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one small corner of the country. If you choose to: Send a couple of emails to let the watchers know that someone is watching them.

Justice Louis Brandeis-

'Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.' Other People's Money-and How Bankers Use It. 1914

'Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.'   Dissenting, Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 (1928)    

What I would like to ask is simple. Could at least a few people fire off an email or two? Nothing involved, just maybe use Justice Brandeis' 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant' in the subject line and a city and state, (presumably yours, but anything outside of Lincoln County, OR would do), in the body. Just to let them know that they aren't so far out in the boonies that nobody can see them. The background is below the fold, in as much detail as you care to wade through.

Thank you.


                                  Contact Info & Addresses

LC Sheriff Dennis Dotson,
(541) 265-0652 Asst Kathy Manning

Lincoln County DA

Rob Bovett (541) 265-4145

Oregon Attorney General's office

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (503) 378-4400

Dan Wendel -He prosecuted this jerk. So he's at least familiar with the county and some of its bad actors. (503) 378-6347

Other Lincoln County Officers

Animal Control Deputy Kerri Tyler- (541)265-4277

Deputy Anthony Lorange                  "    "      "
He's the one who acted as affiant for the warrant and misled the court about the informants' status of 'concerned citizen' vs their actual status of 'criminally involved informant'.

Sgt Brian Cameron- (541) 265-0682 He's the one supposed to be investigating the multiple complaints filed against Tyler for ORS 164.265 -Trespass while in possession of a firearm, ORS 133.379- not pursuing investigations of animals in genuine need and ORS 162.415(1)(a)(b) Official misconduct.

Redacted RgF eventing 2012
His first year in competition with his new mom.
In the totally reasonable circumstance that you don't know me from Adam's off ox:
Almost two years ago Lincoln County, Oregon and some local fundraisers stole my horses, (long read), lock, stock and barrel. All my breeding stock, all the youngsters, all the pensioners and rescues that hadn't been placeable. Some of them the 5th generation descendants of my first rescued horse from 1972.

 Every single damned thing Lincoln County did was illegal. The animal control person trespassed and did illegal searches for a couple of years, but couldn't find anything illegal. So they apparently decided that since no one outside the county ever pays any attention to the various scams that happen within it that they would just go ahead and bluff and intimidate their way through and take them anyway. They'd done the same to two other small family-owned animal related businesses that year and gotten away with those. So, in October, 2011 they swooped in and seized every animal they could catch. Barely three weeks after I sold the above pictured colt to a lady in Michigan, (thank FSM I got him out in time). And because of what they did, there won't be any more like him.

Some of the champions and babies there will be no more of

Raingate Contessa, 2005 filly. Hilda Gurney scores- conformation 8,2, movement 8.0
Beauld RgF 2003Anglo-Arabian gelding by Bold Desperado
6 wk old filly by Randomize
Excerpts from my letter to the local DA
Lincoln County's actions toward me have been, from the beginning, either grossly improper or frankly illegal.

 Since I felt I had to go pro se mid trial to defend my rights and interests, I have the right to view the evidence locker and logs pertaining to my case and see for myself whether or not the financial records taken from my office are still in the county's possession....

Mistakes were made, but that's not nearly the whole of it. Adding a sentence in the last paragraph of a warrant that accidentally excludes two of the three properties the warrant is intended to cover is mistake. A stupid, careless mistake that is certainly worthy of Judge Branford's comments, on the record, last November, that this case had been handled in a thoroughly 'sloppy and unprofessional' manner by the District Attorney's office and staff up to that point. But the material misrepresentation to the Court of two criminally involved informants as mere concerned citizens, taking advantage of the differing levels of credibility between those two categories in order to obtain the warrant, that is not a mistake. And the LCSD allowing the unusual circumstance of using a separate affiant to apply for the warrant, an officer who has admitted that he had only acted as such a couple of times in twenty years, was not a mistake. That officer had no contact with either of the informants and did no due diligence to find that one of them had a grudge against me and the other, (who had given no written or independently corroborated statements), was being coerced with threats against her own animals. Use of the separate affiant allowed a curtain of deniability for Deputy Tyler to hide her misconduct. Those aren't mistakes. Those are purposeful, premeditated actions taken with full knowledge and intent.

