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You see, “Black Okla. Teens Murder White Australian Jogger For Sport” is the headline of this story on The Daily Caller. (Link hidden below).  If you google the story, it’s the only “news” outlet that references the race of the killers.  (Please note that The Daily Caller actually got racial on Obama's dogs, and was quite serious about it.  They are truly my favorite kind of white folks:  the kind that think all racism would immediately vanish if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would vanish first.)

Why does the RW media have to be like this?

Here is how they lead into the story:

A Hispanic guy shot a black teenager in self-defense, and it was proof that America hasn’t gotten any better since Emmett Till was murdered. Whereas the following story, which is literally an international incident, has no significance beyond the individuals involved. It’s not useful to Al Sharpton and Barack Obama.

Then they link to the story directly from some actual (presumably more reliable for facts and information than they themselves) news source; where the facts of the disgusting crime are noted, but the inflammatory commentary is left out.

Then a photo of the poor (white) victim has the caption:

Nobody would ever mistake him for Obama’s son.

Then they get really ugly, posting the picture of the 3 alleged killers that ran erroneously on the uk news site.  Sure they also show the true picture that later replaced the original one, where only two of the suspects looked very dark, but they also kept the erroneous picture simply because they want you to see how black they truly are (or were…maybe John King has some commentary here, because I am at a loss).

When they lead into the erroneous picture, they describe it thusly:

And here are the men… sorry, they’re not 18 yet, so in the post-Trayvon era, we’re supposed to call them children. Here are the children who murdered Chris Lane for fun:
They claim that the teens were defending themselves…from being bored.

Then they get really really mad because the Aussie news outlets aren’t obsessing over the blackness of the killers, but rather framing this as a gun issue.  That really pisses off Tucker, I guess.

An angry sample tweet that includes a reference to the “white hispanic” phenomenon is followed by a very small picture of the actual suspects (much further down the page and much smaller than the erroneous picture of the 3 darker guys).

Apparently, two of them got charged with the actual killing, and one (the lightest, and the oldest, one) with accessory only.

Thus, here is their kiss off to us:

There’s your angle, Rev. Al. The one with the lightest skin got the lightest charge. The one who looks the least like Obama will get the least punishment. Let the racebaiting begin.
Yes, we all know this is how the RW media operates:  tit for tat, angry, smug, resentful, self-righteous; but why?

It sickens me that there are so many white folks devoid of any empathy, resentful of change, disingenuous in their thought process, devoid of class.  And yes, chickenshit as well.

It is a waste of brain to refute this “story” by pointing out that the real problem is the institutional racism that is so pervasive and so insidious, that we don’t even see it. THAT type of racism is the most dangerous because it isn’t loud and we aren’t even offended by it.  Because we don't know about it (just like we didn't know about Trayvon's killer being backpatted by the local DA until social pessure changed that.) Institutional racism is alot more insidious and destructive than the racist actions of one or three people.  Institutional racism is often under the radar, because it is often the racism of omission rather than commission:  omission of prosecution, omission of legal scrutiny, when a black kid was the victim.  I am certain charges will be brought swiftly and harshly on these three, as they should be.  Of course I want to see them prosecuted, as people should have wanted to see Zimmerman prosecuted, or at least made to answer for the killing of a human being.  Trayvon Martin was just as much an innocent victim walking home as this poor man was, just walking down the road.  If I did meth, and then was headed home to beat my dog and pop some heroin, does that make me any less the murder victim if I am killed?  Well, I'm white, so of course it doesn't!!!
(Oops, I wasted brain.)
Black, White, Asian, White Hispanic, Black Hispanic, Aleut, etc.....all are human, and thus are capable of doing some horrific and dumbass things.  The disparate treatment of those who kill and generally commit crimes is the problem here when talking race.  Of course that aspect is never discussed among the ignorant and disingenuous and devoid of class.

Here is something some dude I know wrote a while back.  He ain’t a genius, but I like him.  Really, he’s pretty cool.  It’s a guy talking about RW resentment of black folks and their “privileges”:

“…‘He makes a living exploiting people’s emotional problems and he decides one day to just say the n-word as many times as he can in five minutes?  Why the hell would anyone want to do that?’  I was almost shouting, as it seemed so ridiculous, and I was incredulous.  I couldn’t believe he would make it his great cause to be able to say it just because black people can say it.  He was dying to get in on that action too?  What the hell is wrong with him?  Why not just be black, then, right?  No, he only wants that one benefit of being black.  He’ll stay white, and you can keep the rest….” keep from wall-bashing it.


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