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Didn’t we just avoid blowing up Syria with a Hail Mary?

SOS John Kerry - “Sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week — turn it over, all of it, without delay and allow the full and total accounting.”

“But he isn’t about to do it, and it can’t be done,” Mr. Kerry said.  But, what maybe Kerry and others hadn’t considered was that Putin could convince him to do it.

I feel like Déjà vu all over again with the House GOP warming up the nukes with their latest salvo from Bat shit crazy land.

As Boehner plays to his most adolescent base for the sake of party unity, the weight of the massive consequences flowing from that monotheistic worship of Party Unity – being distorted by a rabidly racist Tea Party influence – has not yet begun to sink in.  

Occam’s razor – there’s a Black Man in the White House of the USA, we need to burn it down.  If the House shuts down the government for any length of time and they default on the Nation’s Debt for the first time in history – undoubtedly causing a seismic shift in domestic and international economics - I am confident that most observers of today and future generations will look back and conclude that they did it because they are – at their core – little more than racists who have sworn an oath to de-legitimize the administration of the first Black President.    

I would hope tat there are some in the House GOP that realize that such a verdict is about to be rendered and have enough sense of Country over Party to act on that instinct.

So the Hail Mary in this diary is the identification of 20 + GOP House Members that are not among the fevered, racist, separatists.   The "Sane 20" will also have a firm grasp of the momentous consequences at hand and the verdict that History will undoubtedly render on this minority party and those supporting their extortionist agenda.  Make no mistake, the racist separatists are engaging in a political Coup, and to call it anything else is CNN “balanced” reporting taken to Chuck Todd extremes.

So – back to that Hail Mary.  If there are any back channel communications going on between House Dems and the any prospects for a “Sane 20”, would it not make sense to give Boehner an “out” that he doesn’t have right now.  Currently if Boehner does not toe the line being set by the separatists he is toast as Speaker – just ask Ted Cruz.    I found this on Think Progress for reference material and saw nothing that would cause the “Depose Boehner” effort to fail, if it was activated.

So, under the current circumstances, if he brings something to the floor that would pass with virtually all Dems and the “Sane 20” he would normally be expected to be removed.  But could Nancy Pelosi trade the prospect of avoiding a government shut down and a historic default on the Nation’s Debt for the “full support” of the democratic caucus for Boehner’s speakership for the balance of the 113th Congress in the likely event that the racist separatists decided to pull a Sherman’s March event on Boehner?  

Unlikely? – absolutely.  Since “there is no Plan B” – is this Plan C?  or Plan D?  probably not.  But it might be considered to be at least as likely as Kerry’s “offhanded comment” nudging Putin into convincing Assad to hand over all of his chemical weapons was likely on September 9th .  

I mean, does anyone see a way out of this that doesn’t leave the earth scorched and – while they do not yet see it (and most probably don’t care about it) – the judgment of history condemning them as racist, insurrectionists not patriots.  Maybe start with the guy who voted against the last Political Coup – Rep Peter King of NY.

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