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Copy – Paste & Forward Share – Like – and so forth.

This big, catching, creeping, free thoughts, brain activity and spirits killing avalanche disease of our days.
And I just wish there would be a way that would make fingers crumble soon people want to use the forward button before turning on their brains.

I spend now several weekends on all kinds of SOCIAL MEDIA!!! And YES, most of it on FACEBOOK!!!
I thought it would be interesting to see what has been posted about important subjects like health care, government shutdown, alternative energy, food stamps, politics in general, GOP and Democrats.

I was armed with tons of enthusiasm and a folder full of research pages to be able to inform the here and there maybe misinformed poster.

Now it is Sunday morning and I am sitting shivering with a cup of soothing hot coffee, little white pills and a big glass filled with brandy in front of my computer. Muttering to myself over and over again “there is no place like home – there is no place like home”.
I feel like coming back from a war nobody can win.
I lost friends and family members who UN-friended me without a last friendly word and stone cold faces. I have blue marks on my forehead from banging the same on the keyboard more time than you could count and my knuckles show raw flesh from chewing on it.
No my dear friends – it has not been fun. I am afraid to open my entrance door when it knocks and hide in fetal position when the phone is ringing.

Yes, I am a poor fool to think I could go on this mission, hoping to set errors straight, change minds, clear clouded brains and exorcise the letters FOX wherever it would be needed.
I started off with a smile on my face. Like a hiker at the foothills of a mountain with a fresh energetic step and a jolly tune on his lips. And then it hit me. Boy did it ever.

Between all these important messages in what dress she is wearing right now, in which shoes you should NOT go to Wal-Mart, what department store is really essential, what beer should be served with chicken and what we think about the color purple, I found an abyss.

A never ending horrible smelling swamp filled with sinkholes and creatures, grinning evil while telling me and all their 8457 (and counting) FRIENDS!!! how the democrats and Obama in particular are ruining our greatest country on earth into the ground. How a non-citizens has become president, that guns will be taken away, how taxes will increase so high that even your poor old 93 year mother on welfare will have to start working at McDonalds for minimum wages.

You think that’s bad? Wait till you come to the pond filled with sulfur smelling tangling arms, trying to wrap around you, to choke you and silence you forever. The HEALTH CARE POND!
The healthcare pond looks first calm and you could think there is a breeze coming down from the mountains, giving hope for all the un-insured in our country. And when you just think you can take a deep sigh of relief and thinking about how to tell your grandchildren about the times when people used to die because they could not pay for treatment – that’s when they get you.

The very same people who are without insurance and are just one heart attack away from bankruptcy are throwing themselves on you, lashing out with vengeance, telling you that they are living in a free country. Telling you how this socialistic idea will bring communism into their little urban life.
That Adolf Hitler was a saint compare to this Obama who came illegal cross the border. An Obama is pretending only to care. Obama care will kill you. Death panels and costs will make our last few intact bridges crumble and cars can drive only 5 miles per hour on broken down interstates. Well, we can’t drive our big huge fuel guzzling trucks because of this SOB (and that’s one of the more nice wordings, I don’t dare to repeat the racist version) raised the gas price.
And he is doing it because he is a Moslem in disguise and a terrorist and illegal. And hey, they can proof it.

If you want to follow my example and leave this secure haven to wander around out there, prepare yourself to be hanged on tea bags with deep in your flesh digging poisoned hooks.
Be aware that you will lose friends and family members soon you send them correct and real information right from the horse’s mouth. Prepare your email mail box and FB page for a flood of COPY – PASTE and FORWARD of the craziest and wildest lies and construction you have ever encountered.
And every attempt of yours to set records and stories straight will get flushed down in a swirl pretty similar to a flushing toilette.

My personal favorites in all these stories are the once with people using state or any form of government assistance themselves. Either because they raise children alone or lost everything over being sick. Or they started a small business with funding or going to school while Kindergarten is paid for. The once who are paying with food stamp card at the cashier station while raveling and raving to the cashier about these fascist Dem's and their anti american socialistic plans. It is even more fun to find out that words like fascism or socialism have been used without knowing what they mean.

I could scream over all the people who did not notice that they had more on their pay slip for a while. I want to beat the once who are 30 years and younger and telling me that they might never need health insurance but for sure they won’t use OBAMACARE!!! OH, and before I forget – you will not only get fined if you don’t have insurance – NO – they will throw you in jail for that. And boy, don't you know Will? He just came back from prison for refusing insurance. You really don't know him? Weird, because all these FB people out there seem to know him.

You will have to pass by all these stupid, dumb voting requests to tell the world that you are sick of Obama. No reasoning or explanation. Just so!
And if you try to get into a discussion with somebody, please for your own sanity, be aware that every fact, every quote, every statistic, every YouTube clip will not be received by a healthy brain.
The FOX brain wash treatment was effective enough to turn a tremendous amount of people into mindless zombies. And it really is like in the movies. It seems to be catching like the flu and you will see friends staggering down the road – their arms stretched out and grunting GOP propaganda without even knowing what that means.

Now you know why I am sitting here, my hands clutched around my cup of coffee because I am to afraid to open my pantry and reach for a tea bag.
You think I am exaggerating?!?! Go out and try to convince one of these zombies and you will find out that I only embellished a tiny little bit.

I need to make now an appointment with my shrink. See you later soon I am feeling myself again and please – soon you find a way to stop mindless COPY PASTE and FORWARD – let everybody know.

Originally posted to agermanfullofhope on Sun Oct 06, 2013 at 11:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Spotlight.

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