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Warrior Woman Pin, a signature piece by Wings.  He makes these to honor women.  None are exactly alike another.  $225 plus shipping and insurance, these pins make marvelous gifts.

We all know the wonderful jewelry of Wings.  His pieces are sought after and highly prized among Kossacks.  We also know of his very spiritual photography.  But what the Kossack community is less familiar with is the body of artwork in Wings' gallery that is made by other Native American artists.  Up until now, unless you were to find yourself at the Taos Pueblo, you would be unlikely to see it.

It is the purpose of this diary to shine a light on these other beautiful things that Aji and Wings have for sale.  They've all been chosen carefully for their beauty and quality of work.  They would all be lovely to own and are well priced.  You are invited to look -- and if you would like to buy, please contact Aji by email (Ajijaakwe AT gmail DOT com) or through Kos Mail.

Aji describes each piece below.  Thank you for coming to this online tour of the Wings Gallery!


We sell a limited amount of Indian jewelry made by other Native artists: bead jewelry; a little silverwork that he's bought from other Indian artists over the years; some old pawn pieces. The styles tend to be very different from his own, but still classic Indian jewelry.

 photo DualStrandGreenTurquoiseNecklace_zps5d39e17d.jpg
Classic old-style turquoise and heishi bead necklace by mother-daughter team Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo). Dual-strand; no findings (traditionally knotted at back). Unfinished green turquoise nuggets (probably Kingman or Royston) interspersed along strands of tiny traditional olivella-shell heishi. Total wearable length about 34". $350 + shipping/insurance.  RESERVED

 photo ThreeStrandDenimLapisNecklace_zps2bd74735.jpg
Three-strand bead necklace by Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo). Slightly free-form denim lapis beads with tiny olivella-shell heishi strands near back of neck; silver findings. Total wearable length about 26". $350 + shipping/insurance.  RESERVED

 photo MultiStrandCoralNecklace_zpsca6dd348.jpg
Multi-strand bead necklace by Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo). Beads made of branch coral with tiny olivella-shell heishi at each end near neck; silver findings. Total wearable length about 26". $325 + shipping/insurance.  RESERVED

Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace
Turquoise Horse Fetish Necklace by Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo).  About 32" long, pullover style (no findings).  $375 plus shipping and insurance.  The pendant on this is a sterling silver and Morenci turquoise water bird (peyote bird).

Elk Antler Horse Fetish Necklace
Elk Antler Horse Fetish Necklace by Clarita and Vera Tenorio (Kewa Pueblo).  About 32" long, pullover style (no findings).  $375 plus shipping and insurance.  Horses have jet inlay eyes.

Dine Morenci Watchband 2
Navajo cuff watchband (the watch in it is just a cheap nonworking one, for display purposes). Sterling silver and LOTS of chunky Morenci turquoise. $525 + shipping/insurance. Artist unknown.

Zuni Chandelier Necklace 2
Old Zuni petitpoint chandelier necklace - sterling silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise:   $395 + shipping/insurance.

Zuni Needlepoint Pendant Brooch
Old Zuni petitipoint inlay pin/pendant combo:  $120 + shipping/insurance.

 photo AlabasterFeatherNecklacePair_zps5114a8c3.jpg
Pair of hand-carved stone "eagle feather" necklaces by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo). Pale orange alabaster with turquoise chip inlay; white deerhide thong. Shorter pendant: $185 + shipping/insurance. longer pendant: $195 + shipping/insurance.

 photo AlabasterFeatherEarrings_zps5b2af83a.jpg
Hand-carved "eagle feather" earrings by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo). Orange alabaster feathers; silver findings. $45 + shipping/insurance.

 photo GomezSlateFeatherEarrings1_zps5e3c5580.jpg
Hand-carved "eagle feather" earrings by Jeremy Gomez (Taos Pueblo). Feathers of Pilar slate (mined locally); silver findings. $45 + shipping/insurance.


