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The latest Gallup Poll has found that 49% of Kossacks (Dems and even greater numbers of Indies) are ready for a third party. (Believe it or not even a greater percentage of GOPPERS felt this way as well.). Is it just because of the shutdown?  Gallup says no--numbers have been increasing since 2003 when the question was first posed.  We're up to 60% of respondents who are disgusted with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummer.

 So how do we throw the bums out? Well, there has been a viable party waiting in the wings--one that does not take corporate money, one that elevates women to their rightful place beside men in society/politics, one that looks out for the workers, unions, and the grassroots, one that places peace over war, one that acknowledges climate change and has been working for decades towards renewable energy, one that has international counterparts in many countries, one that stands up for social justice, human rights and racial equality, one that has already run a woman for president and vice president on the same ticket--I could go on.  

  Sound too good to be true? If you haven't guessed yet, here's a big hint--many of you thought that we "stole" the election from Gore in Florida.  Still got hard feelings?  Think again.  Chances are you voted for the lesser of two evils and you got the greater.  What would happen if we all voted for the best choice? Are you so afraid of the Repugnicans that you will vote for any Dem that comes along?  I enjoy reading about their hi jinx just like you but let's be honest and admit that both parties have been corrupted big time by their donors? (Wall Street may not like Obama but they know that he saved their asses with the bailout.  Where's the bailout for Main Street?)  Did the Dems accept big corporate donations last time around just like their opponents?  What makes them any better by lowering themselves to that level?  So, I guess, to be viable you have to play like the "big boys" to compete? Well then, all the "big boys" on both sides of the aisle are looking for corporate handouts.

  We are where we are in this country because both major parties have led us here.  Centrists like Clinton and Obama have always cozied up to big business despite their rhetoric and betrayed the working classes time and time again.  If you want real change, you can't vote for the status quo.  Wake up Kossacks! If you're disenchanted by Obama's pushing us into Afghanistan, his drone strikes, and targeted assassinations, his temerity in really leading on racial issues, his secret fostering of more trade agreements like NAFTA, his tepid stance on privatization of everything from schools to credit unions,  then the way to get a viable party is to vote for one next time you get a chance.  To reverse the old saying, "don't waste your vote by throwing it away"on business-as-usual politicians.  If you are among the 60% of us who want a valid third party, put your vote where your mouth is--before it's too late!

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