There has been plenty of premeditation and bad faith on display. My computers and the private registration records for the horses were both specifically named in the warrant and neither had anything to do with the welfare of the animals or evidence of alleged negligence.

My computers were were specifically named in the warrant and seized, but never examined for the purported evidence. They were seized to inconvenience me and impair my ability to earn a living. Does it still count as tortious interference when the perpetrators are State actors?

 In November of 2012, then Chief Deputy DA Marcia Buckley cited potential evidence on the computers as part of her rationale for the second six month continuance requested by the State, saying that some exculpatory evidence may have been in her custody, unexamined, for something over a year at that time. And yet, when I finally retrieved my computers, the original evidence seals were intact. They had never been examined.

Registration papers for horses are private documents issued by private, incorporated breed clubs and associations for their own internal use in tracking pedigrees, show records and club members. They are not a title, as a vehicle has, that is issued by a government agency. They are merely personal ID which increases the chance that a buyer is getting the individual they think they're buying. Myriad horses over the decades have lost registration papers and breed privileges in ownership disputes via divorces, sales, etc because the courts have no power over those private documents to order their transfer. They are the property of and subject solely to the rules of the issuing entities. They certainly have no bearing on the welfare of the animals, their only functional effect is to make the animals more marketable and increase their monetary value. So demanding them in a warrant had nothing to do with the horses' welfare. It was unprecedented and done only to increase their marketability and resale value.

 Approximately $75,000 worth of horses were taken from me via the improperly acquired warrant and personal policies and actions of Deputy Kerri Tyler. Some of those horses had pedigrees that spanned three continents and over a hundred years. Some of their offspring are champions with points in national competitions and are scattered all over the US and, in at least one case, Canada. They represented thirty-five years and five generations worth of work. And care and skill. I had delivered and raised most of them. And their parents and grandparents. They were taken from me and distributed to cronies and various others in direct contravention of ORS 167.348, which states that placement preference shall be given to those having had prior contact with the animals, including but not limited to relatives and friends of the owner. Only one of the seventeen horses were placed with respect to that statute. Friends and others who had had previous contact, some of it extensive, were flatly denied the opportunity to adopt them. At least two of them were used surreptitiously for breeding before the ruling on the forfeiture hearing and none of that compensation was passed on to me as owner at the time. Some of them have since come up for sale, or been 're-homed' again, in violation of the 'adoption contract' signed by those having taken my horses.

Tyler has admitted under oath, on two separate occasions, that she acted on her own personal policies, not the county's policies, in seizing all of my animals. She has further admitted that the condition of the four horses taken from the two properties not covered by the warrant were not evaluated by either her as the investigating officer or by the vet before being seized. She seized numerous animals, including chickens, two other goats and a number of barn cats, without probable cause. Animals that no allegation of wrongdoing was ever made concerning and were nonetheless never returned. Animals that were distributed to various other cronies without due process and without respect to Oregon or US law. Tally those in the theft column. In the illegal taking and lack of due process column. Tally also several hundred dollars worth of equipment seized, including halters and various specialized pieces of horse equipment, not inventoried and also not returned. 

I have filed complaints against Deputy Tyler for ORS 162.415, official misconduct in the first degree, 133.379, duty to investigate and prosecute (genuine) animal neglect and three instances of ORS 164.265, trespass in possession of a firearm, (those documented in her own narrative reports). In the intervening half year none of those complaints have been addressed and no disciplinary action taken. She is also culpable in violating ORS 133.595 by not submitting a full and accurate list of items and animals taken during the execution of a warrant.

Almost half of the animals seized from me have since died, at least some of them from incompetence and actual neglect, including my stepmother's aged lap dog, Scrappy, who died essentially of hypothermia. The county's own vet testified that by the time Lincoln County employees noticed she was in trouble and brought her in to him, her body temperature was 85 degrees Fahrenheit and she was barely breathing. This was allowed to happen in spite of Deputy Tyler having been repeatedly reminded of Scrappy's need for an external heat source due to her age and infirmity. She had spent 13 years under the covers next to my stepmother and she died of exposure; cold, alone and terrified, among strangers. In the custody of Lincoln County. By the order of Kerri Tyler. I have no doubt that there is a very special place in Hell reserved for Deputy Tyler for that particular act of wanton and reckless negligence. Then there were the chickens, half of whom were slaughtered in the first 12 hours after seizure because Dep Tyler is apparently so ignorant that she assumed chicken coops were decorative and not functional to protect the birds from nocturnal predators. So it appears that all of the animals were actually a good deal safer with me, weren't they?

