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Ok we have been in a country of insanity for a long time but at what point do we say enough !  We don't know what to do.  I wanted to write an upbeat diary but I know too much and the bad outweighs the good and I am not stupid....neither are you !

When I read and KNOW this country is upside down, inside out, killing people, and basically just acting like the most insane, paranoid, gun loving, knife totin, bomb building, apathetic, terrified, senseless, sick and crazed country in the world..I want to just hide somewhere and say Screw this...  I am not playing anymore.   I want to just leave this stupid way of life in this country behind somewhere on a desert island.    No wonder people are strung out on drugs and video games.   Life is just too damn hard.  I do neither so I am trying to digest all of this sober.   When did this train actually derail?  Read these headlines and tell me we are not nuts and this is everyday crap !! Day in and Day out....

First of all I am tired of fighting every single business and beauracrat to get things accomplished and then never quite do.  

I was personally affected yesterday by simply going to the Social Security Administration and caught in an evacuationof a possible chemical attack.  Maybe it was just some crazy milita people playing games in Ocala.  People in that town get evacuated all the time.   Being told to leave a building while emergency vehicles hover all aroud and people acting like this is normal is insane.

   I was in the bathroom and couldn't even do my business without pulling up my drawers and leaving the building.
People this is not normal !!!!!!  Why do we act like it is?

I see a diary here called what is happening on that day.   We can't diary it all. We have 107 year olds getting shot by police...6 year olds being tasered.  We got women being body searched in their private areas in public on the highways and mass shootings every  single day.  We have kids disappearing, politicans wanting to shut down government, war drums pounding constantly, people being ticketed for being poor and homeless and no one is exempt from the madness.   Don't say shut down the computer because when you get out in the real world , you are one who will eperience some crazy of the day.  Read these diaries.  Read the newspapers.   Read about how sick this country is and tell me who is crazy....  The question is..When is too much insanity too much?  Why can't people demand better and try to national strike or something to get some normalcy in our lives?  Come together and not put up with this letting the insane run the asylum.  Are we all crazy now and have just accepted this life we are living as normal?   We have gone to our corners and sat down.   The Right.. the left..the middle.
We chose our side ..went to our corners and sat down.     The corporations shut Keith Olberman up and where in the hell is a voice of outrage to speak to the masses?

I am tired of feeling alone in fights.  Peitions don't work.  Nothing works it seems because we have let the Rick Scott's, the Rick Perry's, the spineless dems and the corporations steal our freedoms, our right to organize, our right to speak up, our right to fair pay, good jobs, our health, our sanity.  Now when is enough really enough?  Who will call on the UN to fix this corrupted , sorry excuse of a country?  Where is our calvary?  

Tell me another civilized nation that deals with this every single day for years and years and years.

Negotiations with the elderly man began as a SWAT team managed to insert a camera into the home to confirm that Isadore had a handgun.

SWAT then released gas into the room, which police say caused Isadore to fire at officers. A SWAT entry team entered the room where, Isadore allegedly continued to shoot. Officers fired back, killing him.

My God, the man was 107 years old.. Do you believe no one was brave enough to do something to rescue the old fellow armed or not get him safely out of the house and some mental help.  107 ?
Thirteen people, including a 3-year-old boy, were wounded by a flurry of gunfire in a Chicago park late Thursday, the latest in the city’s ongoing fight with gun violence.

The shootings took place near a basketball court on the city's South Side. The toddler was listed in critical condition after being shot in the ear, police said.

The other wounded ranged in age from 15 to 41, Chicago police spokesman Ron Gaines told NBC News. Their injuries included gunshot wounds to the stomach, arm, leg, knee, wrists and buttocks. Their conditions ranged from serious to good early Friday, according to police.


Tom DeLay was the very symbol of Congressional power and, in the view of his detractors, excess. His political career collapsed in 2005 when Mr. DeLay, a Texas Republican who was the House majority leader, was indicted on money-laundering charges that resulted in a three-year prison sentence.
Jack Plunkett/Associated Press
Mr. DeLay with his wife and daughter in 2010, after a jury found him guilty of laundering corporate contributions.

But Mr. DeLay’s long and colorful life took another turn on Thursday as a Texas appeals court threw out the November 2010 verdict, ruling that what he was convicted of — laundering corporate contributions to divert money to elect Republicans to the State Legislature — did not violate any state laws.

WHAT ????????   Oh the insanity !!!
while in the meantime

Fri, 08/03/2012

In Denver, an 87-year-old man was arrested after 400 pot plants were allegedly discovered in his backyard, according to the Denver Post. According to the article, he is charged with various felonies, including:

•Possession with intent to distribute marijuana exceeding 100 pounds
•Cultivation of more than 100 pounds of marijuana
•Cultivation of more than 30 marijuana plants
•Possession of 12 ounces of marijuana

If convicted, he may face severe criminal consequences for these felonies. Right now he is out of jail on a $10,000 bond. He must return to court on August 16.

The man was allowed to cultivate medical marijuana, but the amounts he was growing are significantly higher than the amount he was allowed by law.

We must not overlook  this

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News and Thursday's CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes repeatedly played up how an unidentified Republican in the U.S. Senate attacked a House proposal to de-fund ObamaCare as "suicide". Cordes underlined that "Speaker Boehner was forced into the risky strategy by his right flank", and wondered if the plan was "just a recipe for a government shutdown".

Norah O'Donnell picked up where the correspondent left off, asserting that "there feels like something new about this fight this time...and that is that the Senate Republicans are saying to their colleagues in the House, you've gone crazy on this." Charlie Rose quickly added that these anonymous GOP senators were "describing it as a dumb idea".

Ther is too much crazy out there to report but between the mass killings, the abuse, the poverty.....I say again... When and how are we going to stop this madness?  I feel like this song whenever I glance at a new diary or newspaper headline.  Don't you?
This should be the National anthem

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