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Because something is up over on the wild side [no I wont be linking to that cesspool]

Frothing at the mouth

Running for their guns

Making shit up

And the smell of burning hair is overpowering.

Oh President Obama told a personal story in relation to a murdered teenager and how this relates to pretty much every other teenager of color.

How dare he!

Doesn't he know that White America is all post racial and shit? The supreme court said so.

Why is he dividing the nation!





Doesn't he know all people of color, look at the prisons, look at made up studies; ARE CRIMINALS!!!

omfg pA WHERE'S MA RIFLE! I goTTa Go out n Stand mA gRoUnd!

Sorry, but reading all that garbage affects my keyboard.

Telling the truth, and what anyone with even half decent reasoning skills can ascertain that discrimination against people of color is ongoing, and the Martin fiasco a sign of institutionalized racism.

To think it took actually electing President Obama to bring this festering nonsense to the surface for all the world to see.

That in itself makes me happy for voting for him in the first place.

Until you can actually see what lurks beneath the surface it is hard to deal with it, and yeesh have we seen some festering filth since 2008.

Well done Mr President. Keep shining the light into those dark corners.

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