My financial records and receipts were seized from my office and not properly catalogued, ('misc papers' is grossly inadequate for a professional, legal inventory, isn't it?), and now your office has claimed they were not taken and refused me access to them during trial to show my regular and consistent feed purchases prior to and during the time in question.

Within hours of when I first noted the procedural irregularities in the warrant and handling of evidence and mentioned to Deputy Tyler the possibility of bringing such irregularities to the attention of the Attorney General's office, Lincoln County initiated an illegal traffic stop, abused their discretion at every decision point and held me in jail, incommunicado, for 36 hours. I was not allowed access to a phone to inform my family why I hadn't shown up or to make arrangements to cover my responsibilities. For 36 hours. I was not allowed to contact an attorney. For 36 hours. Along with a number of other hazing tactics like withholding the generic Advil I take in some quantity for the arthritis in my knees. Withholding that over-the-counter medication for 24 hours while I was having to sleep on the cement floor because the other woman took medication necessitating she sleep on the lower bunk for safety. There was no ladder or other access to the upper bunk. Basic hazing tactics.

I don't doubt that those responsible assumed that a 51 year old RN who had never spent a night in jail might be frightened and intimidated by the hazing and arbitrary displays and abuse of power. What they didn't know was that I grew up with a mean drunk and that I did my psych rotations at the maximum security wing of Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino, CA. And that as a critical care nurse, starting at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, I had worked with, trained and faced down, for many years, cardiac surgeons and other physicians who could make Guy Greco cry.

I was in the middle of the woods, quietly minding my own business when Dep Tyler and her associates were allowed to overstep, sidestep and flatly ignore state and federal law in service to their own personal and idealogical agendas. Then they were backed up and their wrongdoing covered up by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept and later people within the DA's office. I was the third small, family-owned, animal-related business in Lincoln County that Tyler and her associates destroyed that year, 2011. And used for headlines and fundraising fodder. Apparently upwards of $30,000 was raised based on my case alone. None of which has been documented to have been used to assist with the care of my horses or other animals. Are you old enough to remember the biggest lesson of Watergate? That it's not the original crime that comes back to bite, it's the cover up that buries everyone involved.

I worked for your election in 2008 partly because I thought you seemed like an honest man. And partly because I felt that Bernice Barnett was both not honest and actively dangerous. And you did respond honestly and appropriately when Rand Overton's misconduct was brought to your attention. I was encouraged, even though you were the one who wrote the law about DUII drivers forfeiting their vehicles, (why is that no longer being enforced, by the way? Did the words 'forfeiture corridor' come up somewhere along the line?) and the manipulation of grand juries was being allowed to continue under your administration. I guess we find out now how honest you really are based on how you respond to this gross misconduct and various illegal actions of the law enforcement and criminal justice actors.

 I offered to have a quiet, private conversation about this. You stated you were unwilling to accept that offer and said to put it on your desk and on the record. Fine. So here we are. Clean your damned house, counselor.

Who watches the watchers? We do. And the only way to reintroduce the rule of law is to dig in, duke it out and demand it.
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  •  Tips. I'll be in and out this morning, sorry. Lots (17+ / 0-)

    of errand-ing and stockpiling on the boards for today, but I'll check in as I can and be around later.

    Thanks for reading this far.

    Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
    ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

    by FarWestGirl on Wed Sep 18, 2013 at 03:55:57 PM PDT

  •  I hate to say this but in many locales, animal (6+ / 0-)

    control reigns supreme and ordinary occurrences for most stockmen, such as equines escaping and visiting a neighboring property, can earn you a hefty fine for the first offense.
    If your neighbor decides your equines are too thin, based on the horses they see on TV, expect a visit and possible confiscation.  At the very least expect to pay a vet to visit and give you a clean bill of health.

    In one case, the complaining party visited the property with the officer and decided, since the horses appeared to be abused, that the horseowner's dog was in danger and so took it home with her.  The horses were later declared to be unharmed and in no danger but even suing the confiscatory neighbor did not result in the return of the canine.

