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In the continue series of my craptastic rep is scared, I received a fifth email from Jim Gerlach, PA 6.  He wants me to know that he's really not one of those awful tea baggers, follower of Canadian Cruz, who almost led the country off cliff.  Of course, before last night, he voted with the republican house lock step.  His letter below the orange squishy.

Congressman Jim Gerlach: Serving Pennsylvania's 6th District
Capitol Update October 17, 2013
A vote to reopen government for all taxpayers, pay our bills on time

For the first time in more than two weeks, every federal employee was sent back to work this morning to do the jobs hard-working taxpayers pay them to do.

Jobs such as helping veterans qualify for disability compensation earned through tremendous sacrifice and exemplary service to our country. Reopening government means making sure businesses and contractors that provide an array of goods and services to assist our troops, build our roads, bridges and highways and keep this country running are paid for their work so that paychecks to private-sector employees are not held in limbo.

The 16-day partial federal government shutdown never should have happened. Not because I and my House colleagues want to surrender the fight to eliminate wasteful Washington spending, shrink the size and cost of government and work on real health care reform that puts patients first rather than expanding the power of the federal government. The shutdown never should have happened because it wasn't a solution -- just one more problem created by Washington.

So that's why I voted last night -- along with 284 of my House colleagues -- to reopen the federal government and pay all of our bills by passing H.R. 2775, the Continuing Appropriations Act. The President signed it into law shortly after the House vote (Roll Call #550).

This law provides discretionary appropriations to fund the federal government through January 15, 2014, and suspends the federal debt ceiling through February 7, 2014. And a House-Senate joint conference committee, led by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, will immediately begin working on a federal budget, which is necessary for ending this continuous cycle of short-term budget resolutions that produce one crisis after another. In addition, this joint committee will be an opportunity to work on bipartisan solutions for overhauling our tax code to make it fairer and more pro-growth and addressing Washington's spending-driven debt addiction, which has created a toxic environment for jobs and economic opportunity.

In summary, I voted for this law because it eliminates the serious risk of greater economic chaos. Chaos that threatened to wipe out retirement savings for middle-class families and make it even harder for businesses of all sizes to hire and grow. My vote does not end my work – or terminate Congress’ responsibility -- to provide relief to families facing the loss of health insurance as a result of the President's health care law or the millions of Americans reeling from watching their jobs eliminated and their hours slashed because the health care law is incentivizing a shift to a part-time workforce.

This vote does fulfill a solemn duty all elected officials have to work as hard as possible to produce practical solutions and put the interests of the people we are privileged to represent ahead of blind partisanship.
Ending the Obamacare "honor system"
The law that ended the 16-day partial federal government shutdown also includes a key anti-fraud tool that could save taxpayers as much as $250 billion over the next decade.

Specifically, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will first have to verify that individuals qualify for an Obamacare subsidy before sending out any subsidy checks. The President and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had been planning to simply rely on the "honor system" for sending out these subsidies. The Wall Street Journal called the Administration's approach "liar subsidies."

In this op-ed published by National Review Online, U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee said the push for income-verification prior to distributing subsidies was "an Obamacare battle we can win."

I supported the No Subsidies Without Verification Act, to eliminate the subsidy "honor system" and that bill passed the House last month by a vote of 235-191 (Roll Call #458).

Taxpayers work too darn hard to have the federal government issue checks based on an honor system. Demanding verification and eliminating this honor system is the right approach, and I’m glad that we took this simple step to prevent fraud and improper payments. I look forward to continue working on other sensible approaches to fighting fraud and saving taxpayers money in all areas of the federal government.                    

See, the government shut down really wasn't his fault and he didn't want it to happen but somehow it just happened because.  No mention of the billions the shut down cost the taxpayers but he wants to save us with the Ryan budget.  Let the huge number of elderly in your district eat cat food.  Bad people might get subsidies for health insurance so he'll be sure to support blocking "those undeserving people" from scamming the system.

He wants to shrink government. Well, they sure did that last week and it seems no one liked it especially the idiots in congress who shut the government down.  Who know that someone may need something the government does?  He wants to avoid the shut down crisis again but promises to do more of the same that led to the shut down because doing the same thing over and over again will work out differently this time.  But he promises to work hard at governing.  Because up to now, he's done nothing to pass legislation and shut the government down.  Heck of a job, Jimmeh.  I think Jimmeh knows the tea party is coming for him and the rest of us are less than thrilled.

Originally posted to domestic goddess on Thu Oct 17, 2013 at 03:35 PM PDT.

Also republished by Philly Kos and DKos Pennsylvania.

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