner
David Harris Gershon: Follow @David_EHG
DeadHead: Follow @DeadHead_DKos
Democrats Ramshield: Follow @DemsRamshield
DemSign: Follow @DemSign
Denise Oliver Velez: Follow @Deoliver47
dkmich: Follow @dkmich
DownstateDemocrat: Follow @AaronApolloCamp
dturnbull: Follow @david_turnbull
Eclectablog: Follow @Eclectablog
Ellinorianne: Follow @Ellinorianne
elmanuel: Follow @elmanuelatwitr
ericlewis0: Follow @ericlewis0
eztempo: Follow @eztempo
Fishgrease: Follow @Fishbooom
fladem: Follow @dcg1114
flitedocnm: Follow @flitedocnm
Floja Roja: Follow @Floja_Roja
Free Jazz at High Noon: Follow @FreeJazz_DK
From the choir: Follow @hoosierville
GayIthacan: Follow @PeterFormaini
Glen The Plumber: Follow @GlenThePlumber
GreyHawk: Follow @greyhawk121
Hammerhand: Follow @HammerhandMI
Heather in Midtown: Follow @HeatherTolford
Horace Boothroyd III: Follow @boothie68
Ian Reifowitz: Follow @IanReifowitz
IB JOHN: Follow @JohnWat21214927
icebergslim: Follow @icebergslim1047
indiemcemopants: Follow @indiemcemopants
James Wells: Follow @JamesWells98226
jan4insight: Follow @LiberallyJan
JeffLieber: Follow @JeffLieber
Jensequitur: Follow @jensequitur
Jesselyn Radack: Follow @JesselynRadack
jlms qkw: Follow @jlms_qkw
joanneleon: Follow @joanneleon
John Crapper: Follow @JohnCrapper
josmndsn: Follow @josmndsn
jpmassar: Follow @jpmassar
Julie Gulden: Follow @JG_Dkos
justiceputnam: Follow @justiceputnam
Justin Doolittle: Follow @JD1871
Kaili Joy Gray: Follow @kailijoy
kimoconnor: Follow @kimoco
kirbybruno: Follow @kirbybruno
Kitsap River: Follow @KitsapRiver
lady blair: Follow @bluereader4
LakeSuperior: Follow @enviroenforcer
LaughingPlanet: Follow @LaughPlan
Linda1961: Follow @LSS1961
lizah: Follow @lizahpol
Lollardfish: Follow @Lollardfish
LoreleiHI: Follow @LoreleiHI
LOrion: Follow @LOrion
LSmith: Follow @Needlehawk
MaggieJean: Follow @MargeFoulks
MBNYC: Follow @MichaelBouldin
mconvente: Follow @mikeconvente
mentatmark: Follow @mentatmark
Mets102: Follow @Mets102
mik: Follow @miklectric
mindoca: Follow @mindoca
Ministry of Truth: Follow @JesseLaGreca
mint julep: Follow @mwest410
MKSinSA: Follow @MKSinSA
Mokurai: Follow @Mokurai
Moody Loner: Follow @MoodyLoner
mooremusings: Follow @mooremusings
mrsgoo: Follow @DawnGulick
MsSpentyouth: Follow @kim_yaman
navajo: Follow @NeetaLind
Neon Vincent: Follow @NeonVincent
News Corpse: Follow @NewsCorpse
nomandates: Follow @nomandatesDKos
nyceve: Follow @nyceve1
Oke: Follow @CA_Oke
OleHippieChick: Follow @OleHippieChick
One Pissed Off Liberal: Follow @OPOL_dailykos
Papagoose: Follow @muellerjj
paradise50: Follow @john_struthers
Patch Adam: Follow @Patch_Adam
PatConnors: Follow @nymets22
Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse: Follow @PatriotDaily
Paul Hogarth: Follow @paulhogarth
peacearena: Follow @peacearena
plf515: Follow @peterflom
poligirl: Follow @poligirl
poopdogcomedy: Follow @samsero
PowWowPollock: Follow @Waltbazella
priceman: Follow @therealpriceman