    At the same time, the local shelter was closed down when it was learned that distemper had infected the majority of dogs there and the then head of the shelter had been concealing the fact and burying deceased dogs in secret.

    What we are facing is a conflict between town and country, between people who are experienced with various animals and principles of raising livestock vs various people who have a romanticized view of how livestock should be raised.
    I am anticipating having to get rid of the few animals I have left in the next few years and I keep my fox terrierist inside

  •  maybe some background as to why they took your (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Kevskos, high uintas


    Rounding up and caring for large animals is a lot of work and a lot of expense, local officials don't usually do it just out of meanness.

    “Conservation… is a positive exercise of skill and insight, not merely a negative exercise of abstinence and caution…” Aldo Leopold

    by ban nock on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 06:18:04 AM PDT

    •  She linked to the diary (8+ / 0-)

      that explains the money making operation they have going when they charge to take car of confiscated animals, charging in one confiscation case $20 per mouse per day from a pet store.  And they don't even send out notices for three days so they at least earn that much money before you can do something about it.

      Looks like that county also has a confiscation racket with vehicles, innocent or not.

      I think something is way wrong with this part of Oregon and it has gone unchecked.  I think Oregon needs to clean up this mess much like the south has unclecked power that needed cleaned up.

      •  Thanks, missed it. (4+ / 0-)

        “Conservation… is a positive exercise of skill and insight, not merely a negative exercise of abstinence and caution…” Aldo Leopold

        by ban nock on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 07:53:43 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  Agreed. A lot of rural areas have gotten into (6+ / 0-)

        bad habits. I was just hearing from someone last week that there are a number of class action and RICO actions pending where rural counties have gotten used to padding their budgets with forfeiture proceeds. So the abuse is pretty much a byproduct of  perverse incentives. Laws were passed to help counties with real issues, but they end up being 'repurposed' and abused, basically turned into a license to steal. It's just state operated racketeering, as far as I can tell.

        Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
        ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

        by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 03:11:14 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  that is happening all over the country. (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          chimene, FarWestGirl

          The fucking cops are out of control.

          They sure as hell are not around to protect us anymore.
          I am so sorry that this happened to you. If someone stole my children two legged or four, I expect I'd be in jail for shooting a trespassing cop. My God's vengeance find her. And somehow, make this right for you.

          Have you thought to write your senator for help? I know a woman who contacted Senator Feinstein for help with a bank that was trying to steal $30,000.00 from her. She had all her paperwork in order, and sent it to them. Very suddenly, the bank just stopped. I couldn't believe it, but apparently the senator's office had people on staff to help with just that sort of thing. Could that help in your case?

          And yes I will write to these addresses for you.

          •  Yes they are. SWAT teams looking for excuses to (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            go play army with real guns and no return fire. Localities canabalizing their own citizens, it is getting totally out of control.

            I've met Sen. Wyden several times at town hall meetings, maybe I should give it a go, thanks for the suggestion.

            And thanks for taking the time to email, I really appreciate it.

            Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
            ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

            by FarWestGirl on Fri Sep 20, 2013 at 08:38:29 PM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  It's pervasive enough that I think we need to (0+ / 0-)

            organize Citizens' Committees to help deal with it:  to provide publicity when needed, legal aid when needed, bail when needed.

            This ad hoc way of doing things is inadequate to the situation.  No wonder we feel overwhelmed.

            I tried to go online to find a similar bear head...but when I searched “Big Bear Head” it gave me a San Diego craigslist ad entitled “Big Bear needs some quick head now” and then I just decided to never go on the internet again.--Jenny Lawson

            by SouthernLiberalinMD on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 11:42:19 AM PDT

            [ Parent ]

  •  Damn! (5+ / 0-)

    Some one has it in for you and those other small operations.  Wonder if it is a eventual land grab or if using the horses for breeding was the greedy grab.  In other words, what is the agenda and whose agenda?

    I also wonder if there is an authority above him that should know about this and the others, as a group case to show repeated offenses.  Maybe go to the top in state politics to get some review?

    I thought taking the barn cats was just plain funny.  I well know barn cats.  They generally do not like to be trapped inside.  And also perfer hunting down and eating a juicy mouse rather than eating cat food.  Who the hell would think a barn cat, with plenty of mice for food, would need removal from their food/shelter site?

