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Link to the new 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar trailer on YouTube.
One of the things we in Team Z have to look forward to dealing with in Throne of Thunder - particularly those of us who brave Blizzard's contempt and play melee DPS -  is a particularly annoying trash mob called the Gastropod. But I'll let Snuffy tell you more about it in his important rally update:


I’d like to add two things to the diary.  One, we’re going to postpone the rally to Sept. 7 to optimize attendance.

Two, apparently in one’s achievement character profile under statistics – dungeons and raids – Mists of Pandaria there’s a stat called “Gastropod meals provided”.  I’m the only one in our group who’se still at zero and now everyone in team Kaels is conspiring to get me killed by snail tracks.  Both priests and the symbiotic druid are going to be yanking me all over the place.

I'm at five Gastropod Meals Provided, which puts me pretty much in the middle of Team Kaels' numbers. On the other hand, save for LFR, I've yet to go to Throne of Thunder.

Hoo boy. Yeah, that's gonna be fun.

Speaking of Team Kaels, here's their raid report from Ninotchka:

I don't have much to tell you this week. My family is dragging me away from the computer for a week, me kicking and screaming all the way, and other people on the team are facing similar obstacles. Next week may be a light week indeed. This week we were all unfocused and barely got the first two bosses down. Hopefully we’ll shake all the fidgets out before the new patch hits.

Blizzard has confirmed that they expect to implement patch 5.4 very soon indeed. It could come as early as August 27th, which is the last day of the PVP season. It could be delayed a week or two as well, we don't know and they never confirm these things.

If you've been enjoying the Battlefield: Barrens stuff it's time to get a move on and complete it, because that's mostly going away with the patch. Gahz'rooki will be a rare drop, foiling my attempts to create a future Gahz'rooki sales empire.

And in a few short weeks we'll have yet another reason to hate Garrosh. If you've managed to avoid spoilers so far for what happens in the patch, well, brace yourselves. He's a stupid poopyhead and there have been some awful consequences.

Still need some shaman and possibly paladin gearing so I'll try to hit the Barrens when I can. Don't know how I'm going to gear alts after 5.4 drops.

Here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam Report:

Team RubiPam is also pretty light on news - we are working on Iron Quon which is supposed to be not that difficult, but we can't seem to get through the tornado phases intact, so we're still stuck on him. We were hoping to maybe get TOT cleared before the patch drops, but that is very unlikely now, given the likelihood the patch will drop on Aug 27th. We are also not sure what the future holds for our team - Elu has told us he's pretty much unavailable during the football season on Mondays and Thursdays except as a backup, and we are not sure what Heinkel's status or interest is. So I'm not sure what we're going to be doing from here on out, we'll see.
Also a Saturday Night Massacre report from Pamena:
Saturday Night Massacre report:

This week, we got back to trying to finish out the guild raid achievements by tackling Dragon Soul on heroic. I was not sure we'd have enough people to try it, but we ended up with 22 people which was fabulous. After a little stutter step at the beginning about whether we actually could do it on heroic - turns out I had to go in first since Senta had cleared DS on normal while most people in the group had not - we went in and ripped through the place, right up until Ultraxion. As most people in the group had never been in DS at all before, there was a little button mashing mishap at first, but we got it the second time, I believe. The boat was also pretty easy, but then we hit Spine. Tay was with us by then to explain what would happen - but what we didn't realize is that there's a debuff cast almost immediately that has to be dispelled without delay or it wipes the raid. As it did. 3 times. It was close to 11 by then, and folks were getting tired, so we called it then. Afterwards, Tay discovered the debuff mechanic we had been missing, so we will try again this week to get Spine and Madness, which are the two past tier raid achievements the guild was missing, and we'll organize heals and dispells a bit more carefully. I think everyone had a great time for the 6 bosses we did, and it was so fun to have people get to experience the place for the first time.

So that's what was killing us. Good to know. Had a good time blasting through Cataclysm content, and looking forward to finishing it off on Saturday.

Finally, here's the Team Z report from Moodyloner:

Most of the strategies we've managed to find regarding the Ambershaper call for three-healing it. Reluctantly, we're setting up to three-heal this fight next week. It's just too much of a problem when a healer inevitably gets Amber Construct.

We have the phase 1 dance pretty much down. Just have to drop that Amber Monstrosity.

That's all I have this week. For the Horde!
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