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Up is down.  North is South.  East is West.  Name your example, but Rubio has taken his atttempt to be "More Crazy than Cruz" (TM pending) to new heights:


Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) have circulated letters in the Senate and House to push their colleagues to unite behind the anti-Obamacare effort. The proponents of the push argue that if the government shuts down over Obamacare, it will be the president’s fault — not theirs.

I see it as Obama is threatening to shut down the government unless we fund Obamacare,” Rubio said.

Politico: GOP feuds over Obamacare tactics

People are not as dumb as you think, Mr. Rubio.  If Republicans cause a default or close down government over Obamacare, people will blame you and other Republicans.

Meanwhile Republicans begin to panic over the monster they created.  

Republican Congressman Tom Cole:

“The only two things that really risk the Republican majority in 2014 would be if we shut down the government or if we defaulted on the debt.
National Journal.
Here’s Brock McCleary, a GOP pollster and former deputy executive director of the NRCC, which is in charge of winning House races for Republicans:

“If you ask me what is the one thing that could reshuffle the deck on an otherwise stable mid-term environment in 2014, the answer is a government shutdown. Convincing voters that the other side is to blame would become a game of high-stakes politics.”

Here’s GOP Senator Richard Burr:

“Defunding the Affordable Care Act is not achievable by shutting down the federal government. At some point, you’re going to open the federal government back up, and Barack Obama is going to be president.”

WaPo: The Morning Plum:  Even Republicans are openly worried about GOP’s sabotage governing
A shutdown would be "madness," says Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former head of the Congressional Budget Office who opposes Obamacare. "There is no exit strategy. It'll go on for a while, people will say Republicans shut down the government again, Republicans will cave, fund the government, and go on weakened and divided."
Washington Examiner

Yes, the American people elected Barack Obama TWICE.  Republican sabotage will bite them in their asses.  

Coming soon, this Fall: The DEBT CEILING, Final Showdown.  (No doubt there will be sequels).


Look, cable news needs something.  The Zimmerman trial is over and you don't want Luke Russert on the steets.  

I'm looking forward to the Joe McCarthy competion between Mario Rubio and Ted Cruz.  How low can you go?

Update I: Bryon York, right wing columnist, tells Tea Party bozos what they don't want to hear:

But Republicans will not stop Obamacare. They won't defund it. Their last chance to put an end to it was the 2012 election. They lost, and the chance is gone.


Money to fund Obamacare comes from two sources. A relatively small part of it, including some of the funds used to get the program going, comes from Congress' regular yearly appropriations.


But that's just the discretionary part of Obamacare. The far bigger portions of the program, including the billions and billions of dollars in subsidies that will start going to Americans on Jan. 1, are mandatory spending, an entitlement funded by an automatic appropriation which is written into law and runs without further congressional action. To change that, Congress would have to change Obamacare.

In the Senate, that would take 67 votes -- the amount needed to overcome a guaranteed presidential veto. If the 46 Senate Republicans voted unanimously to end the Obamacare entitlement, they would have to persuade 21 Democrats to go along.

Washington Examiner

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