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There was a recent diary here that reported our politicians act almost exclusively on behalf of the wealthy. No news there. But it goes beyond them mostly ignoring what we want or say. Even when they ask us for a response, they only hear what they want to hear.
Last evening I  got a phone call from from a survey group -- obviously political, because it was about the upcoming local elections. I grudgingly agreed to participate. The first question asked if I'd voted in the recent primaries. I said "no" and the questioner moved on to the next one:
"Concerning the (elections), would you say you are going to vote, possibly going to vote, somewhat possibly going to vote, or possibly not going to vote?"
"I'm not going to vote at all. I never plan to vote ever again."
"Yes, sir. But would you say that means .." and here he went into the whole spiel again.
"I'm not going to vote. Period."
"Sir," he replied somewhat helplessly, "that answer is not one of the listed responses."
I hung up.

So this is what it is. The elaborate charade of politics in this country is not only our leaders ignoring what's important to the common American, but includes the fantasy play of "surveying" the constituents with rigged hoaxes like this survey: tell me what you think, but only tell me what agrees with what I already believe. You can't even tell them you have completely rejected the system. It is not conceivable.
I fear this means that for OWS, Moral Monday, Turn Texas Blue, and the many many grassroots groups and confederations that actively and noticeably express their rejection and revulsion at what our politicians are doing, whatever hopes we have for them to have some effect are in vain. The ruling class simply rejects the possibility that Americans will turn en masse against the system. They figure we'll complain, and demonstrate, riot a little bit, but in the end we will still embrace the current status of laws, punishment, and social order no matter what. This is exactly the way British leaders thought about the American colonists in the 1770's: they may protest, they may break the laws, but they won't completely revolt and overthrow the system. It is not conceivable.
It doesn't matter what we think or feel. None of that is registering with our leaders. They blindly believe in the system which has been so good and productive for them, and have decided the American people believe too. Even if we scream at them that we don't.
Will we have to wake them up the way we woke up the British?

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