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Some group from TEXAS is telling Virginia voters not to let out-of-staters meddle in their elections in perhaps the craziest (and hence, funny) ad you might ever see:

You worried about someone Detroiting or Californiaing Virginia? What about Hollywooding your kids? Are you all up in arms over the Gang of Five, which apparently includes smear groups that aren't from Texas and some other undetermined stuff (unless you can read 5-point type flashing on the screen for 1/3rd of second)? Do you like your ad announcers to speak at a pace reminiscent of an auctioneer, or the guy who reads the fine print at the end of radio ads? If so, you're in luck!

Which leads us to today's source material, the Breitbart writeup on that ad:

Breitbart screencap of story,
In case you're wondering what the rank and file crazies think about this ad, you're in luck! Just head below the fold.

Liberal populations tend to shift to non Liberal areas of states when they exhaust all their resources and start over again to bankrupt healthy economic zones. When the healthy zone is exhausted they move again to another. Its like a creepy slug.
Yup. New York City is a barren wasteland, what with all of those liberals moving to ... crosstown?
The list of cities destroyed by Democrats and their low info voters is long and getting longer. This trend must be stopped because it is now affecting the entire nation. The 2014 midterms will be the place to put a halt to the overthrow of our government by the DNC and looters and moochers.
1. Detroit.
2. ...
3. Too long to list.
My wife and I are ready today, to go to the polls, and vote "NO" against New York City/Chicago style politics here in Virginia. Terry, don't come to Southwest Virginia, we are not interested in you spreading your pollution here. I am sick to my stomach of these Northern Liberals moving into Southern States with one thing in mind: Power and Control! We are not rubes here, hear me good, marxists and communists! You'll find a well informed voting public. Mc Auliffle is better suited for New York City or Chicago, where his lying is the norm. So, my advice to this pathological liar, leave Virginia immediately, with your tail tucked between your legs, after you receive a sound thrashing come this November. You Sir, are not welcomed here!
Definitely a rube.
I have Great News. Ken Cuccinelli will be the next Governor of Virginia for the following reasons. Virginian's, with your help, will recognize that if McAuliffe is elected, it will be your LAST VOTE as a Virginian. You will be disenfranchised so much that it will make this Voter ID debate seem comical.

McAuliffe is a puppet, financed and controlled by non-Virginian's that have problems in other states, and want their ideology and solutions imposed on Virginian's.
It is the people of Virginia that are the underdogs here, that must elect a fellow Virginian, Cuccinelli, or your voice is lost forever as we know it.
The puppetmasters will only allow their message, their agenda, and it's more My Way or the Highway, Divide & Conquer, with a purpose of creating a division so wide that you would be embarrassed or ridiculed to even suggest an idea that is not theirs.

McAuliffe is RUNNING FOR DICTATOR OF VIRGINIA!!!1! If only the voters could do something about that, being the underdogs and all.
I hate this bozo, McAuliffe. But what choice do we have but to say enough to the Republicans. No matter how much we speak to them, write to them, email them, and protest them, numbnuts like Boehner are still running the show. The still support issues like obamacare, like Eric Cantor' s cute little stunt, and illegal immigration. Talk only goes so far. Enough is enough. Boycott republicans. Talk has not got the message across. It's time to speak with our votes. I'll vote third party if necessary.
That was very persuasive! I see no other option but third party for you.
Hey folks, move to Republican states while you are still allowed to decide where you live.
Everyone move to Oklahoma STAT, before liberals make you all move to, uh, Oklahoma.
VA you better not go for this idiot. Take a nice long look at Detroit.
Detroit Gov. Terry McAuliffe sure made a mess of that place.
Coochie is a great candidate. The only Attorney General in American that filed a court brief on behalf of individual Americans being oppressed by the federal government. Just because he doesn't like homosexual predators face raping children is no reason to vote for anyone else.
Poor Coochie sure can't catch a break for his controversial opposition to people face-raping children.
God, what a two-faced, lying hypocrite scumbag. This guy is a Clintonista, Don't believe a word he says. They know how important Virginia is to 2016 - he is a Clinton operative. Don't fall for his hypocrisy. He is a crook. VIRGINIANS - DON'T VOTE FOR THIS LIAR.
He is a CLINTON OPERATIVE? No wonder he knows that Virginia is important in 2016! No one else had cracked that nut.
Coleman Young probably won't win the Virginia governor's race. At least I don't think he will.
For VA [said RE Lee], the people who see Detroit in the mirror, better know how who their enemy is and it is the Punk. For McConnell and Boehner, be Conservative and we will win. But do not bother if its just for a day.
People in Virginia can see Detroit in their mirror?
Could they run similiar adds in CA, this state needs more high ranking conservatives.

2014: The year we retake America?

Egads, I hope conservatives don't spend precious cash to air this ad in California! The states Democratic supermajorities would wither by ... 2014. Yup, that's exactly what would happen if they wasted spent their money in Califirnia.

One last present for you all on this glorious Saturday. When a spammer hits our comments, you all know that, you know, it's a spammer. The Breitbarters?

No, it's not a scam. Go for it!

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Virginia Kos.

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