 photo ElkGoodWaterSacredWhiteBuffaloHandDrum_zpsc88177dc.jpg
Octagonal hand drum with beater. Hide stretched over wood frame; hand-painted with the head of the Sacred White Buffalo, placed at the Four Sacred Directions. Drum and beater made by Elk Good Water (Taos Pueblo); painting done by his wife, Dolly (Zuni Pueblo). Adult-sized; just over 14.5" across (dimensions approximate). $375 + shipping/insurance.

 photo DSCN4888_zps1a50f8ed.jpg

 photo DSCN4887_zpsda9f4961.jpg
Octagonal hand drums with beaters. Sized either for adults or children; smaller than the usual adult hand drum, but double-sided and several inches deeper. Hide stretched over wood frame; hand-painted on top side in traditional Turtle patterns; twisted sinew handle. Drum and beater made by Elk Good Water (Taos Pueblo); painting done by his wife, Dolly (Zuni Pueblo). $155 each + shipping/insurance.


Fetishes by definition are small - usually 1" to 4" inches in overall length, and generally no more than 2" or so high. Most of our fetishes are by either Taos Pueblo or Zuni Pueblo carvers. Some of them are unsigned; in a couple of instances, I've included my best guess as to identity of the carver. We also have a sizeable collection of other fetishes that I've posted previously, most of which run in $30-$75 range.

 photo BrownSlateBeaverFetish3_zpsb53efae9.jpg
Brown slate beaver fetish, carved vintage-style (meaning rougher-edged, with relatively little detail). Not visible in the photo is the bit of cross-hatching detail on the top of his tail. Artists unknown, but believed to be one of the nephews of the late Emerson Gomez (Taos Pueblo). $45 + shipping/insurance.

 photo SerpentineBearFetishWithFish_zps429829b4.jpg
Tiny medicine bear fetish with fish in mouth and arrowhead medicine bundle. Unsigned, but done in the style and with details characteristic of Zuni carver Jeff Eriacho. Dark green serpentine bear; light green serpentine fish and arrowhead; bundle tied on with sinew. Roughly 1.25" long by 1" high. $70 + shipping/insurance.

 photo PicassoMarbleMedicineBearFetish_zpseb4d6614.jpg
Medicine bear fetish. Carver unknown; believed to be from Zuni Pueblo. Bear of Picasso marble; medicine bundle of spiny oyster shell arrowhead, turquoise, and coral, bound with sinew; turquoise inlay eyes. $135 + shipping/insurance.

 photo RicoliteHorseFetish_zps34316ca1.jpg
Medicine horse fetish with arrowhead bundle. Unsigned; based on style and characteristic details, believed to be by Lavies and Daisy Natewa of Zuni Pueblo. Horse made of ricolite, a lightweight, banded green serpentine; arrowhead bundle of light green turquoise attached with sinew. $135 + shipping/insurance.

 photo PipestoneEagleonSherdBase2_zpsec35d064.jpg
Eagle fetish on base. Unsigned; this was part of Wings's personal collection, and based on the style and choice of stone I believe it may have been carved by the late Emerson Gomez. Eagle did not, however, balance correctly, so Wings sat him on a base made of a pottery sherd from the land here. Eagle made of pipestone; base made of very old black-on-white pottery. $150 + shipping/insurance. SOLD!


 photo CornKachinaFrontandBack_zps8b7c8334.jpg
Hopi-style Corn Kachina. Hand-carved by Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna Pueblos) the traditional way, from a single piece of cottonwood root. Josh is known for dual imagery, as shown here. Hand-painted katsina emerges from an ear of corn: yellow corn on the front; blue corn on the back. About 13" high from base to tip of feather. $585 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).

 photo AyaFrontandBack_zps71246f74.jpg
Hopi Aya katsina, "The Runner." Hand-carved by Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna Pueblos) the traditional way, from a single piece of cottonwood root. In lieu of the usual yucca whip, this one carries a gentler-appearing eagle feather. About 9.5" high from base to tip of feather. $175 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).


