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I think we can safely say that the recent switch to allow newly registered members to post instantly is a failure (unless the purpose was to rapidly drive up registered user numbers).

Comment sections of legitimate diaries are becoming jammed with spam comments. Spam diaries are pushing legitimate diaries off the Recent list. And, while the spam producers are being quickly banned, they also are:

1. Getting their spam messages posted to the Daily Kos audience. (A victory for spammers.)

2. Spam diaries, even with the spammers being quickly banned, remain on the Recent list and push legitimate diaries down and off the list. (A victory for spammers.)

3. Disrupting comment sections in legitimate diaries with repeated spam comments. (A victory for spammers.)

As I write this, there are currently six spam diaries on the Recent list. Sure, all those users have gotten the skull-and-crossbones, but the diaries remain, taking up six spots and pushing worthwhile diaries off the list.

This new policy is a failure, as a peek at Hidden comments will attest. It's a pain in the ass to have to wade through spam comments in real diaries.

Can we admit that the new policy is a failure? Is the solution to go back to the waiting period, or is there a technical solution that will prevent these spambots from signing up and posting instantly?

I'm not a tech person so I don't have the answers.

But this new policy sucks and it seems to be getting worse.

Make it seven spam diaries on the Recent list. The diary two below mine about "e-cigarettes" is pushing an e-cigarette product. This shit is totally out of hand.

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