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Republicans just can't convince Americans of the horribleness of Obamacare it seems. At a Town Hall in Winter Haven FL, Daniel Webster was called out by his constituents for his multiple votes to repeal Obamacare.

Americans know that Obamacare offers them consumer protections against the health insurance companies that have been robbing them:

QUESTIONER: What happens to us when Obamacare is repealed? What happens to people with pre-existing conditions that can’t get health care? What happens to those of us who finally have access to health insurance for the first time in nine or ten years? What happens to us? And you want to make this local, I’ll make this local. I’m a constituent, right now I can’t get health care. I’m waiting for this [insurance marketplace] to open and I’d like to know why we keep repealing [Obamacare]?
The congressman defended his repeal votes by saying the law would drive up Americans’ health care costs by requiring insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions. He then claimed that President Barack Obama himself thinks his signature law is unworkable. As evidence, Webster implied that the law’s protections — such as its cap on consumers’ annual out-of-pocket medical costs — were being dismantled by the Obama administration. That prompted an outcry from the audience, as people booed and countered Webster’s claims.

An event official interrupted at that point, asking the audience to be respectful and give Webster a chance to speak. One audience member replied by saying, “Well, tell him to stop lying!”

When Town Halls consist of voter citizens expressing their displeasure with their Congressman's votes, and he defends them, trying to convince them that he is right and they are wrong, despite the fact that they have facts on their side, you know democracy has been coopted by lobbyists, corporations, and the Koch Brothers. Thankfully Americans are becoming informed despite the best efforts of the media at disinformation, know that Obamacare offers them benefits, and are starting to fight back and hold their representatives accountable.

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