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She visited with her oncologist today.  If I may quote the text she sent me (merely masking the doctor's name):

Great news: no cancer showed up on my bone marrow biopsy!!!  Dr.X. says my recovery has been "amazing"!!!
She will continue to receive one of her medications for maintenance, but even that is on hold.  One approach that is sometimes done at this point is to extract and save her own bone marrow, do a massive dose of the medication to zap any remaining cancer, then restore her bone marrow.  Her oncologist is not yet sure whether this is the direction to go, so my wife will see the transplant specialist in the practice to see if this is warranted, or given how well she has been doing, whether to simply go on the maintenance dosage.

She would not continue with her other medication (it was a combination), and since the steroids accompanied taking that other medication, she should not need them, which should mean no more testing for diabetes - since coming off the treatment more than a month ago her blood sugar has remained normal.

She will still continue to receive a monthly infusion to strengthen her back, but as of now the neurosurgeon does not seem inclined to operate to further strengthen.

Meanwhile she is about to return to physical therapy to begin rebuilding the muscles in her back and legs.

She still tires more than before, but that is improving.

She still sleeps  - and often rests while working or watching tv - in the hospital bed for the extra support.  But we are already looking forward to her returning to our queensized bed.  I think the cats are as well.

We remain grateful for all the prayer and support.  We ask that you continue to hold us up, as the decisions get made about further treatments.

We understand that she will never be truly "free" of this cancer, but it has apparently now been knocked back to a level where the only treatment is maintenance.  A good friend who has the same cancer has been in a similar situation - "remission" and maintenance chemo - for 9 years.

While I have a stack of papers that need to be corrected, I think my students will forgive me if that is delayed, because we are going out to dinner to celebrate.


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