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And you can, too!

You see, this step-father of an ex-girlfriend's fiance's twin brother, who adopted three kids from China, while secretly dropping off illegal copies of the Bible and Feng Shui For Idiots manuals, learned how to make a million on his computer, And YOU CAN TOO!

All you have to do is take your computer manual, your windows start-up discs, a bottle of butane lighter fluid, your left tennis shoe, three carrots, and unused condom, one match,  and a fresh pack of saltine crackers. Turn on the camera on your computer, and film yourself as you take the following steps:

1. Rip apart the instruction manual, starting with the oriental and german sections. Wad up the papers into a nice, discrete pile.
2. Unwrap the unused condom, and unroll it. (if it is an emergency, a used one can be used, but don't say I didn't warn you.)
3. Fill the condom with butane and tie off the end.
4. stick the condom under the pile of wadded instruction manual.
5. Pile the start up discs around and on top of the wadded paper.
6. Unwrap the saltine crackers, and spread them around, intact, in a ring around the wadded paper. Leave at least 6-8 inches between the saltines and the paper-disc-condom pile. Be sure to use only whole saltines. Eat any broken ones.
7. Remove your left gym shoe, and tie the laces so they can hang off of your left ear without falling off.
8. Ignite the condom, but C A R E F U L L Y. Try to be upwind of the paper pile.
9 Once the fire gets going, start tap-dancing on the saltine crackers, while singing, "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna!" at the top of your lungs.
Once the saltines are thoroughly smashed, and the fire finally dies down, save your video, and upload it to YouTube. Call it "The Burning of A Windows' Koran" or something along those lines.

Watch the millions start rolling in!


As tired as I am of the spam attacks here from some $69 per hour scams, it is slightly more amusing than what is happening with the national GO P party.

Perhaps it is my natural pessimism, or maybe, my true inner curmudgeonly self is cracking through my polite facade. Either way, I see serious trouble coming at us like a freight train. The GO P is so out of control, so disorganized, and so potentially harmful to the country's immediate financial stability and future, that I wonder how we can dig ourselves out of this mess.

The GO P has a problem, a self-created one. The Tea-Buggerers continue to drive policy and control the reins. Even though the actual number of TeaBugger voters is dwindling and minimal, compared to the rest of the party, (and even more miniscule compared to the rest of the nation), they still exert an unnatural amount of power over the GO P party's decisions and policies. It would be bad enough if they had any input, but their ability to control and decide their party's direction is especially bad because their ideas, their economic and political theories are utterly wrong-headed, even insane.

Reviewing a goodly part of world history, I cannot find many, no, ANY examples where a thriving, fairly healthy nation legislates itself into utter ruin. This might be a first.  The idiocy that is the Sequester was bad enough. I honestly did not believe that normally sane people could allow that POS legislation to become fact. But they did. Between inertial, poor leadershit, and a GO P that would rather toss the baby rather than figure out how to filter and clean up the bathwater, Now, we truly face utter ruin.

There is only one way that the problem we face here and now could possibly be worse - that would be if the DINOs still in office decide to cave in and feed the GO P trolls who want nothing less than a total destruction of our government. Ayn Rand would be proud, as she took her social security checks and lived off the government teat.


Will sanity return to congress before the budget crisis hits?

25%13 votes
21%11 votes
23%12 votes
0%0 votes
26%14 votes
3%2 votes

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