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The Pennsylvania Democratic Party's newest ad going after Governor Tom Corbett (R. PA) is just awesome:

Tom Corbett for election coverage 2008. .Christine Baker, The Patriot-News
“What’s Tom Corbett’s real record?” the ad’s voice over says.” Job growth’s dropped from seventh to 46th in the nation. Tax breaks for his donors. Perks, raises for staff. Playing politics. Failed policies. Tom Corbett hasn’t changed Harrisburg – he’s fit right in.”

The claim on the state’s job-growth ranking is from a comparison of a single month, May, between 2012 and this year in an Arizona State University study. Economists say that using a rolling year-to-year comparison is a more accurate gauge. By that measure, ASU says Pennsylvania added 32,000 jobs. Its growth rate of 0.6 percent is well below the national average of 1.6 percent, and ranks 45th in the nation. John Baer of the DN has a good primer here on the malleability of jobs numbers.

Corbett has stood firm against efforts to impose any state extraction tax on the fast-growing shale natural gas drilling industry; he and his wife, Susan, have received lavish gifts from corporate types who have donated to his campaign, and the governor did give raises to top employees late last year. - Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/15/13

With bleak job numbers and a struggling economy (along with a long list of other issues including the Penn State sex scandal), it's no wonder Corbett is now the number one most vulnerable Governor in the country:

1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) moves to the No. 1 spot for the first time this cycle after a month filled with truly terrible polling data. A Quinnipiac poll showed him with a 38 percent approval rating and trailing little-known (statewide, at least) Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) by 10 points; a poll from GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies showed him down 12 points; and a poll from GOP automated pollster Harper Polling showed just 24 percent of Pennsylvanians said he deserved reelection. We might actually be getting to the point where Republicans would be better served running someone else. (Previous ranking: 3) - Washington Post, 7/12/13
You would think that the Pennsylvania Republican Party would have some sense and nominate a new candidate for next year.  Keystone Politics thinks Congressman Charlie Dent (R. PA-15) would make a better candidate than Corbett:

My pick is Rep. Charlie Dent in the 15th District. Dent has managed to hang on (no, thrive) in a Democratic-leaning swing district since 2005, which only recently became an R+2 in the latest round of redistricting. Dent’s M.O. is that he eschews the nutty rhetoric of the Tea People, keeps his head down and votes with the Republicans most of the time, and this earns him embarrassingly fawning local press coverage. It works so well that he gets himself described as a “moderate” in stories that are supposed to be straight reporting.

Dent has recently been underperforming the district a bit for the Republicans, which the base won’t like, but the fact is that all the political space in our fantasy Republican primary is to Corbett’s left. There’s an opening for a moderate like Dent to prevail, since the polls keep showing it’s mostly moderate Republicans who are disappointed with the hard right Corbett. - Keystone Politics, 7/15/13

But the GOP is going to stick with Corbett and here's why:

Terry Madonna, whose Franklin & Marshall College polling institute has been among those documenting the governor's popularity deficit, said that the governor continues to enjoy the support of many business leaders. And he noted that in other states across the country, where GOP civil wars have become an increasingly more frequent phenomenon, establishment figures have typically been challenged by more conservative insurgents. At least so far, Mr. Corbett's conservative positions on issues such as abortion and gay marriage have helped insulate him against challenges from his right flank. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/14/13
Comcast is planning on helping Corbett raise $30 million for his re-election so despite his high unpopularity, the PA GOP is sticking with Corbett.  But some Republicans think Corbett is only going to take down the GOP in Pennsylvania next year:
Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce L. Castor voted against creating a Transportation Authority on Wednesday, Oct. 27. Castor said the commissioners should handle the duties and not an appointed board.
Bruce Castor, a Montgomery County commissioner, is the only Republican who has publicly flirted with the idea of a challenge. After several months of exploring the prospect, he announced in May that he was abandoning that possibility. But he still thinks that his party's loyalty to Mr. Corbett will end in defeat and frustration.

"The party refuses to admit that they are wrong and they're going to continue to march behind Gov. Corbett and I predict that they are going to be marching over the cliff," Mr. Castor said last week.

"If I had run they would have spent $20 million to beat me," he said. "Then I would have been the one blamed for the Republicans losing the incumbent seat. I'm not going to spend the next year of my life being a punching bag for the Republican Party ... the Republican Party retaliates viciously against anyone who goes against them."

Mr. Castor predicts that his party is headed for a replay of 2006, when former Sen. Rick Santorum was felled by Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

"I said in 2005 that we're going to spend $30 million and lose by 20 points. Anyone with two contiguous brain cells could see that," he said. "It's going to be the same thing all over again." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/14/13

I think Castor may be right about that.  By the way, you can still sign up to have a personal meet and greet with gubernatorial candidate, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D. PA-13):
On the afternoon of Sunday August 4, I am going to pay a visit to the homes of my supporters all over the state - and one of those homes could be yours! But here’s the thing - I need to know if you are willing to host a house party for our campaign.

Can you click here and let us know that you want to be a host?

I of course can only speak from one location, but we'll be streaming my speech live to house parties all over the state. At these parties you’ll not only be able to chat with me and ask questions, you’ll also have a chance to meet and talk with your fellow grassroots supporters from all across Pennsylvania. Whether it's Cambria County, Luzerne County, or Columbia County, I'll be dropping in homes all over the state. Supporters have already signed up- make sure you're a part of this.

Click here to learn more and sign up to host a party.

It’s quick, easy, and we will tell you all the steps that you need to take to make your party is a success. The house parties will be a great way to be involved, informed, and engaged early in the campaign.

Looking forward to meeting you!


You can click here to sign up to host a house party to meet Schwartz here:

And you can click here to learn more about her campaign:

Originally posted to pdc on Tue Jul 16, 2013 at 09:40 AM PDT.

Also republished by Pittsburgh Area Kossacks, Philly Kos, DKos Pennsylvania, In Support of Labor and Unions, and The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

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