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Now we will know if it’s “our” government or not.

Everyone knows that the American public is overwhelmingly opposed to war against Syria. please follow this link, read this, and know that we don’t want to get involved in their war.

 Much of the rest of the world feels the same way.

 Follow me below the orange thing for some personal feelings.

My personal feelings are that it is their country, and they must decide. I frankly would’ve preferred for Iraqis to decide for themselves, rather than have us come in and screw up their country. Heck, I would even if preferred Vietnam to decide for itself, and I served at that time, although I didn’t go there.

I also do not support sending anything except humanitarian support by the United States to Syria. No weapons, no advisors, no boots on the ground, no drones in the air.

 Another reason I don’t want to get involved is because I can’t tell Al Qaeda  “get out of there” unless I stay out of there too. I feel like my country has meddled in so many other countries’ directions, and for what? who has been enriched by all of this? The “defense” Corporation. Talk about one-per-centers; these are the most profitable, recession-proof corporations in existence.  But that’s another story I won’t go into here except to say that we might see an application  of really modern  “stuff”, that is to say “military stuff”, any day now. “Stuff” that we, the people, are paying for, instead of investing it in our own country, where we really need it now.

Oh, and by the way, the Russians are no slouches when it comes to armaments; Assad’s friends may have given him a few surprises, such as hundreds of different inexpensive cruise missiles fired from underwater platforms, designed to totally overwhelm by sheer force of numbers and differences in tactics any surface ship in NATO. Coordinate that attack with mortar style inertial strikes from shore batteries armed with smart missiles, the whole package to arrive at the same time, and you may have a recipe for destruction of ANY surface ship. I think it’s stupid even to have those ships around. They’re too expensive to be risked in a small place like the Mediterranean. Don’t forget, we paid for them too. They’re investments in “defense”.

  I do think that it’s funny that we’ve had movies of other people invading “ America”, and of the grassroots movement that inevitably defeats the  “invaders”, be they human, or alien. Guess what? That’s what they do to, when the USA comes in with weapons. And guess what? We finally leave. hopefully, when we leave, they have become client states, like the Philippines. Or South Korea. We even have military bases there, large ones. We have 28,500 American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines in South Korea. When I say “we have” it’s because we pay for them; Currently, the U.S. has the world's largest network of foreign military bases (about 700 bases).

 A black wall and many white crosses in Washington, God knows how many graves in Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, and many others; whatever it is, religion, tribalism, politics, ethnicity, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of paying for it, in promising lives lost on all sides, in resources squandered on all sides, in men women and children killed almost indiscriminately. I’m tired of spending our hard-earned money on “fungible stuff”.  I’m really seriously tired of strutting militarism passed off as true patriotism, of corporations profiting from people dying, Of  “pundits” enriching themselves by inventing such things as the “domino theory” and living to a ripe, wealthy old age while their theories, which have resulted in the death of millions, have been largely discredited by history. I want people who are guilty of indulging in such things as torture, coups, and vanity wars, thus abusing “our sacred trust”, to be brought to at least an understanding of justice.

 I want corporations to profit from peace, and I want it now.

 and I know that I’m not alone.

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