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I know there have been proposals for eco-themed columns in the past on the banner of Daily Kos (in addition to Elections, Labor, et al.) and even that kos has remarked on these proposals (I believe he said in one post that it would cost approximately $100,000 a year to run such a column).

Now, granted, for this proposal, I know neither the finances of Daily Kos and EcoWatch nor the economics of running a blog, so it may not be the best timing for either party. Not to mention, EcoWatch just released a new updated version of the site, so they're probably busy with that. Still, I believe an environmental column on Daily Kos would be a great improvement, and I further believe that EcoWatch, especially with its fabulous new overhaul and expansion, is the website to team up with, should they be interested in the offer.

There are a number of positive features such a partnership possesses:
1. When predators gain total advantage over prey, the only way the prey can survive is by coming together with each protecting the others' interests, for the good of the group. This is essentially the economic picture we confront, marked by record global and national inequality and a quickly vanishing middle class. We must all latch our arms together in one united progressive voice, or there will not be a progressive victory.

The unions, our allies and friends, have already picked up on this. I believe I read somewhere (though I am struggling to find it now) that some "Big Green" groups have been invited into the fold with voting rights and all in at least one major union. This development is supplemented by the development of a new green-labor coalition in California to uphold the California Environmental Quality Act, consisting of partners: California League of Conservation Voters, AFL-CIO, UFCW, the California Teamsters, National Resource Defense Council, Coalition for Clean Air, American Lung Association, and the California Nurses Association.

Thus, just as our "ground team" has figured out, integrating labor and other progressive causes such as those represented at Daily Kos with the environmental movement is a winner and will help us work in unison while supporting each other under the increasingly oppressive rule of the plutocrats. We in "new media," specifically progressive new media, must actively engage with and entangle our messages with the messages of our friends and allies in the environmental movement (whose movement is, well, sort of important to succeed...) if we have any chance of implementing consequential positive change. Our medium is the Internet; let us share platforms and help spread ideas, and action. A marriage between Daily Kos and a well-oiled and informative environmental website is a win socially, strategically, and scientifically.

2. Adding an environmental banner would be not only signal to green-centric viewers a firm and resolute focus on the massive challenges under that vast umbrella, but also allows a space for both an organized section of all environmental Daily Kos diaries and the many exceptional stories provided by the reporting and relaying of environmental news by said green website.

Together, this yields well-informed environmentalists gathering in a social online forum (here) to discuss the latest news as well as to take action regarding it, as this is and should strive to be an action-focused community.

3. EcoWatch has always been one of the best environmental websites around, by combining headline climate news with often-missed yet compelling pieces from around the web, and its recent upgrade to the website is a huge step up in sophistication, organization, and breadth. My green site blogroll is relatively long at 17 sites*, and before this upgrade, my go-to when I wanted to read climate and environmental news was usually a toss-up between Climate Progress and EcoWatch. But with this new version, EcoWatch is the clear winner, with relevant and descriptive sub-headers (hmm, I see a theme developing...), a tight visual package, and among the best environmental reporting on the web. Not only would Climate Progress' fusion with Think Progress probably hinder collaboration attempts from Daily Kos in a similar manner, but EcoWatch's content is more consistently eclectic and under-reported and equals or exceed the quality of Think Progress. DeSmog, while amazing for what it is, is too narrow and not prolific enough to produce consistently fresh content, the same problems as Greenpeace. While definitely useful resources, Treehugger, (annoyingly) increasingly Grist, and especially Mother Nature Network sometimes lack the "adultiness" that the cold hard facts of CP and EcoWatch convey, as well as a comparative lack in original reporting on or uncovering of big stories.

As I keep saying, this is a perfect marriage.

*EcoWatch, Climate Progress, DeSmogBlog, Greenpeace blogs, Treehugger, Grist, Inside Climate News, Clean Technica,, NRDC, Inhabitat, Mother Nature Network, Tar Sands Blockade, Meatless Monday, Sustainable Table, Organic Consumers Buying Guide, and Ethicurean.

4. Cross-polination. Our diaries and writers will get exposure from their readers; their stories and reports will get exposure from our vast community. With that, our community, already gifted with great diarists well-versed in environmental goings-on, is better educated on the survival challenges and solutions of our time, Daily Kos becomes a hub for environmental organization, and both websites see an increase in traffic.
5. Contrary to kos' expectation, I believe "ghettoizing" environmental pieces into their own sub-column will not lower page views; instead, the best will float to the top within it, and those will receive enough rec's to be seen by the wider community, just as is the case without that more formal structuring.
While cross-posting some of their pieces and managing the EcoWatch sub-heading, EcoWatch would gain valuable publicity on such a progressive hub as Daily Kos, while Daily Kos benefits from the addition of an environmental column from a group with a history of great work and an upwards trajectory and the accompanying increase of traffic from enviro-centric activists. Perhaps, and I am just speculating here, as in much of the piece, EcoWatch could be guaranteed a certain amount of ad time on Daily Kos banner and vice versa, especially in times of high volume.

Perhaps this is a pipe dream. And this really only considers Daily Kos' perspective rather than that of EcoWatch itself. But if they were willing to partner and funds could be found to maintain the column, this would be my ideal supplement to further green-ify the orange Daily Kos.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with EcoWatch or any of the other websites listed. I just really favor them and want an environmental sub-header on DKos. Kos previously had stated something to the effect of were that to ever happen, he could see a site like Grist doing it, but I find that objectionable and believe EcoWatch is, while smaller, still the much better option.


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