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Today's source material is a real eye-roller: screenshot of story with headline
While conservatives and liberals consider the political leanings of Washington Post buyer and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in an attempt to divine how his politics will affect those of the historic institution, the truth appears to be far simpler: the Post is now Bezos’ latest political tool in a crony capitalist effort to work with the Obama administration. How else to explain President Obama puzzling decision last week to roll out his corporate tax plan at an fulfillment center?
The only explanation for Obama announcing his plan at an Amazon facility was that it gave an opportunity for Bezos and Obama to hatch their secret and nefarious plot to take over the Post. Of course, they could've done that without the public event. Bezos could've visited the White House to work out the details of their coup. They could've skyped. But oops, Obama slipped and had that whole public event happen by accident, and BAM the Breitbarts exposed the entire scheme!

You can only imagine how excited the Breitbarters are at this explosive expose! Some samples, below the fold.

Does anyone have any doubt anymore where the : Herman Cain mistress story originated or the Perry Racist rock or the Romney 47% stories originated. The new rule of law is, we know every breath you have ever taken, you play or you pay. That includes every elected leader, every CEO. Compliments of Obama's IRS and NSA.
1) From Herman Cain's mistresses

2) From the dude who recorded the event surreptitiously

They were all employees of the NSA, apparently.

IRS visits OBAMA just before they attack conservatives too.
must be a trend here.
Crazy. That's the trend.
Obviously Obama thought nobody would what happened remember 6 days ago. Well I got news for you Obama, we have memories 7 whole days long. You really screwed up. Had you waited a day nobody would have suspected a thing.
Had it been EIGHT days, it would've been beyond the intellectual capacity of Republicans to invent a conspiracy.
The President loves sucking the sex units of white billionaire liberals. The little Narcissist in Chief is the Hugo Chavez of North America. He does what Marxist narcissist do.
Marxist narcissists love to fellate successful capitalists?
Bezos bought WaPo to save face. At the AlphaGoof's request.
AlphaGoof gave Bezos military contracts to reimburse Bezos the 250 million he paid for WaPo. If Bezos is a good little doggie, there will be more lucrative contracts.
The alternative was to shutter WaPo forever.
Dear god, would a hint of logic kill these guys?

1. Bezos bought WaPo to save face. From what? Who knows!
2. Actually, he bought it because Obama asked him to.
3. Obama gave Bezos military contracts to ... buy DVDs with Amazon Prime? Or are we throwing Kindles at terrorists these days?
4. Bezos needs to kiss but to sell more terrorist-slaying Kindles.
5. ... otherwise, the Washington Post shuts down.

Looks like it high time we start an investigation as to whether or not we should begin impeachment proceedings against the AlphaGoof.
Mr. there a motion on the floor?
Yes! There was this time Obama went and made a speech, and then this other guy went and bought a paper. HAS HE NO SHAME????!!1!
Everything is planned. Everything. The only surprise is that you are surprised. If he does something, dig deeper to uncover the agenda.
If some dude takes a shit in Kansas, it was planned. EVERYTHING!
Remember, this president does NOTHING impromptu.........he doesn't know how......just like he can't speak without his teleprompter; he can't present any plan of consequence without his handlers' approval(s)......
He plans his major policy rollouts IN ADVANCE? Can we just impeach this bozo already?
That clinches it. I've made my last purchase from Amazon. CDUniverse will do just fine.
What's a "CD"?
Good God, The entire Obama administration is running a racket, a money ring and DoucheRATS are knee deep in it aswell! ........................... We need to demand that Republicans use every law at their disposal to prosecute these Chicago style Criminals. Come on GOP get of your useless rears and grow a spine or out with you!
Why oh why won't Republicans prosecute Obama for having an event at some place owned by a guy who then bought a newspaper? If there isn't a law against that, there should be.
Wait for it...3...2...1...BOOM!

Total CENSORSHIP of anti-Obama and anti-Prog literature coming soon to! COMPLETE MANIPULATION of Amazon's Top-Ten "Best Sellers" list! Promotion of Baracka Flacka Flamer's memoirs, and immediate BlackWashing of his [ahem!] "legacy"...Benghazi--what? Reggie Love--who? $500Million Phantom Green Jobs--where?

And to Jeff Bezos? An early Hanukkah gift in the form of a corporate two-fer:




That's A LOT of shit that won't happen!
I got one of those Amazon Fire's and now every time I go to use it the first thing that comes up is Odumbo at Amazon. I'm seriously considering throwing the dam thing against the concrete. The problem is if you want a pad what do you buy that doesn't lean toward Odumbo?
Conservatives can't build cool shit, so yeah, you're shit out of luck. But don't let that stop you from a principled stand against libtard companies! Boycott them all. Stick with carrier pigeons.
Such a sneaky, self serving lot. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone we could respect and trust in the WH. So now he has folks buying Newspapers for him. I have 18 dollars left on an Amazon gift cert. When that's gone, bye.
I wonder what Obama is going to do with that shiny new newspaper that Bezos didn't buy for him?
The question is often raised asked why Conservatives don't purchase a major network or newspaper. The liberals have a stranglehold on the media and will not let the properties pass into enemy hands, no matter how worthless the property. Simple as that. Witness only recently WAPO to Amazon, MSNBC to Comcast and Al Gore's network to Al Jazeerra.
When oh when oh when will someone maybe named, oh I don't know, Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes, do something about the total lack of conservative media?
Once again, the middle finger and a big F*ck you to the American people from the thugs running the show.

Well here is my middle finger to Amazon, you just lost a customer.

I hear there's a place that still sells CDs, so you're cool.
It seems that Jeff Bezos learned the wrong lessons about freedom and liberty from his Cuban stepfather.
Freedom and liberty means never buying a newspaper after the President of the United States visits one of your facilities, leading conservatives to invent crazy new conspiracies. How many times did Bezos' Cuban stepfather try to get that message across?
This smells like the Soviet Union under Stalin, Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler or China under Mao where businesses must clear their ideas with "dear leader" or they don't get done. Obama is leading some of you down that path and I pray you awaken soon. Start by getting the Judicial Watch scandal on how Obama, Holder, Napolitano and John Morton have secretly finagled www.Judicial
The noose tightens around Obama and his administration if we only had a journalist to arise goodbye Barry.
This made up scandal is like some other made up scandal (which I googled and couldn't find anything about), which means he's just like Hitler and must be lynched. Which, in reality, is pretty much the summary of every other comment featured here.
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