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Right now to 5 PM Large Marg
                        is welcoming 10,000 Veterans to Soldiers Field.
At the request of ISAVE Foundation The Veterans Green Bus - affectionately known as Large Marg - is stationed front & center at Soldiers Field.
Gordon Soderberg, the project manager for The Veterans Green Bus, is there now. He is demonstrating how that great big bus could drive from California to Chicago on less than $20.00 of diesel. In addition, Soderberg is recruiting Veterans to be volunteers for Team Rubicon, encouraging people in general to take FEMA's on-line training courses for disaster responders.
Where Chicago Kossacks can meet-up with Large Marg:
Gordon will be staying in Chicago for a couple of days with members of Team Rubicon. While there he would like to meet with Kossacks in general, and with anyone connected to green energy initiatives. If you want to connect with him [it's no secret: he's broke so buying him a meal would be most appreciated], call him directly at 985-Six four zero - 1801.

Where things stand with Large Marg

We demonstrated our sustainable energy solutions for disaster response at the Net Roots Nation 13 conference in San Jose, CA June 20th and 21st. We made lot of new friends and created so buzz for next years conference in Detroit.

Next year we plan to offer a volunteer opportunities for Netroots attendees to participate. Urban garden harvesting and park clean up projects will be offered.

Our mission for Team Rubicon was to gather volunteers, tools and supplies at the Home Depot in Chicago then head to Rockaway, NY. We helped them for the first month then stayed on for another five months to help New York Cares, Americorps, The Conservation Corps and the Friends of Rockaway..

We are a non profit 501-C3 with a great program and clear mission. We just need the financial support to prove our bus can reduce the cost of transporting trained veteran volunteers, tools and power communications equipment by using sustainable energy solutions.

FACT: Climate changes are causing an increase in intensity and number of named hurricanes effecting the United States..

FACT: The negative impacts on economies in effected regions are worsened by a lack of sustainable energy before, during and after natural disasters.

FACT: Military service veterans make up less than one percent of the population.

FACT: Their experience has proven to be invaluable during large scale disasters.


Communities need reliable and sustainable sources of energy after natural or man made disasters. First responders basic support infrastructure, communications, lighting, transpiration and heavy equipment use thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in just the first few days of a natural disaster.

 At $4.00 per gallon alternative solutions must be researched and developed to reduce the cost of fueling civilian emergency response teams.

Veterans need career development options that values their sense of service, ability to adapt, with experience in adverse working and living conditions in groups focussed on a common goal.

Help veterans by providing the tools and training needed to find a career path that helps sustain their communities before ,during and after, man made or natural disasters.
#1. Purchase a bus capable to be used for sustainable disaster response and keep accurate records of building, maintenance and repairs and related operating costs.

Bus purchased 1980 Crown Super Coach $2,000
1 Motosat Satellite Sysytem = $5,000
2 Semi Truck Batteries $500
Smog/ Registration/License $250
Insurance: $500
needs additional $2,700 complete sat communications
Total $10,250

Complete by October 2013

Convert the bus to WVO (Waist Vegetable Oil) = $8,000
Donated by Team Rubicon
Completed February 2013

Solar panels, light cell phone chargers and refrigerator. $3,000
Donated by Goal Zero
Completed Nov 2012

LED Flood Lights $1,500
Donated by
Completed February 2013

Total Value of the bus and equipment as of April 2013 = $21,500

Fuel Costs: October 2012- January 2013 (Before Fuel Conversion)

Fuel Diesel average $4.00 per gallon
Detroit to Chicago = 288 miles
Chicago IL to Rockaway NY= 759 miles
Rockaway NY to Hudson NY = 150 miles
1197 miles fuel costs $1,200
Cost per mile = $1.00 Paid by Team Rubicon

Fuel Costs: January 2013 - April 2013 (After Fuel Conversion)

Fuel Diesel average $4.00 per gallon
Hudson NY to Rockaway NY = 150 miles
Rockaway to Harrisburg PA 190 miles
Harrisburg PA to Roanoke VA = 294 miles
734 miles fuel costs $8.00
Cost per mile = $0.10


Disaster Response Sandy
First month of operation with Team Rubicon

Type of donations delivered:
6 generators, 12 chains saws, 24 power drills and hand tools, shovels rakes supplies and fuel
Cost of donations delivered $40,000 Donated by the Home Depot Foundation
Number of Veteran volunteers transported 24
Populations Served 100k
Individuals and Families Served 3000 homes - 10,000 people
Veterans Served 5000
Veterans Trained 24

That money will be used to get the rest of the graphics printed and more flyers. We want to keep making improvements to our presentation capabilities and address any repairs we might face. Thank you for all of your previous support. Please help us make that goal.

Originally posted to llbear on Mon Aug 12, 2013 at 10:57 AM PDT.

Also republished by Military Community Members of Daily Kos and DKos Military Veterans.

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