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Let me explain, throughout the trial we have been hearing how george zimmerman was facing "imminent danger" and great bodily harm but the only injury Zimmerman has that could be considered serious is two vertical abrasions to the back of his head. Zimmerman of course has been riding this claiming he was having his head smashed into concrete therefore he was in reasonable fear for his life and was right for shooting trayvon. In fact I feel this is his only legitimate defense because being punched in the nose is not serious bodily harm. But think about it there is none of Zimmerman's DNAA on martin's hands and fingernails meaning he could not have grabbed his head and slammed it into the pavement. This means the only way Martin could have slammed zimmerman's head is by putting both hands on his shoulders or back lifting zimmerman up about 3 to 6 inches off the ground and pushing zimmerman back down to the ground. No one has pointed out that a 6 ft 160 lb high school amateur athlete could not do this specifically if zimmerman is resisting. How much does Martin or how much could he lift at the gym considering he was an amateur athlete 50 lbs? 60 at the most. Keep in mind we are talking lifting a 190 lb man's upper body three to six inches off the ground at least 5 times according to Zimmerman. If trayvon could lift 50 lbs assuming he is lifting weights a standard way to strengthen biceps that means he is at the most able to lift 50 lbs about a foot off the ground. Now i am not sure about what the true amount of weight martin would have to lift would be as he is lifting probably half of zimmerman's body but let's say 80 to 100 lbs. It would probably take the same amount od work to lift 60 lbs 1 ft as it would to lift 100 lbs 6 inches meaning it would be within the realm of possibility that Martin would be able to do so if he trains regularly at the gym lifting 50 lbs. However consider the amount of resistance Zimmerman would be giving as he surely would not be sitting like a block allowing himself to be lifted and banged repeatedly. He claims he was trying to move and squirm around meaning he was likely able to resist somewhat. Since Zimmerman is resisting you would have to add probably another 20 to 50 pounds that Martin would have to lift making it unlikely if borderline impossible for Martin to lift him. It seems obvious here it would be nice to have a witness bring up how much Martin was able to lift at the gym so we could get the numbers right but the prosecution didn't bring it up. Of course if anyone can help correct me on the numbers, specifically the amount of Zimmerman's weight that would have to be lifted up that would be helpful. If you are looking to see the way I am explaining how zimmerman claims he is lifted search the video of his lawyer demonstrating ground and pound with the weightless body they brought in to the court room. I would like to provide a video but I don't know how to link videos because this is my second post diary.

This case is real troubling because of the civil rights, black panthers fear it invokes in some people. My first diary is something about George Wallace who  consider a masterful politician who was possibly racist but could have just been usin racial politics to his advantage without really caring about the issue. Either way his legacy is clearly showing in thus trial. The Wallace network(Fox) has been protecting their guy during the trial it's amazing how they restrain themselves from claiming zimmerman was attacked and almost murdered by a Ni** agitator. They can't get away from the facts or the truth though.

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