    One funny side story about barn cats...I used to try and sneak a barn cat into my room and have it sleep with me.  But the damn thing soon after would start bouncing off the walls wanting out, which alerted my mother.  My mother asked me if I would take a whale out of the water and force it to stay in my room.  I said no, whales need the ocean to live.  She said that was also true for barn cats, no different but for the water.  So we agreed that I would visit the barn for my cat fix.  Which I took to mean that I should build a ladder, lean it up to the second floor bedroom window, and climb down in the middle of the night to be with all those cats.

    So I feel sorry for those trapped cats, but oh so very sorry for all of those horses that had a relationship with you and went with strangers.  That had to have been unsettling for them.

    I will send a letter and hope it helps your cause.  So sorry you are having to deal with this for over two years and counting.

    Are you friends with the other two owners with seized animals?  Hope you've formed a support group to help one another with info, progress, etc..

    Again, so sorry you are dealing with injustice.

    •  The incidents are used for fundraising fodder... (5+ / 0-)

      There's probably an aspect of feeding a hero complex as well.

       It was partly personal animus because I quickly lost patience with untrained, ignorant zealots bothering me about ridiculous stuff and things they were blowing out of proportion and got blunt with my opinion of their lack of competence. The rest was the racketeering/fundraising scam. It's been happening more and more in cash strapped counties out in the hinterlands where there's no one to call them on abuses.

      Yes, I've been in contact with the others, but the financial pressure from the county was so severe that they had to make deals because they had children and family that were being retaliated against, so they weren't able to hold out and fight effectively.

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time, it's much appreciated.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 08:36:43 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Your poor heart, dear (6+ / 0-)

    They took your children, in essence.  Can't imagine the pain and shock you are enduring.

    Hatriotism is becoming too common in this country. I hope they all burn in hell.

    {{{ hugs }}}

    It's difficult to be happy knowing so many suffer. We must unite.

    by War on Error on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 07:40:42 AM PDT

    •  All of my children had four feet & fur. It has (5+ / 0-)

      been hell. But there have also been friends and others appearing out of the woodwork who saw what happened and have been supportive and done what they could behind the scenes. The county has a very guilty conscience about this, they've been actively threatening anyone who has spoken up and questioned it, ('It's not in your best interest to keep making noise about this.').There are so many other 'irregularities' they're trying to keep lids on that they're pretty concerned about things going up the chain of command in the state and opening actual investigations. Which is why I'm asking folks to rattle some cages.

      Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to wade through.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 08:45:20 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Make it easy (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    FarWestGirl, Smoh, jayden

    Please give some snail mail or email addresses for the person/place you want a note  sent .

  •  Oh, darlin'! (5+ / 0-)

    I am so sorry! I cry for you and, more productively, email.

    Cats are better than therapy, and I'm a therapist.

    by Smoh on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 04:38:29 PM PDT

  •  Thanks for the (4+ / 0-)

    nudge. This is infuriating.

    Ceiling Cat rules....srsly.

    by side pocket on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:14:42 PM PDT

  •  Dear gawd this is crazy (4+ / 0-)

    Sending emails now.

    And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County Down by the Green River where Paradise lay. Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away. John Prine

    by high uintas on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:26:20 PM PDT

    •  Thank you so much. And they're still pushing. We (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      high uintas, peregrine kate, chimene

      leased the barn to another rescue who'd had their property stolen by BofA and the county is trying to lean on her now. But she's been in the area for decades and everyone knows her, so they're biting off more than they can chew. Hopefully between the two of us and a bit of help from all our friends we can make them choke on it and clean up the county for everyone else, too, while we're at it. They've been doing really skeezy stuff to people who can't defend themselves for years. I'm hoping the AG decides to play Hercules and reroute one of the rivers to sluice out the slime.

      Thanks again.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:33:53 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  FWG, have u tried contacting any reporters? Maybe (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    FarWestGirl, high uintas, chimene

    From the closest larger town so local (bad) influences are reduced and the story might get seen by more people? And is there a state SPCA you could contact? The more exposure there is, the more uncomfortable you'll make the jerks. What an infuriating experience. I'm glad you are keeping up the fight!

