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With all the latest Republican hysteria over matters including Obamacare, gun control, foreign policy (e.g., Egypt and Syria), and the like, I think it's interesting to see, as has been noted here over the years, how the exact same loaded rhetoric is promulgated and propagated by and among the GOP and its media allies on Fox, on talk-radio, and on the Sunday-morning talk shows.  As we know, when GOP Congresspersons say something, their friends in the media all seem to start saying it, too, and vice versa.  With that in mind, I pulled together twelve examples of the most bizarre, crazy rhetoric about Obama from the last couple weeks in an effort to trace their genesis and method of spreading.  

So, without further ado, may I present Round One of "Who Said It:  Right-Wing Media Hack or GOP Congressperson?"    They are short examples from just the past couple weeks, and time will be the tie-breaker, so be quick on your feet.   The poster with the most correct answers in the fastest time gets the same thing that fills the dead air on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Ready? Okay, then, let's go!  [Answers below the fold]

1.  Obama is a liar and a fraud;
2.  Obama is a lying POS;
3.  Obama has presided over nothing but lies and broken promises;
4.  Obama is a traitor destroying America;
5.  Obama is shredding the Constitution and ruining the country;
6.  Obama is a tyrant and a dictator who deserves to be impeached;
7.  Obama is a fascist determined to destroy our freedom;
8.  Obama is trying to destroy our rights;
9.  Obama is much worse than Bush;
10. Obama is a murderer;
11. Obama is going through his critics' records to find dirt on them;
12. Obama intends on using drone strikes against Americans.

Finished?  Okay, then, join me below the fold for the answers!

Okay, so it was a trick question.  All of the rhetoric above came from diaries and comments on the rec list posted by "principled leftists" here over the last couple weeks.  

So, if you're a "principled leftist" and you guessed, "Hey, that's not a right-wing media hack or a GOP Congressperson -- that's me!", then congratulations, you're a winner . . . of sorts.

Now, I'm sure the "principled" among us will yell, "Hey, that's not fair!  You're conflating our comments with unrelated comments from the right-wing media cocoon!"  Well, again, let me offer my congratulations -- your constant rhetoric is now virtually indistinguishable from that used by the GOP and its media lapdogs.  Yes, it's true -- you've come full circle:  You've blasted Obama no matter what he does for 5 years, and now many if not most of your posts here are now indistinguishable from the garbage posted on right-wing sites.  So once more, before we say goodnight and pass out the parting gifts, congrats!  You're a Rush-bot!

You may now claim your prize of . . . nothing.

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