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Due to overwhelming interest in the NY State of Health - including 2 million visits in the first 2 hours of the site launch - the health exchange is currently having log in issues. We encourage users who are unable to log in to come back to the site later when these issues will be resolved.

The crawl at the top of the Colorado Exchange tells a similar story, the support is overwhelming.

This is huge evidence that the American people are coming out in an unprecedented show of support for ObamaCare.

Yes, some (though not all, by any means) of the exchanges seem to be a bit bollixed up this morning.

Yes, the "glitches" we have been hearing about have happened.

This is because Americans have come out in unprecedented numbers to support Obamacare and begin the enrollment process.
Web sites crash when they are overwhelmed with online traffic.

Be patient.  This is actually very good news.

The Republican deadenders (and that's all of them), in their depraved and desperate final attempt to crush our president and the Affordable Care Act, will spin this as another government fiasco. This is not so.  What we are witnessing  is a crush of Americans eager, ready, pumped to enroll in Obamacare. This is called pent up demand!

The New York Exchange is not working. I'm disappointed, but I'll keep trying.

All this is happening because these online marketplaces are overwhelmed with Americans attempting to access healthcare, a right that has long been denied.

My hunch is that one reason the exchanges are so overwhelmed is because people are fearful that if they don't enroll immediately and God forbid the Rethuglicans extract anything from the president and the Democrats, they will not get the healthcare they have been long promised.

It's very important, dear friends, that you record in this diary your experiences on the exchange in your state. It's important that the media report this accurately.

The exchanges are experiencing some growing pains because there is a tidal wave of American humanity, chomping at the bit to enroll and finally, at long last gain access to healthcare.

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