    "I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards any one." (Edith Cavell)

    by Southcoast Luna on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:34:41 PM PDT

    •  Trying to get the Oregonian to look into it, but (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      high uintas, Vetwife, Southcoast Luna

      so far it's still too small a story. If there's an actual investigation and all the other &*^^% they've been doing, like manipulating grand juries and railroading the defenseless to increase the probation office's revenue stream, if that starts seeing daylight, they should change their mind. But now we're a little place out in the boonies and that's pretty much how this all got so out of hand.

      The local paper is a corporate rag with a policy of not getting involved with anything that might get them sued or accused. And the others are far enough away that they don't think it's their problem.

      The local humane affiliate is part of the problem. Lots of good intentions guided by some unscrupulous types.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 05:43:27 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

  •  Call the New York Times... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    They love to call out corruption.....
    so sorry for this.  You need national intervention.

    We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it ! Be part of helping us build a veteran community online. United Veterans of America

    by Vetwife on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 07:01:21 PM PDT

    •  We're too small to get the state to look at us, (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Vetwife, chimene

      I'm afraid there are too many huge, pressing issues to get anyone national interested in this one tiny corner. ::sigh:: Even if it is a trend. Though that may be the way to hook them, I suppose. It's been happening more and more.

      Thanks for taking the time to read. We need federal intervention, definitely. The whole damned county needs to be placed under federal oversight. I'll email the NYT and see if any of their cubs feels ambitious, it's a good thought.

      Thanks again and take care.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Thu Sep 19, 2013 at 08:03:22 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      •  You are right about that ..Where is our UN relief (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        chimene, FarWestGirl

        and I am so serious.

        We the People have to make a difference and the Change.....Just do it ! Be part of helping us build a veteran community online. United Veterans of America

        by Vetwife on Fri Sep 20, 2013 at 02:57:37 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  I believe you. (0+ / 0-)

          No functioning democracy, indeed.

          Whichever 1%-ers and people of standing are NOT sociopaths and monsters need to get their heads out of their asses and act, like yesterday, because their fellows  have managed to destroy our legal system. And our political system. And our economic system.

          When you're living under might makes right, the little guy can only prosper by accident.  Those of us who get to live our lives in peace will do so because somehow, through grace or luck, we didn't get on either the government's or the local rich guy's radar.

          I tried to go online to find a similar bear head...but when I searched “Big Bear Head” it gave me a San Diego craigslist ad entitled “Big Bear needs some quick head now” and then I just decided to never go on the internet again.--Jenny Lawson

          by SouthernLiberalinMD on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 11:48:19 AM PDT

          [ Parent ]

  •  I remember this story. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I'm very sorry I was away from keyboard when you sent me a nudge.

    I will do what I can. keep us updated.

    I tried to go online to find a similar bear head...but when I searched “Big Bear Head” it gave me a San Diego craigslist ad entitled “Big Bear needs some quick head now” and then I just decided to never go on the internet again.--Jenny Lawson

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 11:39:42 AM PDT

  •  I remember this story too and (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    la urracca, FarWestGirl

    will send emails....

    Sad but time is not on your side. They have gotten away with it and the best you can hope for is a possible change in procedure.

    It happens here in Illinois and publicized as "mistreated animals rescued"!!!! Even when they are not!

    Hope something works out...I will try.

    Character is what you are in the dark. Emilio Lizardo in Buckaroo Bonzai

    by Temmoku on Sun Sep 22, 2013 at 08:02:43 AM PDT

    •  They haven't quite gotten away with it yet. At (0+ / 0-)

      least not from the consequences. This cannibalistic behavior targeting their own citizens has gotten to the point of being noticeable and I'm working hard to raise the profile and get action.

       Your emails are much appreciated in support of me and my kids and in pursuit of appropriate action. Because it's not just me that's been looted and had reputation, assets and lives plundered.

      Thank  you.

      Information is abundant, wisdom is scarce. ~The Druid.
      ~Ideals aren't goals, they're navigation aids.~

      by FarWestGirl on Mon Sep 23, 2013 at 08:44:51 AM PDT

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  •  Just read this & am enraged. I also remember the (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    original diary.
    I will send emails. I wish I could do much more..
    So very, very sorry about your losses.

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