 photo TwistedFringeHatband_zpsdb6a6c92.jpg
Maroon leather Western-style hatband. Unsigned; made by an Ojibwe leather artisan from Minnesota. Adjustable band; silver Western-style star conchas spaced along its length; twisted-fringe ends. $125 + shipping/insurance.

 photo WhiteChildMoccasins_zpsa5055fb5.jpg
Child's leather moccasins. Buttery soft white deerhide; made traditionally with tongue and laces. By Carl Winters (Standing Rock). About 7.75" long by 3" wide (dimensions approximate); designed to conform to the foot. $125 + shipping/insurance.

 photo DSCN4841_zps10705f2c.jpg
Samples of baby moccasins. We are currently out of stock, but these are made by Wings's sister, so we can take orders for them. She usually makes them from white deerhide (occasionally tan), with hand-trimmed with tiny beads. Bead colors and patterns vary. Prices usually range from $50 to $60 per pair (varies depending on how elaborate the beadwork is), + shipping/insurance.

 photo EGWMedicineWheels1_zpsad97d558.jpg
Medicine wheel ornaments by Elk Good Water (Taos Pueblo). Wood, deerhide, paint, beads, and painted [nonmigratory bird] feathers. Bead colors and feather patterns vary; most are of white deerhide, but we also have three or four in stock made of tan deerhide. $45 + shipping/insurance.

 photo ChollaKeychains_zpsf0939b46.jpg
Cholla and leather keychains. Like the baby mocs, these are also by Wings's younger sister; unlike the mocs, we have plenty of these in stock. Made of local cholla cactus (defanged); wrapped in deer hide and trimmed with beads. The size of the cholla body of each keychain varies, anywhere from 2" to 4" or so in length; bead colors vary. $22 each + shipping/insurance.

 photo MiniatureBowandArrowOrnaments_zps66897fa7.jpg
Miniature bow-and-arrow ornaments. These are made by two little girls at the Pueblo. Wood, sinew, and little pieces of feather on arrow shafts. Size varies; averages 4"-6" total length. $15 each + shipping/insurance.


We have a good selection of pottery in both standard and miniature sizes; the mini pots are good for those seeking reasonably-priced examples of traditional Pueblo pottery, particularly for gifts to children or as simple souvenir pieces. We also have storytellers in two sizes, small and miniature. If someone is looking for a full-sized storyteller, wings's aunt makes them and would no doubt welcome a commission, although turnaround time is not likely to be immediate.

 photo TrackMiniPotTrio2_zps1005d23d.jpg

 photo TrackMiniHorsehairStylePots_zps70ce7e89.jpg

Miniature micaceous pots by Bernadette Track (Wings's cousin). Pots range from about 1.75" to a little under 3" high; $20 each + shipping/insurance.

 photo TrackPlainMiniWeddingVase2_zps83503eaa.jpg

 photo TrackBlackenedMiniWeddingVase2_zps127cb2bc.jpg

Miniature micaceous wedding vases by Bernadette Track (Wings's cousin). Plain vase a little under 3" total height; $20 + shipping/insurance. Blackened vase about 3.25" total height; $25 + shipping/insurance.

 photo OliviaMartinezMiniPots2_zps5169d077.jpg

Miniature micaceous bowls by Olivia Martinez (Taos Pueblo). Each about 1" high by 2"-3" across at widest point. $25 each plus shipping/insurance.

 photo LeatriceGomezMiniPots2_zpsc1a132f0.jpg

Miniature vintage-style micaceous pots by Leatrice Gomez (Taos Pueblo). Pots range from just over 1" to a little over 1.5" high. $15 each + shipping/insurance.

 photo MicaceousSeedPotTopView_zpsd80b0bdf.jpg

 photo MicaceousSeedPotSideView_zpsab5df369.jpg

Micaceous seed pot (different views; same pot) by Benito Romero (Taos Pueblo). About 3" high. $65 + shipping/insurance.

 photo JessieMarcusDualHorseBowlLeftFacing_zps456c89b1.jpg
Dual horse-head micaceous bowl by Jessie Marcus (Taos Pueblo).  Pot is about 7" wide and 4.5" high.  $225 plus shipping/insurance.