pucklady: Follow @pucklady
randallt: Follow @randallt
Ray Pensador: Follow @RayPensador
remembranceDK: Follow @remembranceDK
RenaRF: Follow @RenaRF
rexymeteorite: Follow @rexymeteorite
Richard Myers (deceased 13 Dec 2012): Follow @denverunionguy
RLMiller: Follow @RL_Miller
Roger Fox: Follow @RDanaFox
Rogneid: Follow @rogneidheath
Sandi Behrns: Follow @SandiBehrns
Sandy on Signal: Follow @SandyLusk2
scilicet: Follow @liamatera
Scott Wooledge: Follow @clarknt67
Senator Bernie Sanders: Follow @@SenSanders
sexgenderbody: Follow @sexgenderbody
sheiladeedee: Follow @sheiladeedee
side pocket: Follow @farmpocket
Siri: Follow @SLSiri
skohayes: Follow @skohayes
slinkerwink: Follow @slinkerwink
smileycreek: Follow @smiley_creek
smokey545: Follow @texyellowdogdem
Spedwybabs: Follow @spedwybabs
Steve Horn: Follow @Steve_Horn1022
suesue: Follow @susanmichael11
supenau: Follow @supenau
Susan from 29: Follow @Susanfrom29
teacherken: Follow @teacherken
terrypinder: Follow @shortstack81
TexDem: Follow @TexDem_dkos
TexMex: Follow @TexMexElsa
ThatPoshGirl: Follow @PlainRane
The Eyewitness Muse: Follow @EyewitnessMuse
therehastobeaway: Follow @THTBAW
thereisnospoon: Follow @DavidOAtkins
TiaRachel: Follow @TiaRachel
TimothyHorrigan: Follow @TimothyHorrigan
Timroff: Follow @Timroff
translatorpro: Follow @DKxl8torpro
TrueBlueMajority: Follow @TruBluMajority
twigg: Follow @twigg_sb
tytalus: Follow @tytalus
UnaSpenser: Follow @UnaSpenser
US Senator Bernie Sanders: Follow @FriendsOfBernie
Uwaine: Follow @Uwaine
vcmvo2: Follow @vcrescueranger
vcthree: Follow @vcthree
vicki: Follow @vickiroush
Vita Brevis: Follow @PortiaMcGonagal
Vyan: Follow @vyan1
War on Error: Follow @occupygreed
WarrenS: Follow @WarrenSenders
Wayne LaDerrière: Follow @NastyRottenAss
weatherdude: Follow @wxdam
webranding: Follow @webranding
WheninRome: Follow @RomeisonFire
whoknu: Follow @1whoknu
xxdr zombiexx: Follow @xxdr_zombiexx
zenbassoon: Follow @BssnistPaul
Zwoof: Follow @WhiskeyMike2
Front Pagers: (# = 21)
Armando: Follow @armandodkos
Barbara Morrill: Follow @BarbinMD
Bill in Portland Maine: Follow @BillinPortland
Dante Atkins: Follow @DanteAtkins
DarkSyde: Follow @SAndrewDKos
David Nir: Follow @DKElections
David Waldman: Follow @KagroX
Georgia Logothetis: Follow @glogothetis
Greg Dworkin: Follow @DemFromCT
Hunter: Follow @HunterDK
Jed Lewison: Follow @jedlewison
Jen Sorensen: Follow @SorensenJen
Joan McCarter: Follow @joanmccarter
kos: Follow @markos
Laura Clawson: Follow @lauraclawson
Mark Fiore: Follow @MarkFiore
Mark Sumner: Follow @Devilstower
Meteor Blades: Follow @Meteor_Blades
RubenBolling: Follow @RubenBolling
Susan Gardner: Follow @SusanGDailyKos
Tom Tomorrow: Follow @tomtomorrow
Site Accounts:
Daily Kos Elections (David Nir): Follow @DKElections
Daily Kos Radio: Follow @DailyKosRadio
dailykos: Follow @dailykos
New Diarists: Follow @NewDiarists
Top Comments: Follow @DKosTopComments
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