 photo MicaceousTurtleFlask_zps4fbc8cfe.jpg
Micaceous flask by Wings's late sister. Micaceous clay with turtle hand-etched n relief on front; deerhide thong. About 7.5" high. $250 + shipping/insurance (requies special handling; extra shipping charges apply)

 photo DSCN4470_zpsd774acc2.jpg
Micaceous corn pot by Juanita Suazo DuBray (Wings's aunt). Traditional open-work "kiva steps" pattern on front, flanked by Juanita's trademark ears of corn in relief on one side and small turquoise cabochon on the other. About 5" high. $450 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).


We have a wide variety of traditional Pueblo sculpture, ranging from miniatures to pieces a couple of feet tall. These are smaller pieces, but not miniatures, and most are modestly priced for pieces of their size and quality.

 photo DSCN0211_zps28ab3023.jpg
Family of bears (mother and three cubs); each piece sold individually. By Mike Schildt (Taos Pueblo). Spiderweb alabaster with turquoise inlay eyes; I've seen a lot of spiderweb alabaster carvings over the years, but the piece of stone from which the mother is hewn is far and away the most beautiful I've ever seen. Mother bear is $250; larger cub is $150; smaller cubs are $135 each. Because of weight and special handling needs, each requires extra shipping/insurance charges.

At the back of the photo is "Taos Pueblo Mountain Trout," by Ned Archuleta - placed in the photo because, as Wings says, "Bears like fish." Both fish and base are of pink alabaster; the wavy lines on the side are not carved, but inhere in the stone itself. $375 + shipping/insurance $225 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).

 photo DancebowCedarElder1_zps383996b1.jpg
Elder sculpture by Paul Dancebow (Taos Pueblo). Hand-carved cedar on marble base. $225 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).

 photo Bearhawk_zps051208a2.jpg
"BearHawk" sculpture by Ned Archuleta (Taos Pueblo). Marble on wood base. $225 + shipping/insurance $225 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).

 photo GomezBuffaloEagleBack_zpsf97a7521.jpg

 photo GomezBuffaloEagleFront_zpsb2433e19.jpg
Buffalo/Eagle Spirit sculpture by the late Emerson Gomez (Taos Pueblo). Locally-mined Pilar slate on alabaster base. $225 + shipping/insurance (requires special handling; extra shipping charges apply).

 photo RoughfaceCalciteHorse2_zpse3e16b8f.jpg
Miniature vintage-style horse sculpture by Randy Roughface (Ponca). Calcite on gray slate base. $75 + shipping/insurance.


We carry a good selection of wall art, ranging in price from $125 all the way up to $2,500. The pieces shown here are modest in both size and price.

 photo AragonCrowMother_zps407a17ca.jpg
Hand-painted carved wood wall art. Representation of traditional Hopi Crow Mother katsina. By Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna Pueblos). $125 + shipping/insurance.

 photo AragonMorningSinger_zps8bc00959.jpg
Hand-painted carved wood wall art. Representation of traditional Hopi Morning Singer katsina. By Josh Aragon (Hopi/Laguna Pueblos). Rouhghly 10.25" high by 8.25" across at widest point. $150 + shipping/insurance.  SOLD!

 photo BellringerChiefJoesVisionCollage_zps122714df.jpg
"Chief Jo's Vision"; wood-framed (no glass) collage by Preston Bellringer (Yakima/Assiniboine). This is an old piece from Wings's personal collection. Visible image about 22.75" high by 6" wide; frame adds an inch or so all the way around. $125 + shipping/insurance.

 photo WintersSevenHorses_zpsc6e1b246.jpg
"She Cost Me Seven Horses"; acrylic painting by Carl Winters (Standing Rock). Metal frame with glass. Visible image about 3.75" wide by 5.5" high; frame 8" wide by 9.75" high. $145 + shipping/insurance.

Originally posted to Sara R on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 01:21 PM PDT.

Also republished by Kos Katalogue, Gallery Kos, DKOMA, PWB Peeps, and Street Prophets .

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